The Flint Gang

Deserved Their Demise? Definitely! :)

by Julie (Merly)

This is a day early, but I'm sure you guys won't mind. Tomorrow, I have two dates: one with my boyfriend and one with my best friend, so I'm gonna be really busy. Anyway, here goes...

First of all, I think I'd like to start by saying that SAOTL is one of my brother's and my favourite episodes. I'm not sure exactly what it is about the episode that makes it a classic in our eyes, but we definitely think of this episode as one of the best. Maybe it's because the four Flint boys actually deserved what was coming to them at the end. Whatever it was, I hope this discussion is interesting for you all. :)

I believe the group is held together by Barrett who seems to be the only halfway intelligent one. He knows that you can't just intimidate people physically and actually pretends to come to their aid when his buddies are beating up on them. He is nontrusting which is actually smart in a place like Trinity, but he is also almost like a Half-Ted. He seems to have something of a conscience, but it's weak.

They may have been intimidating to the people of Trinity, but ultimately, they're a weak bunch. Maybe not physically, but definitely when it comes to Lucas's mind games. Then again, who wouldn't buckle under Lucas's pressure? Still, these four definitely deserved what was coming to them, no matter how unpleasant that was.

However weak they were, though, they still put Lucas in a difficult situation. I think it was really interesting how they seemed to really puzzle him at first. One of my favorite conversations is when Lucas and Ben are arguing about what should be done about them. Okay, I'm getting a little off topic here. Back to the characters...

Although Barrett may have been the intelligent one, I think Lowell was probably the most interesting character. Although they all provided a little comic relief in their own way, the Lowell-hanging scene was one of the funniest parts of the history of the show, IMHO. Lowell mostly hid behind his older brother as Lucas pointed out near the end of the show, and it was great seeing his reaction when Lucas caught him after he paid Earl's and Just Eddie's bail money.

Earl McKeever, the womanizer, we didn't see too much of. All we really knew about him was that he *was* a womanizer. I can easily see why some women would fall for him, but personally, he would not be my first choice. Earl had the looks for it, but I'm not sure he was really all that good at it. At least he provoked a good scene out of Gail, which I found really interesting. Although we just got done talking about Gail not too long ago, I want to point out her bravery in this scene.

One thing about Earl though... what happened to him? This question has plagued my family for quite some time. We always assumed Lucas "disposed" of him, but how? Maybe Craig knows? :)

Finally, Just Eddie, the booze hound, whose death started Lucas's plan. Obviously the weakest link in the chain, Lucas picked him out rather quickly. It wasn't long before poor simple Eddie had fallen into Lucas' trap. You kinda have to feel sorry for him in a way, though he brought his horrible death on himself. However, you have to wonder how much of his participation in the group was intimidated...

Hmmm... this e-mail isn't really that long, but I can't really think of much else... anyway, I hope this provokes some kind of conversation.

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