Gail Emory:
My parents were reporters, and so am I. I have collected as much evidence as I could, so what happened won't be forgotten. Look at these pictures, and make up your own mind about what is real and what is not. When it comes to Lucas, nothing is as it seems. Nothing.

Thank you for your interest in the the Trinity Museum of (Un)Natural History. As of yet, the collection is a small one, but we are looking forward to expand it as we are able to acquire and prepare new material. Please check the Trinity News for announcements of new exhibits.

Please follow the signs at the end of this description.

Room 1 - Official Pictures

Official AG pictures released by CBS.

Room 2 - Magazine Pictures

AG Pictures I scanned off magazines.

Room 3 - The Players and the Makers

Some non AG related pictures of the players and the makers, from various sources.

Room 4 - Autographs

A few autographed pictures I was able to obtain of AG cast members.

Room 5 - Behind the Scenes??

Location and set pictures.

Room 1 - Official PicturesRoom 2 - Magazine PicturesRoom 3 - The Players and the MakersRoom 4 - Autographs

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1. August 2002