The Buck Stops Here

Part 1

by Fiona

My first attempt so be gentle with me.

We discover Selena and Billy in bed plotting Lucas's death. (Lucas doesn't cook? What does he do with the BBQ on the back porch that we saw in RoF?) Billy thinks Selena is jealous of Gail being pregnant. Selena says she could have had 10 of his little demons if she'd wanted. Does she know what Gail's baby looked like in the scan? Billy wants to find "those files" Selena tells him to relax. They haven't come to a conclusion yet. She suggests that Billy might perform surgery "You certainly have the tools." Selena is on form tonight! She says he has no sense of adventure, to which Billy responds that he's in the man's bed. So that's where they are! It's Lucas who likes black satin! Selena slides out of bed with the sheet wrapped around her and goes to the window. The Buckmobile pulls up outside and Selena tells Billy that 'the master has returned'. Billy leaps out of bed and starts to dress, but Selena returns to bed.

Lucas enters the hall and senses something wrong (his 3rd eye acting up?). He starts up the stairs. Billy heads for the window, but Selena stays.She says she wants to kill Lucas and it's no game. Lucas opens his bedroom door and there's no one there (OK does Selena hold the world speed record in dressing, did she dive out of the window naked, or does Lucas climb stairs VERY slowly?) But he can see what's been happening and is not amused. Heads for the window and finds the lipstick. "Selena honey, this was NOT safe sex."

Yancy is reading poetry to his comatose wife, Doris She starts to fit and Rita interrupts with a question, then Billy arrives. He apologises for not getting the files from Lucas. Yancy says Lucas is punishing him by keeping Doris's medical files and that he can't wait for Lucas anymore. Billy asks what he's waiting for Lucas to do. No answer. Yancy tells Billy to read Wordsworth to Doris, her favourite.

Selena is teaching her class about money and asks Caleb what were Benjamin Franklin's accomplishments. Caleb gives a couple of examples then Lucas butts in with "and he fathered a bastard" (bit rich coming from him) Lucas takes over the lesson saying he's just "poking around" and 'hope you don;can't mind me breaking in on you". Not subtle. Lucas starts talking about money and the pictures on the dollar bill. When he says to Selena "draw the line" is he just talking about the line on the board or does he have another line in mind? He goes on to bring together the Buck and the Temple, then talks about the "all seeing eye, the 3rd eye", then translates the Latin phrase as "the old order of the ages is born anew" Definite reference to Caleb taking over from him. He moves towards Selena talking about there only being "one who sees all, one who knows all and one who conquers all." He turns to the class and gives them a sappy smile, but as he turns back to Selena his face darkens. "If you wanted to hurt me, you did." Ain't that an admission! Selena could hurt him? He then says he's sorry if she's upset about Gail being pregnant (Lucas? Making an apology?) But then he reverts to type with the threat. "And if you ever soil my house again, I'll cut out your heart and use it for a shammy." He tucks the dollar bill in Selena's breast pocket and asks why she thinks they call it the root (double meaning here?) of all evil. Turns back to class with big sappy smile. Love this scene!

Gail is in Doctors office. They talk about her strange pregnancy and the doctor says it's not without precedent. Asks if she knows that Lucas has another child. Interesting questions here. How does he know that Gail is pregnant by Lucas? Who told him? Gail? And how does he know that Caleb is Lucas's son? Is it common knowledge? Or just a select few? He tells her Caleb showed the same growth pattern as Gail's baby. Gail points out that Caleb's mother was her aunt who killed herself (Ha! that's what she thinks!) the day after Caleb was born. What did she know that they don't?

Yancy is in Lucas's office as Lucas hangs a plaque on the wall. Yancy says that Lucas told him to give 'the judge' a placebo. Which judge was that? The one who Lucas killed in EOTB? Or another one? How many judges does a town like Trinity have? We've seen 2 others, one in DDTAH and another was referred to in THAB. Yancy asks why Lucas took her files. Lucas says "Because I cared." (Ha! again) Yancy has been waiting for 2 years for a change in Doris's condition (probably yet another judge then!) Lucas tells Yancy he's not god (first time he's admitted that too!) Yancy challenges the deal and Lucas tells him that he said 'an eye for an eye', he'd take care of Doris, and she's still alive. When Yancy protests Lucas comes out with one of his killer lines "I know it's costly, but at last she don't eat much." What a bastard! "Friend of few, benefactor of many." Yancy says he's going to end it. Lucas tells him that if he does Yancy will go to jail. Yancy says that Lucas has hurt too many people (how does he know? Is this also common knowledge?) "No more, Lucas, no more."

Gail is cooking. Ben can't believe it's all for her and asks what she's got in there "a football team?" Who told Ben that Gail is pregnant? Lucas? Gail? Billy? News of her pregnancy has obviously got around fast. But she tells Ben she doesn't want Caleb to know. If that many people know already I can't see that it will take long for Caleb to find out. Calebn arrives and asks for Ms Holt. Wants his allowance of $5, says "5 doll... 5 bucks a week." Ben gives him a bill, but Caleb wants it in singles. Gail sucks..... blood that is. She's sipping at the bloody juices from her roast, then starts to eat the raw meat. Ben tries to stop her but she carries on saying she and her baby are hungry. Having just told Ben to be careful talking about her baby as she doesn't want Caleb to know, he's hardly out of the door and she starts talking about her baby! Logical? Not!

Caleb is cutting up dollar bills, taking the temple and the eye out of the buck. Merlyn watches and asks if he's rich to be cutting up money. Caleb asks why their last name is Temple and Merly says it was their parents last name. Caleb says "Your parents, my mother. My father is Lucas Buck." Draws the temple and the buck together. Talks about the all seeing eye and the " old order of the ages is born anew" , parroting Lucas. Merly tells Caleb that Lucas is part of him and she wants him to be strong enough to resist his influence. Caleb says he knows. "Don't worry, the buck stops here." Merly looks worried.

Yancy talks to his wife and tells her he loves her and is going to free her, but first he has a job to do. Pulls gun from pocket, but overhears Billy and Selena talking. Selena is frightened that Lucas is going to kill them. Billy is sceptical. Selena tells him that the 3rd eye is the root of all evil "and it's Lucas's Achilles heel," Yancy is listening. Billy tells Selena she's insane and that "murder's not on my resume." He tells her that he's going back to Lucas's house, find the files and apologise.

Billy arrives at the Buck mansion and enters. Doesn't Lucas ever lock his doors? Billy calls for Lucas and wanders off looking for him. But someone else is there too. Someone with something sharp and shiny in their hand. Lucas enters the front door and senses an intruder again. Shakes his head and says "I'm going to have to get me a security system." Horses and stable doors come to mind. Lucas walks down the hall, lots of scary music, then hand with sharp shiny object comes up and punches it into Lucas's forehead. Billy hears noise and returns to the hall, finding Lucas flat on the floor with a wound in his forehead. So how come Lucas didn't; sense the intruder about to strike? Was it that he could only sense a presence and having 2 people there confused things? He obviously knew something was going on, but not what.

Billy has Lucas in hospital, Doctor asks Billy if Lucas was shot. (Did he know that Yancy was going after Lucas with a gun?) Billy says his 3rd eye must have blinked. They take Lucas into surgery. Doctor asks Billy why he was at Lucas's, Billy puts him off and tells him he'd like to help the patient. Doctor asks if he's sure.

Ben and Billy are in Doctor's office. Ben asking if Lucas will be all right, Billy not optimistic. Ben produces sharp shiny thing and asks what it is. Doctor tells him its a trocar, a hole punch for the skull. Found behind Lucas's house, with Billy's prints on it. Billy says he used it that morning (how often do they punch holes in peoples skulls in that hospital?) Ben tells Billy they found a print on Lucas's bedroom window and that he has to take Billy in. Nurse tells Ben that Lucas is asking for him.

Lucas in bed wearing turban. Asks for Caleb. Ben asks if he wants Gail too but Lucas says no (sensible man....sorry, Chris!) Ben asks who did it to him. Lucas doesn't answer, just tells Ben to bring him his son. "As I go, so will he." Does Lucas know who stabbed him? Probably not. Yancy stands watching from the corner of the room.

Caleb stands in front of the mirror chanting "novus order seclorum" over and over. Is this when the Rage takes over? Merly watches, looking worried.

Billy is in jail. Caleb comes to visit. Asks if Billy knew that Lucas was his father. Billy starts to deny that he ever.... Caleb interrupts. "never laid a hand on what exactly Doctor Peale? Never laid a hand on Lucas Buck? Seems like you had your hands all over my father's property lately." Reference to the break-in and to Selena, who Lucas certainly considered to be his property. Caleb tells Billy that Selena was upset with Lucas and asks if she got Billy to kill him. Caleb tells Billy that he thinks he's dangerous and as much as accuses Billy of trying to kill Lucas. Billy admits that Selena belonged to Lucas, that she was never really his. Caleb leaves. Convinced that it wasn't Billy?

Ben and Caleb arrive at the hospital. Ben tells Caleb not to be scared. Caleb says he isn't. As they enter the room Doctor stands by Lucas's bed and tells them that Lucas has been waiting for them. Caleb approaches bed. Lucas says "It's in you, isn't it? voice weak. The Rage? Caleb says yes. Lucas tells Caleb to come closer. Pulls him down and whispers. Asks if Caleb will do that for him. (what?) Caleb nods. Lucas starts to fit. Doctor calls code blue. They try to restart his heart. (Have to go and take cold shower here, sight of Lucas's chest has overwhelmed me............OK, back again.) Fail. Lucas is dead. Ben looks distraught, Caleb doesn't bat an eyelid.

OK, that's enough for now! The rest will be tomorrow or Saturday.


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