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Marc Almond "The Plague"

Marc Almond "The Plague"

While talking to Reverend Coombs, Matt asks him if he has ever hated anyone intensely, "with almost regligious fervor." When the reverend asks him how a healer could hate someone else with such force, Matt replies, "Who says I was talking about someone else?" As Persephone put it, "This is the greatest ode to self-hatred that I have ever heard. If this isn't 'Matt', I don't know what is!"

(la la la la la's)
I've spent many a night lying on my back
Waiting for the dawn to pierce a crack
And the ceiling
Hanging from the sky.
And I envy the boy
Who grabbed a toy
And ran away and found a joy
While I stood in the shadows
Wondering why.
Fine rewards me
That, her laughter
The terrible taste
Of the morning after
Kisses and goodbyes.
I could never seem to catch my footsteps
Have desires - they fly away.
Every day I have to fight the plague.
(La la la la la's)
How can I sleep in hours like this?
When anguish strikes me like a fist
And my nakedness exposed
And I can't stand.
Still, I try to remember
Lips on lips
Hips on hips
And ice on fire
And gloom and glow
When do they leave the man?
In the mirror of the night I see
A face that's staring out at me
Like a falling star burns itself out.
Like the dead he scrapes across the ground
My voice cries out that graveled sound
No one's there to hear me but the plague.
(La la la la la's)
Sraining hard to see
Running after me
I keep pounding, pounding on the door.
But it's all so vague
When you meet the plague
And I keep coming
I keep coming back for more.
(La la la la la's)

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1. August 2002