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Danzig "Devil's Plaything

Danzig "Devil's Plaything"

Fits Lucas' speech about love.

love is a flame
a devil's thing
a violent storm
about to be born
just look in these eyes
see all the lies
all these things you see
you cannot deny

and this flame
that burns inside
if you get too close
burn you alive
just look in these eyes
and see if they lie
all these words i speak
you cannot deny

got a light
shines on me
gentle light
it will never be
see the flame
in my hand
if you play w/ fire
you're playing in hell

devils plaything
in my hands
if you don't want pain
you don't understand
got a light
shines on me
if you wanna touch flames
come unto me

got a flame
burns inside
if you don't wanna burn
just walk on by
and the pain
you're feeling now
is nothing compared
to the pleasure i hide


got a flame
in my hand
if you don't want a fire
step out of my light
walk on by
just look away
cause if you're on my path
you're better off dead


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1. August 2002