Part 1

by Stephen

Wow! I didn't realise this when I agreed to do this EpDisc, but it's quite a hard episode to write about. One reason is that apart from two or three long and quite major scenes, the show consists of a lot of very short scenes which on their own are not particularly relevant but which come together well. It is also an episode which would lose a lot in description. It would take me months to try and describe all the religious imagery in this ep. It REALLY must be watched to gain full effect.

Oh, before I start I have to point out that this is probably going to be my last contribution to EpDiscs (I can hear the celebrations already from the other side of the Atlantic!) As you may be able to tell from my email address, this is a University account and I go home next Friday (roughly in 10 days time), where I DON'T have a modem. Unless I cough up some rediculous amount of money in an internet cafe, then goodbye EpDiscs (I will miss you). I don't think that I return in time for the even the last few episodes, although I'm not sure.

Anyway, on with the story!

The show opens with Father Tilden taking confessions and bemoaning human weakness, describing us as worthless and corrupt. We then discover that he is actually telling Lucas all the town's confessions from that week (could that be how Lucas knows some of his 'inside information' eg about Harvard's past?) Most of the info is banal - the theft of a football, someone kissing their boss and a pregnancy (I love Lucas's reply to the priest asking if Lucas is going to use the pregancy info to ruin the mother's life - 'I'll let the kid do that'! Excellent) He then mentions that someone has been throwing nails on the road outside their house. Lucas takes a particular interest in this seemingly harmless fact. Father Tilden also mentions that Caleb has been to discuss Merlyn's visits. The booth then shakes violently and he prays for forgiveness from God. Lucas knows this is more Merlyn's (and his own?) style. She claims that she has come for him. Amazingly, he actually looks worried. The next scene shows the priest trying to blow the church up, but being prevented from doing to (Lucas or Merlyn?) This is particualrly ironic, as we had earlier learned that the reason Lucas gets his info is that he had protected the church from destruction.

Lucas calls Bryan Hudson, a lawyer into his office. (The actor's name is Tim Grimm - what a name!) We find out that he has won $600K from the Sheriff's office in a lawsuit. Lucas claims to 'respect' him for doing his job, but is clearlt annoyed. He says a French company want to buy the land where his house is, and says they are offering 500K, despite the fact that Bryan values it at $300K at the maximum. There is, however a deal which Bryan's father made to allow Bertie, a blind man, to live in a small house next door. Bryan promised his father not to break his dying promise. Lucas points out that his father's dead and can't object (how does Lucas know about this deal?). At this point, the walls begin to shake and bulbs explode. Merlyn appears and then vanishes again. Lucas (brilliantly) even manages to turn this to his advantage, claiming construction work is to blame, and mentioning that the French will be building soon - quick thinking or what? Bryan goes home to discuss the deal and Bertie's future with his nail
throwing wife.

Father Tilden is then seen sitting in a cheap motel room as a whore enters. Actually, we see the whore is Merlyn. He asks her to get someone to destroy the church and to make sure he's inside at the time. She says she can't as it's a refuge and Caleb needs protecting from Lucas. The priest admits that he is unable to drive the evil that is in him out as it is too strong.

Merlyn then appears to Caleb in the street, and he is annoyed with her and asks why she hasn't visited him lately (probably due more to how many episodes CBS contracted Sarah Paulson for!). For some reason, she does not actually give him a proper answer to this. Given the events of the last episode, can anyone suggest why? Caleb threatens to turn to Lucas, who he says has been nice to him. She tries to turn his backa aginst Luacs by mentioning their mother's rape.

At Selena's house, we are treated to a bit more of the old Buck-Coombes carnal pleasure. He says that he must go as he has other women to service tonight! When she goes to shower, the water soon turns to blood (Merlyn seems keen on this - Plague Sower). When Selena asks what's going on, Lucas's reply is simple - the bitch is back.

Bryan goes to discuss the deal with Bertie and is surprised when (for the first time) Bertie's dog shows animosity towards him. Lucas is then told by Father Tilden that their deal is off. He says that he has had a 'vision'.

At their next meeting in a cafe, Lucas says the French have upped their offer to 750K. He gives Bryan a letter which will have Bertie taken into care. When the waitress arrives, we see a woman's body with Bertie's face. This is actually Merlyn, who has 'morphed' to try and spur on his conscience. Despite great wind which try to blow the letter from his hand, he posts the letter to have Bertie removed. Merlyn looks on in disgust.

At the lake, we see Caleb and Merlyn. He apologises for his ealier statements and says that he will go to the shelter at the church. Merlyn tells him that she is gunning for Lucas - 'Divine retribution' - 'An eye for an eye'


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