Room 1 - Official Pictures

Official pictures released by CBS. Click on the thumbnails to open the full size pictures.

Gail, Matt, Caleb and Lucas

There was a note from CBS included with the picture at the left:

Paige Turco, Jake Weber (rear, center), Lucas Black (front) and Gary Cole star as reporter Gail Emory, Dr. Matt Crower, young Caleb Temple and Sheriff Lucas Buck in AMERICAN GOTHIC, a compelling new drama about the residents of rural Trinity, South Carolina, a postcard-pretty enclave tormented and seduced by its powerful Sheriff. The new series will be broadcast Fridays (10:00 - 11:00 PM, ET/PT) beginning September 22 on the CBS Television Network.

Lucas, Gail and Caleb

Caleb and Lucas

A similar shot of Caleb and Lucas, in b&w

The ghostly Merlyn and Caleb


Caleb in b&w

Lucas frowning

Lucas - probably from Eye of the Beholder

Lucas in his black duster

Pensive Lucas in b&w

Closeup of the previous pic

Menacing Lucas in b&w

Selena Coombs

Dr. Matt Crower

Gail Emory

Caleb Temple

Merlyn Temple

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