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American Gothic (Fan) Sites in English

The Best of the Best (in alphabetical order)

American Gothic: Welcome to Virtual Trinity
American Gothic Tarot
Bucksangel's American Gothic Site
Gothic Phantom's American Gothic Page
Heckifiknow's American Gothic page

Images, audio and video files

American Gothic - Trinity Moments
The Trinity Scrapbook at the American Gothic Tarot
American Gothic Sounds at The Trinity Bookstore
The American Gothic Sounds Page
Fire Escape's American Gothic Tribute theme tune (look for amergot1.wav and amergot2.wav)
TV Megasites: American Gothic

Various (in alphabetical order)

Absolutely American Gothic
American Gothic Resource Page
Bek's Home Page: American Gothic
Clement's American Gothic Page
Elaine's American Gothic Montage
Garn's Guides: American Gothic
Infinite Coolness Website: TV Section
Someone's at the Door...
Trinity Popsicle Stand
Trinity's Heart
UK Trinity - American Gothic at the Nomislair

Online Articles & Reviews

For transcripts of print magazine articles, go to Gothic Phantom's American Gothic Page
Links to reviews of W.T. Quick's book "American Gothic: Family" can be found on page 4

Beacon Journal Online: 'Gothic' revival on Sci-Fi: Creator Shaun Cassidy pleased about new cable run for series
Shows Unmercifully Cut Before Their Time Television - It's a Friendly Fall (AG mentioned in second half fo the article)
Wackygenretv: American Gothic

Episode Guides

American Gothic: A Complete Episode Guide
Garn's Guides: American Gothic
ORBzine (UK)
Shakaar (UK)

American Gothic Sites in other languages


Serial Vecernice: Tajemny pribeh z Ameriky (American Gothic) - herci a herecky


French (American Gothic)

AMERICAN GOTHIC - il y a quelqu'un à la porte !
SF Story - Les séries S-F (lettre A)
Slash Imagivore

German (American Gothic - Prinz der Finsternis)

American Gothic - Prinz der Finsternis
Christines American Gothic Site - Deutsch (Old version of this site, with slightly different content mostly in German.)
TV Series Central

Italian (American Gothic)

American Gothic - Canale Cinema - HORROR.IT scheda programma, articolo e conferenza

Portuguese (Gótico Americano)

Parada Obrigatória - Televisão - American Gothic - Gótico Americano

Russian (???)

Lucas Buck vs. Matthew Gideon or Gary Cole Russian Archive (in Russian and English)
Russian AG site @ (If someone could translate the title... thanks!)

Spanish (América Occulta / La Mirada del Mal)


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