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"When fire swept this block, people called it a miracle how the flames parted and spared your church." Lucas speaking to Father Tilden.

"God has not abandoned you, Father, please don't let it be the other way around." Merlyn to Father Tilden.

"Is this what scared feels like?" Lucas to Selena.

Father Tilden has been sharing his parishioners' confessions with Sheriff Lucas Buck. Today, Lucas feels that the priest is holding back. He reminds Father Tilden that people thought it was a miracle when his church was saved from a fire and demands some information he can use. Father Tilden tells Lucas that Barbara Hudson hates where she lives and has been putting tacks in the street to keep cars from speeding by. Father TildenHe's surprised when Lucas says he can use this information. When Lucas asks about Caleb Temple, the priest tells him that Caleb has been talking to the spirit of his dead sister, Merlyn, again. The church begins shaking. The priest thinks he is going to die and begins to pray but Lucas knows better. As he looks around the church, the statue of the Virgin Mary turns toward him and the face morphs into Merlyn's. She tells Lucas he will never raise Caleb because she has come for Lucas. After Lucas leaves, Father Tilden is alone in his office. He lights a match and lets it burn his fingers. He then gets up and puts a rug against the bottom of the door and turns on the gas. He tries to light another match but can't find the nerve to do it.

Lucas has asked Brian Hudson to come to his office. Brian is a lawyer who helped a man sue the sheriff's department for $600,000 after the man's arm was broken during an arrest. Lucas shows him the city map of his street. He says the traffic on Brian's street must be bad because of the industrial park nearby. Brian realizes that the sheriff knows his wife has been throwing nails in the street. Lucas tells Brian that a French company is going to build a factory near his house and they want to buy the land. Brian says he can't sell because of a promise he made to his father before he died. When Lucas says he doesn't think that any promises Brian's father made down here matter anymore, the room shakes and all the pictures fall off the walls. Merlyn appears and stares at Lucas. Brian and Barbara discuss Lucas' offer at home that night. As they are talking, they see Birdie, a man who worked for Brian's father and who is now blind, come out of his house and call his dog. Brian tells her he promised his father that Birdie could live in that house until he dies but she wants to move.

We later see Father Tilden in a hotel room. A prostitute walks in. It is Merlyn and, though she is dressed in black, her reflection in the mirror shows her in a white dress. The priest wants her to find someone to burn down the church. Lucas kissing Selena goodbye.Merlyn is shocked and tells him the church is a refuge. He replies that the church has been invaded by evil because of his own actions and it is too strong to drive out. She says that's because he doesn't have a purpose. She tells him that Caleb needs protection from Lucas Buck and asks him to take Caleb in. The priest recognizes Merlyn and thinks he is having a vision.

Caleb is walking home that night when Merlyn appears to him. He is mad at her because she hasn't visited recently. She says she has been helping others who aren't as strong as he is. He says he might start listening to Lucas because he has been like a father to him. Merlyn tells Caleb that Lucas is his father only because he raped their mother.

Lucas and Selena are kissing. Then Selena goes to take a shower as Lucas gets dressed. The water begins running red with blood and she calls to Lucas. When Selena asks him what is going on, Lucas tells her "The bitch is back".

Father Tilden visits Lucas and says he found salvation today. Lucas tells him that a deal is a deal but the priest tells Lucas he knows who Caleb is and what heFather Tilden finally confronts Lucas. means to Lucas. Lucas tells him he should have lit the match.

Lucas meets Brian in a restaurant. When Lucas asks if Brian talked to Birdie about moving, Brian tells him that Birdie isn't going to make it easy for him. Lucas says the French have upped the offer to buy the house to 750,000. When Brian asks him what to do about Birdie, Lucas gives him a letter to mail to social services. He tells Brian they'll come and take Birdie away for 48 hours which will give Brian enough time to sell the house. After Lucas leaves, the waitress comes over with Brian's check. He looks up and sees Birdie's head on her shoulders. She speaks with Birdie's voice and tells him to keep his money. When Brian recovers enough to look at her again, we see it's Merlyn. That night, Brian is sitting on a street corner trying to decide if he should mail the letter. He gets up and goes to the mailbox. When he opens it a strong wind comes up and he has to force the letter into the mailbox. After he leaves, Merlyn walks up to the mailbox and looks disappointed.

Merlyn appears to Caleb as he is fishing in the lake. She tells him she's been fishing too, but she lost the man because he decided to do the wrong thing. She asks Caleb to go to the church's shelter for a couple of days so he'll be safe from Lucas. Caleb asks her what is going to happen and she tells him Lucas is finally going to pay for his sins.

Ben is watching all the girls walking by as he and Lucas are sitting in a police car. One of them catches Lucas' eye. She turns around when she gets to the other side of the street and he sees it's Merlyn. Lucas jumps out of the car into the middle of the street and a truck almost runs him over. Merlyn looks right at Lucas and says, "Watch your step", then she disappears.

Brian and Barbara watch from their house as the social workers arrive at Birdie's house to take him away. Barbara tells Brian that now he'll finally get the Sheriff off his back but Brian is not so sure.

Selena is sleeping when a noise wakes her up. She walks into the dining room and sees Lucas sitting at the table lighting matches. He is upset and angry. He's frustrated by Caleb's attitude toward him, with people who refuse to realize what he can do, and he almost admits he's frightened by Merlyn's persecution of him. Barbara & Brian Hudson aren't too pleased.He tells Selena he feels like hurting someone and he throws her onto the table. Selena tells Lucas that it's okay as long as she gets to hurt him back. After they kiss, he tells her he's not going to let Merlyn destroy him.

Caleb is asleep in the church's shelter when Merlyn comes to him. She doesn't wake him up, but whispers that no matter what happens she'll always love him. She puts the locket with their mother's picture in his hand.

The next morning, the Hudsons meet Lucas and the real estate agent at their house. Brian signs the papers and the agent gives him the check. Lucas watches as he looks at his check. Brian is upset when he sees the amount is only $150,000. When Lucas explains that 750,000 Francs converts to $150,000 US, Brian says Lucas can't cheat him out of $600,000 dollars. Lucas replies that the amount sounds familiar. Ben drives up with Birdie in the car. When Brian asks him what he is doing here, Birdie tells him that it looks like he is saying good-bye. Lucas tells Brian that the French were impressed with his father's death bed request and are going to let Birdie stay in his house.

As Father Tilden begins his sermon the next morning, Lucas comes in and takes a seat. The priest admits to the congregation that he repeated everyone's confessions to someone and resigns as pastor. Lucas stands up and demands the name of the person he repeated the confessions to but Father Tilden doesn't expose Lucas.

Father Tilden is in his office packing when he gets a sudden Why, you're not afraid of a little kiss now, are you?chest pain. Lucas appears holding a cross. He asks the priest where Caleb is but Father Tilden doesn't answer. Lucas watches as the priest collapses.

Lucas is walking through the church calling Caleb's name when Merlyn appears. She taunts Lucas with one of his own tricks when she makes the church doors slam shut. When she tells him he can't kill her twice, he engulfs her in flames. Merlyn makes the flames disappear, surprising Lucas with her power. She tells him to kiss her and when he does she grabs his head and he can't pull away. Lucas collapses when she lets go. She is about to break his neck when Caleb runs in saying Father Tilden is dead. Merlyn tells him to get out but Caleb begins speaking in Lucas' voice. Lucas' spirit has moved to Caleb's body. She tells Caleb to go and he runs off. Merlyn lets Lucas go this time but she'll be back for him.

"You can destroy the body but the spirit moves on." Lucas speaking to Merlyn.

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