There's No Such Thing as 'They' in Trinity

Matt Crower:
Lucas once told me that there's no such thing as 'they' in Trinity. Well, this proves you wrong, Sheriff. There are quite a lot of 'theys' out there, and they call themselves Gothniks. These Gothniks have memorized the happenings in Trinity, to ensure the world won't forget us. More and more people from around the world join them, almost daily. Like me, they have nothing left to lose, but everything to gain. As long as there are Gothniks, there is hope.

The international Gothnik community, as every other community, has had ups and downs, good times and bad, it has lost old members and gained new ones, and it's been through a lot. But against all odds, it's still alive and kicking!

Want some proof? How about the still vivid discussions about anything connected with American Gothic? In the year 2000, members of the agothic mailinglist at yahoogroups joined in episode and character discussions. Every episode/character was "adopted" by a list member, who tried to analyse and interpret them in one (or several *g*) messages, which opened the discussion. It was incredibly interesting and truly amazing to be part of this! These opening messages are just too good to be lost among all the other messages on the list, so I decided to put them up here. (I could fill several sites if I'd put up the whole discussions, so if you want to read everything, you'll have to go to the list archives and search your way through the posts there.) I hope they give you some food for thought. Enjoy!

Episode Discussions

In the proper episode order:

1 Pilot2 A Tree Grows in Trinity3 Eye of the Beholder4 Damned if You Don't5 Dead to the World6 Potato Boy7 Meet the Beetles8 Strong Arm of the Law9 To Hell and Back10 The Beast Within11 Rebirth12 Ring of Fire12 Resurrector14 Inhumanitas15 Plague Sower16 Dr. Death Takes a Holiday17 Learning to Crawl18 Echo of Your Last Goodbye19 Triangle20 Strangler21 The Buck Stops Here22 Requiem

Character Discussions

In the order the discussions were held:

Billy PeeleBen HealySelena CoombsThe Also-RansGail EmoryFloydThe Flint GangGuests 1Merlyn TempleGuests 2Matt CrowerCaleb TempleLucas Buck

It's a Gothnik World, or Trinity is Everywhere

For quite a while I've been dreaming of having a world map at my site where Gothniks can put 'pins' up to show where they live. Thanks to, this dream has now come true! Click on the icon below to view previous entries, and add your virtual pin to the map. Let's show everyone that American Gothic still is a global phenomenon!

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18. December 2002