The Unofficial American Gothic Soundtrack

Merlyn Temple:
Many of these songs, or their lyrics, sound far from angelic. But then I can tell you from my own experience, bein' angelic all the time isn't easy at all. And at least the people who wrote these songs are much less lousy poets than Lucas.

Since it seems improbable that the music of American Gothic will ever be released, the Gothniks have become active themselves! We have put our virtual heads together and collected a list of songs that, in our humble opinion, would absolutely belong an an American Gothic Soundtrack. So here I present to you

A BIG THANK YOU goes to my co-inmates at Juniper House (aka Catacombs aka American Gothic Message Forum, may it rest in peace) who worked with me on this collection: vet2b, Lazypunker, Sammantha Goode, Ned, Jay Allen, Craig Puckett, Niuta, Persephone. SPECIAL THANKS to Liz for her crucial advice!

Of course new additions are always welcome - send me an e-mail including artist, title, and lyrics, as well as which album the song can be found on. Please don't forget to mention which theme, character or episode you think this song is especially fit for.

The songs are arranged by theme, character, or episode.

© of all songs and lyrics lie with their respective owners.
!!!No copyright infringement intended!!!

By following the links below, you'll get to the relevant song listings:

American Gothic AtmosphereFull Moon over TrinityThe RageLucas BuckSelena CoombsMatt CrowerGail EmoryLoris HoltCaleb TempleMerlyn TemplePilot / A Tree Grows in TrinityDamned if You Don'tPotato BoyMeet the BeetlesPlage SowerDr. Death Takes a HolidayLearning to CrawlTriangleThe Buck Stops Here / Requiem

Buck MansionTrinity NewsWho Am I Floyd?Let Your Conscience Be Your GuideThe Joy of a Thousand TrumpetsTrinity Museum of (Un)Natural HistoryThere's No Such Thing as 'They' in TrinityTrail MixJohnson BridgeContact Chris

1. August 2002