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Because sometimes they're just not as dead as you think. And the international Gothnik community is alive and kicking, despite the lack of new material, so the demand for the series being released on DVD is very high! Help prove this to Universal, Sam Raimi and Shaun Cassidy by signing this petition!

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In Dreambook you can only see the last 150 entries, and since we're getting more I have set up a new petition form at PetitionOnline - which I of course only discovered after putting all of this up... ;-) Just follow the link above to sign the petition. I took the liberty of transferring all signatures from no. 151 on to PetitionOnline. Nothing deleted, nothing added.

Alternatively or in addition, you can also write letters or postcards to Universal, Mr. Raimi and Mr. Cassidy, asking them to do everything they can to speed up the production of high quality DVDs of American Gothic, and don't forget to mention the specific features we'd like to see!

Mr. Shaun Cassidy
8484 Wilshire Blvd. #500
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Mr. Craig Kornblau
President, Universal Studios Home Video and Executive Vice President/General Manager, Universal Music & Video Distribution
70 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608

contact Universal's DVD Store through their online contact form, or call toll-free: 1-888-356-9680 (M-F from 9-5 PST)

Mr. Sam Raimi
Renaissance Pictures
315 South Beverly Drive, Suite 216
Beverly Hills, CA, 90212

And don't forget to mention the AG DVD petition!

Let them know that

Gothniks still take care of their own

by supporting the American Gothic DVD petition! And always remember - don't drop the loyalty ball!

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AG DVD Petition started on 2. August 2001

Last Update: 2. February 2006