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Brenda Bakke

Nicola's Brenda Bakke page
The Actor's Attic: Brenda Bakke
Transcript of a BB chat @ (starts in the middle of the page)
Brenda Bakke @
Brenda Bakke @

Lucas Black

Lucas Black & Company
Lucas Black Picture Archive
Lucas Black @
Lucas Black @

Gary Cole

The Gary Cole Archives
The Actor's Attic: Gary Cole
Nicola's Gary Cole page
Steppenwolf Theatre Company (Gary's page)
Steppenwolf Theatre Ensemble Fan Page
Gary Cole @
Gary Cole @

Tina Lifford

Article about "Juneteenth in May" reading in LA, mentioning Tina Lifford
Tina Lifford @
Tina Lifford @

John Mese

John Mese @
John Mese @

Sarah Paulson

All for Sarah
Sarah Paulson photo gallery @ Jack & Jill Online
Sarah Paulson Online
Sarah Paulson @
Sarah Paulson @

Nick Searcy

Nicola's Nick Searcy page
Nick Searcy @
Nick Searcy @

Paige Turco

The Agency: short PT biography
Paige Turco @
Paige Turco @

Jake Weber

Elfjune's Jake Weber Page
Jake Weber Tribute Page
The Actor's Attic: Jake Weber
Jake Weber @
Jake Weber @

Recurring roles

More to be added.

Michael Burgess (Anesthesist Dan Truelane, Pilot, Ep 2 A Tree Grows in Trinity, Ep 3 Eye of the Beholder, Ep 9 To Hell and Back)

Michael Burgess (I) @

Lynda Clark (Nurse Rita Barber, Pilot, Ep 10 The Beast Within, Ep 13 Resurrector, Ep 21 The Buck Stops Here, Ep 22 Requiem)

Lynda Clark @

Christopher (Chris) Fennell (Boone Mackenzie, Ep 3 Eye of the Beholder, Ep 4 Damned if You Don't, Ep 5 Dead to the World, Ep 6 Potato Boy, Ep 7 Meet the Beetles, Ep 8 Strong Arm of the Law, Ep 9 To Hell and Back, Ep 13 Resurrector, Ep 18 Echo of Your Last Goodbye)

Christopher Fennell @

Sara Lynn Moore (Carol Russell aka Rose's Mum, Ep 6 Potato Boy, Ep 8 Strong Arm of the Law, Ep 11 Rebirth)

Sara Lynn Moore @

Sonny Shroyer (Gage Temple, Pilot, Ep 12 Ring of Fire)

The Official Sonny Shroyer Website
Sonny Shroyer Unofficial Website
Sonny Shroyer @

Alex Van (Deputy Floyd, Ep 5 Dead to the World, Ep 7 Meet the Beetles, Ep 17 Learning to Crawl, Ep 18 Echo of Your Last Goodbye, Ep 20 Strangler, Ep 21 The Buck Stops Here, Ep 22 Requiem)

Alex Van @

Evan Rachel Wood (Rose Russell, Ep 3 Eye of the Beholder, Ep 6 Potato Boy, Ep 9 To Hell and Back)

Evan Rachel Wood photo gallery from Potato Boy @
Evan Rachel Wood @

AG guest stars

More to be added.

Bruce Campbell (Lt. Drey, Ep 7 Meet the Beetles)

Bruce Campbell Online (Here's a page about Lt. Drey)
Bruce Campbell @

Matt Craven (Barrett Stokes, Ep 8 Strong Arm of the Law)

Matt Craven @

Pat Hingle (Father Tilden, Ep 14 Inhumanitas)

Pat Hingle @

Jeff Perry (Artie Healy, Ep 10 The Beast Within)

The Jeff Perry Project
Jeff Perry @

Ted Raimi (Half-Ted, Ep 17 Learning to Crawl)

The Official Ted Raimi Fan Club
The Joxerotica Archives
Ted Raimi @

Arnold Vosloo (Rafael Santo, Ep 2 A Tree Grows in Trinity)

Arnold Vosloo's Page
The Arnold Vosloo Files
Speciale Arnold Vosloo (Italian)
Arnold Vosloo @

Muse Watson (Wash Sutpen, Ep 4 Damned if You Don't)

The Official Muse Watson Homepage
Muse Watson @

AG Crew

Shaun Cassidy (Creator, Producer)

Valentine Val's Shaun Cassidy Site
Hardygirl's Shaunshine site
Sci-Fi Channel chat transcript from Jan 15, 1998
Shaun Cassidy @

Craig Edwards (Production Assistant)

The Craig Shrine
Craig Edwards @ (I) - (II)- (IV)

Sam Raimi (Executive Producer)

News Baby! The Sam Raimi Website
Just Another Sam Raimi Website
Sam Raimi @
Sam Raimi @


Joseph LoDuca (Composer)

Universal Studios: Joseph LoDuca, composer for Hercules and Xena
Whoosh: Interview
Xena Magazine #6: Melody Maker
Yahoo Club for Joseph LoDuca

W.T. Quick (Author "American Gothic: Family")

For links to reviews of the book, go to page 4

W.T. Quick's Home Page
PureFiction: Interview

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