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I'm Lucas Buck... that's Buck with a 'B'. Welcome to my modest house. But before you enter, a few rules: leave all trocars, guns and similar items at the entrance, an' take care you don't accidentally step on my pet spider. The little darlin' escaped from her cage again. Oh, and no temper tantrums please--took me days to tidy up after the one my son recently had. If you follow these rules and don't go snoopin' 'round, I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay at Buck Mansion. So come on in, there are interestin' things waiting behind every door... And if you need anything, just ask. I'm sure we'll be able to make a deal.

Are you ready to make a deal?

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A tribute toAmerican Gothic - Someone's at the Door...Maintained by Chris

You're in Trinity, a small, rural town in South Carolina... or is the devil himself hiding behind the nice southern façade? Listen to what Sheriff Lucas Buck has to say

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