Why Your Lucas Buck, Lucas

by Natalie H

Ok...once again my apologies for the delay in getting this one out. Please bare with me...as I really have no idea what to say about Floyd....lets face it what is there to say about him? Oh well I'll think of something...and hope it's not too chaotic *g*

To me Floyd represents the majority of people in Trinity...he is clearly aware of Lucas Buck and what Lucas is capable of. When Lucas calls him in to his office in MTB...he asks Floyd "Who am I, Floyd?"...Floyd answers, IMO a little nervously (who can balme him?)..no doubt wondering why Lucas is asking him this "Why, your Lucas Buck, Lucas"...Lucas: "Have you ever doubted that?"...Floyd : "Never dared to Sheriff"....

(And poor Floyd, sitting there eating his lunch only to have Lucas scare the daylights out of him once again asking Floyd who he is. I have to wonder if Floyd by this time is wondering if Lucas has lost his mind <g>)

That last line, tells me that although Floyd comes across as the, for lack of a better description, the bumbling somewhat dimwitted Deputy...he knows Lucas is not a man to be messed with.

But be that as it may...My impression of Floyd, gathered from the few scenes that we see him in. Is that he probably admire's, respects and maybe even hero worships Lucas...Lucas is the boss, the man in power...and he follows him without question. Ok no doubt, because unlike Ben...he hasn't fully seen Lucas at work (ie: Killing Merlyn, the Flint brothers) So no doubt, despite a healthy fear of the man, he goes along with Lucas, never questioning him or standing up against him.

And I can honestly never see Floyd, having seen Lucas for what he really is, ever trying to stop him. More likely he would run for the hills. Rather a live chicken then a dead hero. So Floyd sits there, happily doing his crosswords, content that Lucas is the boss, keeping the trains running on time.

A good example of Floyd being one of those who look to Lucas to get the job done is in Strangler. Here he becomes the "sidekick" to Ben. Clearly not happy at all that he has to take orders from him, and clearly not thinking that Ben can handle the murder investigation. Wondering and asking "What would Lucas do?" and that they should get Lucas back there, just seal up the crime scene and wait for Lucas to come back and take care of the situation.

Strangler is probably the most we see of Floyd, as he reluctantly follows Ben, having failed to locate Lucas and get him back. Behaving like the "I haven't a clue what is going on here" sidekick. But eventually I believe being won over by Ben and how he handles the murders and the crisis. And IMO is proud of Ben, as can be seen at the end, when Lucas returns, to find the station a hub of activity, and Ben comfortable in the positition of being in charge. Telling Lucas that luck had nothing to do with it, that it was all Ben (unsaid Ben was able to handle it, and succeed)....Of course poor Floyd only finds himself being told off by Lucas in a usual Lucas manner " Floyd? If I wan't an opinion from you, I'll beat it out of you." Lucas can be so mean <g>

And how do I justify my opinion that to me, Floyd is like the eager, boistrous younger brother, running after and loving his meaner older brother (Lucas), even though he gets bullied by him (And lets Face it Lucas does bully Floyd)...maybe even thinking "When I grow up I want to be just like Lucas?" At Lucas's funeral...Floyd...is one of the few who to me is geniunely upset and distraught that Lucas is dead...saying once again as if he can't believe that Lucas is gone "Why, your Lucas Buck, Lucas." As if that is saying, you're Lucas, how could you be dead?

So that is Floyd and how I see him...aware of the danger that Lucas presents, but one of the many who wouldn't rock the boat...out of fear, and hero worship ..but also because IMHO Floyd could possible look to Lucas as leader, someone to guide him and keep those trains running on time. He like several other characters..represents the majority who are aware of Lucas, but as yet haven't been called upon to make a final choice about Lucas. OF course I have to ask wonder for arguments sake....is Floyd aware? But just like everyone else, has decided it is safer to take the road Lucas shows him, not questioning, for fear of what Lucas will do to him. Or, from his behaviour is he just blissfully ignorant of the real Lucas? Going about his day and job...content to follow Lucas, thinking of Lucas as someone he looks up to and hero worships? Thus making him blind to what is really going on around him?

Ok...do hope this makes sense...and that I haven't just waffled on with the biggest load of nonsense <g> And that it will at least spark off some discussion, be it to totally disagree with me or to agree <g>

Right that's all folks.

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