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Gail comes into Lucas' office, interrupting him and Ben while they are talking about something. The look on her face means business so Lucas tells Ben to leave them. She tells Lucas that she's leaving him and Trinity and that she is taking Caleb along with her; her reason being that she simply can't deal with Lucas' heartlessness anymore. Gail can't wait.Lucas tells her that she's kidding herself if she thinks it's that easy to just leave, but she ignores him. As she is going out the door, she is struck with severe abdominal pains.

A visit to the hospital tells her that she is pregnant. Gail doesn't believe it; she doesn't want to believe it. Billy runs an ultrasound and as she is looking at the screen, instead of seeing a normal image of a baby, she sees a horrendous monster in her womb. She is horrified and goes into a panic fit.

Lucas arrives at the hospital to see how she's doing but Gail wants nothing more to do with him. She threatens to vomit on him if he ever touches her. Although Lucas promises that he will change from now on, Gail doesn't believe him and instead, tells him to drop dead before leaving. In Billy's office, Selena is playing doctor and before long, they start making out on his desk. Unbeknownst to them, Lucas is watching outside the window. He then turns away to leave with a very displeased look on his face.

Gail is speeding down the road, on her way out of Trinity; but suddenly before her, Lucas appears. She is unable to stop in time and there is a sickly thud of her car bumping into him. But when she gets out to look, his body is nowhere to be found. She goes around calling out to him and when she turns back to her car, sheSelena doesn't want Lucas' roses... sees someone sitting in it already. When she goes closer, she sees it's herself except it's an evil-looking Gail. She turns away in fright and bumps into Lucas. He tells her that she can't escape him. He needs a son now since Caleb can still go either way, but he knows that with her baby, he will only go Lucas' way.

Caleb is playing with his toy soldiers in his bedroom when Gail comes in. He asks what he wants insincerely and she tells him that she needs his comfort since family is important. Caleb rejects her and worries her when he lights up a fuse on a small toy truck to blow it up.

Lucas pays Selena a visit after school with a bouquet of flowers. He sort of apologizes to her but she is not swayed. In the course of their banter, Lucas lets on that something bad could happen to her Billy which clearly concerns Selena.

Gail arrives at a bar for some heavy drinking but bumps into Selena who is already there. They start talking about Lucas and trading insults before Selena leaves.

Lucas is at the hospital pushing a boy in a wheelchair playfully. When he sees Billy, they start talking and Lucas asks him to take care of Gail. He then tells Billy thatso he takes them to Gail, but doesn't get a warmer welcome there either. if he really cares about Selena, he would leave Trinity now before she gets hurt.

Gail is drunk in her home and looking completely awful while having thoughts about her good old times with Lucas. She starts getting painful cramps while things around her start melting like she's having an acid-trip. She then falls on her couch and starts dreaming about chasing a little Luke around a playground. The boy climbs up a slide but when he slides down, instead of a cute little boy his face takes on a hideous appearance. Gail wakes up terrified just as the doorbell rings. Seeing that it is Lucas, she refuses to let him in but he forces the door open anyway. She tells him that she thinks prenancy is like a tumor and the baby is not normal. She also tells him that she wants to get an abortion and although he tries to placate her, it's to no avail so he leaves.

Billy drops by Selena's house for a visit to tell her that he's decided to leave for Uganda but he wants to take her with him since he thinks Lucas is going to hurt her. He tells her that the plane leaves at tomorrow midnight and he wants her to be on it with him. At first she says no, but she finally complies.

Gail is still seeing the monster baby on her ultrasound. When she asks the nurse if she sees anything, the nurse replies only a healthy fetus. Gail goes into another panic fit since she truly believes her baby is abnormal.

Ben trying to cheer up a heart-broken Billy.That night, as Lucas is driving around town, Ben calls him on the police radio to tell him there is a jumper spotted on top of some building. When Lucas arrives at the scene, he finds out that it is Gail. He tries to convince her to come down, but she won't listen. She wants to take her own life because she believes she is carrying a freak. Frustrated, Lucas then starts telling her to jump, to "go for it." Caleb appears just then and begs Gail to come down from the ledge since he loves her and he needs her. He succeeds in stopping her from jumping.

It's midnight and Billy is waiting for Selena by the plane but she doesn't appear. Crushed, he gets drunk. While he is wandering around the neighborhood, Ben appears since he was summoned to take care of some drunk who was disturbing the peace. They start talking about Selena and her close relationship with Lucas and then Ben takes Billy home.

It's the next day and Gail is church, praying to Mary. Merlyn appears behind her in disguise and tells her that she shouldn't blMerlyn wants to give Gail a little hope.ame herself. Merlyn then tells her the story of how she was conceived in hate but that didn't stop her mother from thinking she was the light of her life. She consoles Gail and lets her know that good can still come out of darkness.

Billy finally goes to see Selena to confront her. He demands a reason as to why she didn't go with him but she wouldn't give him one. He tells her then that she needn't be scared anymore and they hug and make up.

While Selena and Billy are having sex, Lucas in his office sitting behind his desk with a deadly serious look on his face. When he lights a match and says "Burn baby Burn", Selena is suddenly stricken with a severe fever while she's in bed with Billy. Even after being submerged in an ice bath in the hospital, Selena's fever still doesn't go down. While Billy is trying to figure out what to do to save her, Selena asks for Lucas.

Billy heads over to Lucas' office and as soon as he enters his door, he punches Lucas out. Although he causes Lucas' mouth to bleed, Lucas doesn't seem to be affected at all. Billy demands that he lift the spell so Lucas tells him that he'll make a deal with him. He wants Billy's obedience and if he would kiss his ring, then he'll lift the spell on Selena immediately. Billy departs instead without doing so. However, Selena's fever does come down later on but it is clear that it is Lucas' doing.

That night, Selena visits Lucas at the station to thank him for saving her life since she knew he had healed her. They kiss and he tells her now she knows who really loves her before pushing her out the door.

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