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You have to visualize...

A small, idyllic town in South Carolina. A young girl is killed by the local Sheriff, but returns as a ghost to protect her brother, who we discover is really her half brother and her murderer's son. The siblings' reporter cousin from far away Charleston and a young Yankee doctor, each struggling with their own troubled past, try to help, as well as the mysterious owner of the local boarding house. The Sheriff's deputy, witness to the murder, is torn between loyalty, fear, and his conscience, while the Sheriff's closest ally is none other than the young boy's teacher... The age-old story of good and evil, caught in fascinating images, accompanied by a haunting score...

Now visualize all this in crystal-clear pictures and crisp sound.

A wonderful vision, isn't it? Well, you can help to make it come true!

Petition for AG DVDs

Many of you have heard that Universal is intending to release American Gothic on DVD. Once upon a time in the year 2000, the now defunct cited a contact at Universal saying they were scheduled for release in early 2001. A few months later, they got news that the DVDs had been pushed back to autumn 2001. And just before closing down in spring 2001, reported that American Gothic was taken off the 2001 release schedule because AG Executive Producer Sam Raimi, who's reportedly eager to do the commentary, is unavailable to do so this year, as his commitment to filming Spiderman is keeping him occupied.

Around mid July 2001 I sent an inquiry about the current status to Universal's video/DVD department through their homepage's contact form. (Of course this was done solely in service of the Gothnik community and doesn't have anything to do with my impatience at all... really it doesn't!) I didn't get a reply so far... so maybe it's time to take some *real* action! Stumbling across a list of DVD petition sites gave me the idea to start such a petition for American Gothic, in the hopes that this might show Universal the ongoing (and still growing!) interest in American Gothic, and therefore speed up the release of the DVDs. I was encouraged to do so by fellow Gothniks from all over the world, so here you see the result. :-)

What do you want?
Oops sorry, slipped over to Crusade there for a moment! ;-)

You shouldn't really ignore the dead...
You agree with us? Then take action!

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AG DVD Petition started on 2. August 2001

Last Update: 2. February 2006