Ben Healy:
Trinity seems perfect for the tourists who pass through, or stay for a while and then leave again. They wouldn't believe what I've heard and seen in this town. Sit down and listen, if you dare... I can't keep my mouth shut anymore, 'cause if there's one thing I learned, it's this: if you bury the truth, it will start to stink.

I found the English originals of the episode synopses at one of the oldest and best American Gothic Sites, the Trinity Guardian, which sadly doesn't exist anymore. A short while before its "incineration", Joey, the Guardian's webmistress, allowed me to translate these synopses for my German AG site (see the old location). Thus, I downloaded all files and pics from the Guardian to use them as groundwork for my translation which I wanted to keep as close to the original as possible.

Since it seems improbable that the Guardian will return and I didn't find any means to contact Joey regarding use of her work, I decided after some long and heavy thinking to also publish the English episode synopses on my site. They are simply too good to withhold them from all Gothniks out there.

Joey, if you read this - I respect your copyright notice and didn't make any changes in the content of your pages, I only adapted them to my layout. In the meantime by some mysterious goings-on, I also lost some of the pictures that were included in the synopses, so I had to put up new ones. Should you be opposed to my putting the synopses up here, or if I should change something in your opinion, please let me know directly, or through someone who is a member of the agothic or american_gothic lists at yahoogroups (formerly egroups, formerly onelist...).

The synopses were written by Trinity Guardian society editors, SaritaJane and Vivi.

Episode numbers refer to originally intended episode order. Airdates refer to the original U.S. broadcast on CBS. Clicking on the link below the episode title will take you to its section of the Gossip Column, which is now located at the Trinity Bookstore (and opens in a new browswer window).

All written material on these pages is copyright 1995, 1996, the respective authors. All rights reserved.

1 Pilot2 A Tree Grows in Trinity3 Eye of the Beholder4 Damned if You Don't5 Dead to the World6 Potato Boy7 Meet the Beetles8 Strong Arm of the Law9 To Hell and Back10 The Beast Within11 Rebirth12 Ring of Fire12 Resurrector14 Inhumanitas15 Plague Sower16 Dr. Death Takes a Holiday17 Learning to Crawl18 Echo of Your Last Goodbye19 Triangle20 Strangler21 The Buck Stops Here22 Requiem

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