Billy Peele:
Who'd have thought Lucas would ask me to show you the attic of Buck Mansion. But that man has a seriously twisted sense of humor. Told me with that grin of his that I probably know it better than he does anyway... *clears throat* Well, as any attic, this one's filled with stuff that doesn't really fit anywhere else, but its owner doesn't want to discard. Have a look around, I'm sure you'll find somethin' you like.

This page contains all kinds of special stuff which doesn't fit in any other section. Its contents are like Lucas' trail mix - self-made, spicy, and there's something for everyone. For simplicity's sake, I listed the contents alphabetically. You can find the links to the individual pages at the bottom of the listing.

The American Gothic DVD Petition

Want to see American Gothic released on DVD? Then sign the petition! It will stay up and running until we are absolutely sure that Universal will release AG on DVD.

If you have a site of your own and would like to put up a link to Buck Mansion, feel free to use one of my banners.


I created a few American Gothic wallpapers for you to download, and hope to add more soon. I'd love to hear from you if you enjoy them, and if you have any suggestions for new ones. :-)

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7. September 2002