Loris Holt:
Everythin's linked with everythin' else. Lucas uses that knowledge to his advantage. But so do I. I know him, know what he is, and I know things that can bring him down. But we both adhere to the rules of the game. When the moment comes, Caleb, Gail, Ben, Selena and Matt will have to decide which side they're on. Everythin' in its own time, so I bide mine...

Even though the series has been gone for several years, I found so many AG links that I had to divide them into several categories. The actual links are at the bottom of the listing.

The Series

(Fan) sites in English and other languages, articles, reviews, episode guides...

The People

Cast and Crew of AG

The Fans

Where to meet them, who they are, their creative AG output, what they do besides watch American Gothic. :-)

The Rest

TV stations around the world that once aired or are still airing AG, AG listed in directories and search engines, mentions of W.T. Quick's book "American Gothic: Family", and a few more or less related sites... Short, anything that doesn't fit in the other categories.

Of course I'll expand this section whenever I find new sites, especially the "People" page, where I intend to add links for other recurring and guest actors. If you know an interesting AG related site, let me know!

Links: The SeriesLinks: The PeopleLinks: The FansLinks: The Rest

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27. June 2016