Guests 1

by Fiona

Well I'm off on holiday tomorrow, so I'm afraid this is going to be short and to the point. If that's possible for me.

Lieutenant Drey

A state cop comes to Trinity to investigate his brother-in-laws disappearance. Is he doing this in his own time? I wouldn't have thought he'd be allowed to do this officially, conflict of interest maybe? Which is ironic considering he accuses Lucas of that. And can he really dismiss Selena as a suspect so quickly? Seems that Drey is more easily swayed by Selena's charms than Lucas. Overall he doesn't strike me as very bright and with a phobia about beetles (he's obviously not happy when Lucas offers him one) his ending is a bit unfortunate to say the least. It's a pity too that Gail gave up on him so easily. After putting his feet on Lucas' desk I wouldn't give you great odds that he ever got out of the flensing room alive.

Half Ted

What can one say about Half Ted that Lucas hasn't said already? Half a conscience, half prepared to act, halfway to being a bad guy but not quite able to make it all the way. But he does give Lucas the chance to use some of his best lines. Poor Ted, having an affair with his brother's wife, couldn't he find a woman of his own? And he didn't really mean to kill the CEO; it was an accident. But I suspect that's the story of poor Half Ted's life; everything was always a bit of an accident. Never quite prepared to stand up to his brother even though he's obviously brighter than Cody. But he doesn't have Cody's commitment to being bad. Half Ted is a follower not a leader, and will always get dragged along half willing and half not.


Ben's younger brother, the psycho. One wonders how he got into the army with such a self-destructive attitude, which he must have had since his 'accident' with the shotgun as a child. Or do the army take anyone with two hands and two feet, never mind what's between the two ears? Artie isn't dumb though; he must have some smarts to become a munitions expert. He must also have an incredibly high pain threshold to cut himself open, stuff a cigarette pack inside himself then sew himself up again!

I won't reopen the debate about how much Lucas knew about Ben and Artie before the night in the electrical store, but there's no doubt that by the end of that night Lucas knows Artie inside out (OK, bad pun :)) But did Lucas give him the razor? Has the whole thing been a set up? I don't think so. Lucas is too clearly shocked when he learns that Artie is Ben's brother and he's winging it most of the way through the events that follow. I think that Lucas giving Artie the razor blade is Caleb's interpretation of events. And of someone can explain the significance of Lucas wearing the cheap Korean watch in the final dream scene I'd be grateful!

The biggest puzzle for me about Artie is what happened to put him in the Psycho ward? He must have been OK when he joined the army and as I said above, he was obviously competent in his job there. So what triggered the old memories and reduced Artie to his current state? Thoughts anyone?


One of the women that the Lucas lovers hate, as she gets to kiss him. (gggrrrrrrr) She represents the attitude a lot of us have toward Lucas. She loves to hate him and hates loving him, but she can't help it. Was she the Mrs Robinson to Lucas' Graduate? Seducing him at 16 and showing him the ways of the world? (BTW, what's the age of consent in SC? I know it varies from State to State. In the UK it's 16 so no crime, but was it legal in SC?) Or is Lucas a lot older than he looks (as she implies) and they may have been two 16 year olds fooling around together? Whichever, she's obviously never forgotten him and at the end of her life decides to come back to Trinity and take him with her. The classic woman scorned.

Reverend Coombs

Lots of questions, few answers. He's Selena's father, but where is her mother? He still loves Selena but will have nothing to do with her. Why? Because she's a 'fallen woman'? This seems a little severe. Given that the whole Potato Boy episode focuses on child abuse, the implication is that his relationship with Selena was abusive. Did he seduce her as a child and now can't live with the consequences of his actions? Is that what drove him to drugs? For me he has one unforgivable failing; he makes promises and then doesn't deliver. His breaking his promise to Caleb is one more example of an adult failing to provide a child with the security he deserves in an episode littered with such.

Father Tilden

He's got in way over his head hasn't he? A wonderful example of the road to hell being paved with good intentions? How on earth was he stupid enough to do such a deal with Lucas in the first place? The confessional is one of the most sacred tenets of his faith yet he allows Lucas to corrupt that sanctity. It takes a ghost to remind him of his responsibilities and to finally give him the strength to stand up to Lucas. Fat lot of good that did him. I've often wondered whether Lucas burned down the church after Tilden was dead, just for the hell of it. Or did he sucker Tilden's replacement into a similar deal? If any should know that it's not safe to dance with the devil it's a priest.

OK, that's the lot. Sorry it's brief.

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