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Lucas: "What matters more to you than anything else?"
Mel: "Me, my future."
Lucas: "That's all?"
Mel: "My future's all I've got."
Lucas: "Then you're worthless."

Mel and Gloria Kirby are a husband and wife radio talk show team. When Mel goes to Sheriff Lucas Buck and asks his help in getting their show on the local television station, Lucas turns him down. Mel threatens to bring Lucas down.

Caleb talks to Miss Holt about Merlyn. He tells her that Merlyn doesn't visit him anymore and she didn't say good-bye. Miss Holt tells him that maybe Merlyn feels trapped between him and where she is supposed to be. She shows Caleb the program from the second funeral for her great-grandfather, who was a restless spirit. Caleb decides to give Merlyn a second funeral.

Ben & Selena shooting pool.When a woman's husband is shot by Deputy Ben Healy while she is talking to Mel and Gloria on the air, Mel sees his chance to get Lucas. He shows up at the hospital and questions Ben about the shooting. Ben tries to tell him that it was an accident but Mel persists and finally makes Ben mad enough to tell him that if Mel doesn't leave him alone, "I might shoot you, too." Mel gets it all down on tape. Lucas goes to the radio station and tells Gloria that Ben is worried because Mel is putting a bad spin on the shooting. He tells her that Mel came to see him and asks her to tell him to come by his office again. When Mel shows up, he plays the tape for Lucas and tells him he may open the show with it every morning. Lucas tells Mel he has talked to the people at the TV station and they want Mel by himself. Mel says he can't break up the team. Lucas says that Gloria has been holding him back all these years. When Mel says he could divorce Gloria, Lucas tells him she would make his life a living hell and that he has only one option.

Caleb and his friend, Boone, are standing at a barbecue pit in the backyard of the boarding house. Caleb lights a fire in the pit and puts Merlyn's invitation to the farewell party, a map, and her favorite foods, frosted corn flakes and peanuts in the shell, into the flames. When Boone asks about burning the locket, Caleb tells him he can't burn it because it's the only picture he has of his mother. When nothing happens, Boone starts to leave. Caleb gets mad and tells him that Merlyn hasn't shown up because Boone doesn't believe. After Boone leaves, Caleb hears Merlyn calling for help. The fire in the pit flares up and Merlyn appears in the flames. She reaches out and begins choking Caleb. He manages to pull her hand from his throat and she disappears. Caleb runs into the house and tells Miss Holt that Merlyn is trapped somewhere bad. When Miss Holt tells him that Merlyn is dead and he has to accept it, Caleb walks out of the house.

Mel & LucasWhen Mel shows up at the radio station after staying out all night, he and Gloria have an argument. Finally, Gloria announces over the air that Mel is going to take her on a boat ride on Jackson Lake, then tells Mel to meet her that night.

Lucas and Selena are in the sheriff's office when Ben walks in. Lucas tells him that Selena is there to help him. When Mel calls to tell Lucas that he can't go through with killing his wife, Lucas tells him there is no other way. After he hangs up the phone he tells Selena that duty calls.

At the boarding house, Caleb gets Miss Holt's scrapbook and begins reading the program for the second funeral. Miss Holt interrupts him before he can finish reading it. He goes to eat breakfast and Dr. Matt is at the table. He asks Dr. Matt what brimstone is and Dr. Matt tells him that it is sulphur. Caleb goes to the garden shed to get the jar of sulphur there but Lucas appears. He tells Caleb that raising the dead is serious business and breaks the jar of sulphur.

Mel and Gloria are in a rowboat on the lake. They begin to talk and Gloria gets upset. When she stands up, she loses her balance and falls into the lake. Mel rows away as she drowns.

Mel is in the sheriff's office telling his story to Ben and Lucas. Ben doesn't believe him. Lucas calls Mel over to the counter and Mel gives him the tape he made of his interview with Ben.

Mel returns to the radio station and Selena appears. She says sMerly in flameshe's sorry about his wife and he tells her he almost drowned pretending to save her. When Selena asks him if he wanted her to die, Mel says yes. Bright lights suddenly come on and Mel hears his wife's voice. He realizes his conversation with Selena was taped and he calls out Lucas' name. Lucas appears and Mel asks him how he got Gloria's voice. When Lucas tells him he got it from her, Gloria appears. Lucas told her about Mel's plans and now she has the tape of Mel's confession and will use it to ruin him.

Caleb is standing by the barbecue pit, ready to try again. He puts the sulphur in the pit. He looks at his mother's picture in the locket and asks for her help before he puts the locket in the pit. A column of smoke rises and Merlyn appears, wearing the locket. She tells Caleb, in her normal voice, "Thy will be done," and a second time, in a strange voice, "Thy will be done."

"I'm not giving up, I'm just letting go." Caleb when asking for his mother's help.

"Step into my parlor, said the spider to the fly." Lucas speaking to Mel.

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