The Also-Rans

At last! The you see them...

by Lindsey

It's not too long..couldn't find that much to say about them, hope it's okay though! If it manages to get to you, I've just broken my how do you get these computers to work without a mouse again...


Looking like a distant relative of Dr Matt, Boone is thrown into the series as Caleb's best friend. He seems to be very loyal to Caleb, (happy to let Caleb win the archery contest in "Dead To The World" because it would be just as good as if he won it himself) though there's still a feeling that he thinks Caleb's a bit loony where Merlyn is concerned (he gets the wrong cornflakes for the "party" and then leaves early in "Ressurector").

Is Lucas a little jealous of Boone? He seems a eager to drive a wedge between the two friends in "Dead to the World" by supplying Caleb with a bow that will surely beat Boone and seems disappointed when Caleb chooses friendship over winning.

In the pilot episode we learn that Boone's parents are not too impressed with Caleb, so why do they let him hang around with him?


Rita, although a huge gossip, seems to have her heart in the right place. She starts off life as the nurse to explain Caleb's family history and although we get the feeling she respects (or fears?) Lucas, she doesn't "follow him" blindly. Never really getting a story of her own, she gets a chance to shine in "The beast within", keeping her head on her shoulders in a crisis and rounding off the evening with a dinner date with Ben (whatever did become of that little relationship?)


Rose is ever the trouble maker, a girl ready to push Caleb into trouble whenever she has the chance. Alike a small version of Rita, she always has the right gossip to happily push the plot along in the right direction. This can be seen probably most promianatly in "The potato boy" and "To hell and back".

Dan Trulane:

Dan started off life as a very promising character, loyal to his friends and honest. Perhaps it was this honesty that removed him from having a bigger part in the series, after all he didn't have the one thing every character in Trinity needs...a murky past.

It's unlikely that if Dan hadn't been a friend to Matt that he would ever have crossed paths with the town sheriff as it is this that gets him noticed. When the sheriff causes trouble for him in an urge to get his own way Dan stands by his friend, unwilling to believe that Lucas could have caused his wifes illness. When he eventually comes around to the idea he is still reluctant to help Lucas even though it would save his wifes eyesight. In the end he still only tells the truths that he has to. Is it this honesty that gets him off the hook with Lucas?

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