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Caleb is brushing his teeth before going to bed but he does a strange little thing in the process. Caleb brushing his teeth.While brushing his teeth, he turns in a circle once in awhile and then says "so be it" to the mirror. Loris Holt catches him doing this so she asks about it, but Caleb pretends it's nothing.

Caleb returns to his room and starts turning all the pictures and statues in his room to face the wall. He tells Loris that he doesn't like to be watched when he is asleep. She then asks him if he prays before going to sleep to which he replies that he used to with Merlyn but not anymore since she's gone. When she goes to shut the window, she sees Lucas below looking up.

All through this, Lucas' voice is heard talking about how Caleb has seen too much so he has created these little rituals to help him go to sleep. He goes on saying how everyone blames him for whatever goes on in Trinity but he doesn't really care. Of course what's good for them is that they just follow him and not question so much.

As Caleb is trying to fall asleep, he hears the sound of someone singing from outside and is frightened as it sounds eerie. He starts calling for Ms. Holt but instead Rose comes in to tell him that the singer is the Potato Boy who is deformed. She rushes off when her mom calls her, leaving a scared Caleb.

The next morning, Loris takes Caleb and Rose to church. Again Lucas is heard talking about going to church which is another ritual and he doesn't sound like he holds that ritual too highly in regard. He believes that church is only a soothing ritual for hypocrites. But then it doesn't matter since Sunday is his day off anyway.

As Caleb is about to receive the blood of Christ during communion, the priest's hand starts to shake severely and he drops the glass of wine all over Caleb. The priest looks to see the sinister figure of Lucas in the doorway.

Ben has just woken up and looks awful. Lucas' voice-over talks about how Ben is angry because he feels cheated in life. He believes he should still have a family and a happy life. But Ben is no leader since he lacks courage. Ben looks at himself in the mirror and he doesn't like what he sees at all.

Selena is on the phone trying to give her father happy birthday wishes but he wouldn't listen to her and hangs up on her. Rose, Caleb & BooneShe is deeply saddened and Lucas' voice is heard again saying how Selena, even tho she is really tough when it comes to men, is still very lonely. But then life is that way sometimes because people are troubled by fear.

At the church, the priest is seen shooting up morphine.

Rose, Boone, and Caleb are in front of the Potato Boy's house. Boone and Rose starts telling Caleb about the story of the potato boy. The family who use to live in the house, the Warrens, had performed Satanic rituals and commiteed all sorts of sins. One of the Warren had kidnapped a local girl and locked her in the basement. After he raped her, she had a monstrous baby which is now the potato boy. He is blind and deformed. When the boy starts singing, the three of them run off in fear.

Selena is trying to go to church but at the entrance, she hears someone calls her a "whore" and "tramp". She becomes almost insane with rage. She leaves the church grounds without entering.

Caleb is listening to the potato boy singing that night when Merlyn appears, sorrowful. When Caleb asks her what's wrong, she tells him that she's touched by the potato boy because he's so lonely and innocent. Caleb doesn't understand this since he was told the boy is a monster so Merlyn just disappears.

Ben is at a psychiatrist's office talking about what he has to deal with at work. He starts talking about how he always has to play a mute around Lucas. The psychiatrist tells him that he has a co-dependent sort of relationship with Lucas and that he should go home and contemplate the costs of his loyalty to him.

Loris & LucasCaleb happens upon Selena as she is crying in the classroom afters chool. She hurriedly dries her tears when he comes in and starts talking instead about his bad grades. She offers to tutor him. At first Caleb declines her help since he has had already too many offers of help these days and he's beginning to feel helpless, but in the end he takes her up on it.

Ben is writing up a ticket in front of a pool hall when Lucas comes out to ask him what he is doing since the car belongs to his friend. Lucas rips up the ticket and Ben leaves very upset.

It is dinnertime at the boarding house. When Rose throws some food at Caleb, he jumps up from the table and accidentally knocks down a glass of milk on the material Matt is reading while at the table. Matt is furious and starts yelling at Caleb. Just then, Lucas comes in with a rhubarb pie and invites Caleb to go for a ride with him. Loris reminds Caleb that there's school tomorrow so he shouldn't go. When she tries to say more, she "inexplicably" starts choking. Cale decides to go with Lucas and when Matt grabs him to stop him, he flings his hand off, telling him that he has no right to tell him what to do.

Lucas actually lets Caleb drive and when they stop, the two of them hops on the hood to chat. Matt at his confessional.They talk about how the rhubarb is half poison and half ambrosia. Caleb then asks Lucas why he wants to take care of him so Lucas tells him that he wants to be his mentor because everyone needs a guiding hand when they're young.

Meanwhile, Matt has gone to confession and as he is confessing his sins to the priest, he recognizes Matt. Matt leaves immediately but the priest stops him to talk to him. Matt starts talking about betrayal and asks him if he has ever been betrayed by someone has had promised to start over buy failed. He then goes on to ask the priest has he hated anyone intensely before. The priest is deeply troubled by Matt's word and asks him how he could hate someone else so passionately when he's supposed to be a healer. Matt then tells him that he doesn't hate someone ELSE, hinting that it is himself that he hates, and leaves.

Merlyn appears to the potato boy that night. Longing for compassion and a touch of another human being, he reaches for her. But since she is unable to touch him, she asks him to sing again.

Caleb bumps into the Father in the cemetery the next day as he is hiking up the hill. Ben during his own kind of confessional...They sit down and chat a little, but when Caleb brings up Selena, the priest changes the subject curtly. He then tells Caleb that should he ever need help, he can always turn to him because he will always be there for him.

Caleb arrives at Selena's house later on for tutoring. After serving him coffee, she starts telling him about the biblical origins of his name. He expresses surprise at her knowledge of the Bible and so she tells him she used to read it. A strange bonding moment takes place when Selena squeezes Caleb's hand.

Ben is back on the therapist's couch, talking about how he's contemplated many times of hurting Lucas. He feels like a complete coward next to him and he is angry at himself for being so spineless. In middle of talking, he suddenly blurts out what Lucas did to Merlyn and feels a great relief in finally being able to tell someone else about it.

Back at Selena's house, Caleb is hungry so they decide to cut a watermelon. He volunteers to do the cutting but then slices his hand instead. He starts crying because of the pain so Selena embraces him tightly and tries to console him. She starts to sing a hymn to him as that was Selena comforting Calebwhat her dad used to do whenever she would cry. After awhile, she starts to cry instead so Caleb holds her to him and tries to console her back.

Lucas comes in then and catches them in that awkward position. He demands what is going on. Caleb runs off in shame. Selena is upset at Lucas for the implications he was making but he starts to assuage her feelings bu telling her how he understands her loneliness. She starts to cry on his shoulder but then realized she has been deceived when he starts saying nasty things about what she was trying to do with Caleb and gripping her neck tightly. She pushes him away, enraged. He then leaves.

Caleb has rushed off to church and begans banging on the door, asking for the Father. But inside, the priest is deaf to Caleb's pleas as he's busy shooting up again.

Ben is in a great mood and writes up a ticket for Lucas' friend again. He then struts off happily as Lucas looks on a bit puzzled from inside the pool hall.

Lucas pays a visit to the psychiatrist that day and threatens to expose his inappropriate behavior towards mentally disturbed children under his care in the past if he doesn't keep his mouth shut about what Ben told him.

Selena finally gathers courage to enter the church and upon seeing the priest, she tries to talk to him. But he starts yelling at her and demands that she leaves. She departs crying and deeply hurt. When the priest returns to his room, he takes out a picture of Selena when she was younger from his desk. He is actually her father.

Caleb visits the Potato Boy and finds Merlyn sitting by his side as he is dying. She tells him that he will be among friends soon and Caleb feels the boy's soul leave his body.

Later that night, Lucas and Caleb are sitting on the porch talking about trust. Lucas tells Caleb how important trust is and to be careful of what he sees in a man's eyes because they are the most deceptive. Matt visits Caleb in his bedroom later on to apologize for his behavior the other night. Caleb tells him he is forgiven and they kid a bit like old times, but after Matt leaves, Caleb's smiling face takes on an expression of mistrust.

Caleb is brushing his teeth again and continues to perform his "so be it" ritual.

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