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Gathered at Lucas's funeral are Ben, Gail, Caleb, and Selena only. When the grave digger starts insulting Lucas, Ben is angered and defends him. He apologizes to Caleb that he had to hear those awful things about his father. He then offers to take Gail and Caleb back to the bordering house but Caleb says he first wants to be alone with Lucas. Gail and Ben goes over to the car to wait for him. Caleb crouches down by Lucas' tombstone and starts telling him about what all he's feeling and how he's glad he's dead. He then spits on Lucas' grave and says that Lucas taught him well. Selena hears this and asks what did Lucas teach him to which Caleb replies that the body dies but the spirit lives on.

At the hospital, Rita bumps into Billy at the elevator and asks him why he's not at the funeral. They start talking about it and Rita says how she would've liked to be there just to make sure that he's dead since Lucas is known for surprises. When Billy returns to his office, Gail is in there and they start talking about all the confusing emotions that is going thru her. She expresses that she believes a child should have two parents instead of one. Just then, a little girl named Ashley appears at the door to ask where her grandpa is. It turns out that her grandpa is Doctor Muron. The Doctor appears and asks to see Billy in his office when he's done talking with his patient.

Ben and Caleb are in the sheriff's car outside the bordering house talking. Ben tries to console Caleb but Caleb only responds by asking Ben if Lucas ever praised him. Ben says not really to which Caleb then says maybe it's because he wasn't living up to his full potential. Ben is spooked by that but he is further startled when Caleb asks to see his gun. Ben is a little shocked about Caleb's behaviour...Ben refuses to of course but Caleb persists, saying that Lucas allowed him to see his gun, why won't Ben. Ben tells Caleb Lucas never carried a gun so Caleb pops open the glove compartment and pulls out Lucas' gun. He points it at Ben while laying down some "rules." When Ben doesn't respond since he's scared stiff, Caleb pulls the trigger. Fortunately, the chamber is empty. Caleb then laughs and tells Ben that it was all a joke and leaves, but Ben remains speechless from shock.

Back in his room, Caleb is packing. Caleb senses it when Merlyn appears. She asks him where he's going and when he tells her, she tells him that he still has a choice. He is impatient with her and before leaving, tells her that if she doesn't keep out of his way, she "might die twice."

Lucas is in coffin, unable to get out. Merlyn appears above his grave, disappointed that he's still alive. She asks him what is wrong with Caleb and he tells her that Caleb is changing because Lucas is weakening. He asks her to free him so that he can take care of the boy; he warns her if he dies, then Caleb will become a monster. She disappears after finding out without freeing him.

Caleb arrives at Lucas' home and finds Selena inside, waiting to welcome the new "Master Buck" home.

Back at the hospital, Dr. Muron is asking Billy why he is running tests on Lucas' blood. Billy expresses his suspicion about Lucas' death since when he last left him, he was still in stable condition. Muron tells him that the tests are uncalled for and commands him to put the tests on his desk as soon as they arrive.

Caleb tells Selena to return the key to Buck's mansion to him as it is now his home. She doesn't relinquish it and instead tells him that he needs Selena's help since he is still a child to the eyes of the world. Caleb thinks that Selena only wants the money but she corrects him and says that she actually finds his potential exciting. She then tells him about Gail's baby, which really upsets Caleb. He picks up a poker by the fireplace and after pondering for a second, he tells Selena to bring Gail to him and to make sure she's alone.

Some of the leading citizens of Trinity are crowded around the sheriff's station's lobby, asking Ben who is in charge now that Lucas is gone. Ben tells them that he is for now but they are doubtful of his abilities. They're beginning to panic since Lucas was the one who made deals, granted protection, and took care of things all this time. Merlyn appears and tells them that they should have confidence in Ben's abilities and it wasn't all that great when Lucas was around since he made some pretty nasty deals. All the while, she is dropping hints about how the dead doesn't always stay dead. Billy comes in at that moment and asks to speak to Ben privately.

Billy and Ben are at the graveyard, on their way to Lucas' grave with digging equipment. Billy fills Ben on in why he thinks Lucas is still alive; he did see the blood tests and saw that Lucas' lactic acid level was normal when it should've been high. Therefore, he now truly believes that Lucas was buried alive. They dig up Lucas' coffin and when Ben opens out, both of them are still astounded to find that they were right.

The heir is eliminating the competition.Lucas is returned to the hospital quietly without letting anyone know he's still alive, per his request. Lucas tells Ben to go look for Gail for him and bring her there. Before Ben goes out, he tells Lucas how sorry he is that all this happened to which Lucas replies not as much as Muron is going to be.

Gail and Selena arrives at Lucas' house. Selena tells Gail to go in to look for Caleb (since she thinks he's missing) while she'll drive around town some more.

It is silent as a tomb inside the house as Gail looks around the first level for Caleb. She goes into the living room and sees a cradle with a black veil covering it. As she is about to lift the veil, loud music blares, startling her. When she pulls off the veil, she is sickened to find a bloody doll inside. Caleb appears behind her and slams the door to the room. Gail asks him why he isn't home at the boarding house but he replies that he is home. Sensing something wrong, she tells him that he can stay there for as long as he pleases as she tries to make way for the door. But Caleb detains her and goes over to the fireplace to pick up the poker. He tell her that each generation can only have one so can't have the baby. He then hands her the poker and horrified by the implications, Gail runs out. Caleb chases after her and tries to strike her with it. Fortunately, she is able to run upstairs and lock herself in the bathroom but he tries to break thru by slamming the poker against the door.

Merlyn appears by Lucas' bedside and tells him that he has to return Caleb to normal. At first he acts as if he doesn't plan to as he doesn't care that Caleb is really becoming a little horror, but then that changes when Merlyn tells him that Caleb is in the process of trying to get rid of the other heir in Gail's body. Ben comes in and tells Lucas that he still can't find Gail. Merlyn then reminds him that once Caleb finds out that Lucas is still alive, he'll be coming for him since there could only be one in power.

Back at Lucas' mansion, Caleb is still trying to knock down the bathroom door. When his furious demands for Gail to come out has no effect on her, he starts beseeching her to come out, pretending to be the old Caleb. Gail doesn't fall for it and instead breaks the window to try to trick him in thinking she's gone out thru that way. The ploy works as Caleb leaves his guard so Gail quickly uses the chance to get away. As she is at the head of the stairs, Lucas has arrived home. Dr. Naroon has made a choice.Shocked to see him alive, Gail freezes just as Caleb appears behind her. Lucas calls out a warning as Caleb swings the poker at her. In trying to duck the blow, Gail loses her footing and falls down the stairs. Although he rushes her to the hospital, Lucas is still unable to save the baby. Billy tells him that she is still okay for the future. Lucas whispers by her ear that they'll get another chance. Lucas pays Muron a visit at his office, scaring the living daylights out of him. He tells the doctor to come clean with him so Muron finally admits that he did try to kill Lucas because he was tired of turning the other way on all the things he did. Lucas then tells him to choose: he can spare Ashley's life if he takes his own. He ties Ashley's jumping rope around Muron's neck and tells him to finish the job himself.

Ben brings Selena to Lucas and she is also shocked when she sees him alive and well. He wants to know why she had gone to his house earlier and when she lies, he slaps her. He then wants to know how Gail got to his house and she tells him the truth. After she answers all his questions, Lucas tells her to get out, seeming to end their long-time relationship.

Little Ashley tells Billy and Rita that her grandpa is sleeping on the ceiling, and when they enter Muron's office, they find that he has hung himself using Ashley's jump rope as a noose.

Lucas is back at the mansion looking for Caleb. He calls for him and when he enters the living room Gail was in, he sees that everything has been wrecked by Caleb. He finds a knife plunged into the bloody doll in the cradle. He takes the knife out and sticks it on the table and tosses the doll away. He then leaves the room, and starts saying how he understands the emotions Caleb is going thru. When he goes out the door, Caleb comes out and pulls the knife from the table. In the hallway, Lucas continues to talk about how it isn't time yet for Caleb to nourish his power since he's still alive. Caleb then appears behind him and after telling him to shut up, he stabs Lucas with the knife. But instead of actually stabbing Lucas, Caleb finds that he has instead stabbed into Merlyn.

Lucas is wondering if his plan worked.Lucas grabs him from the side and starts dragging him upstairs. Merlyn demands what Lucas is doing to which he responds that the only way to get rid of the evil inside Caleb is to kill him. Merlyn tells him to stop but Lucas pays no heed. He continues to the top of the stairs and raising Caleb's body over his head, prepares to throw him down to the ground below. Both Merlyn and Caleb are hollering for him to stop and Merlyn tells Lucas that she won't let Caleb die. Lucas replies he knows and then throws Caleb down directly on Merlyn. When Caleb hits her, a blinding white light flashes and Merlyn disappears while Caleb falls to the ground unharmed. Lucas then rushes down by Caleb and the boy wakes up, asking for his sister. Lucas tells her that she's gone. Caleb wants to know if he'll ever see Merly Ann again but Lucas tells him probably not. Caleb wonders sadly how he could ever do without her so Lucas assures him that they'll get by.

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