Potato Boy

by natalie (little n)

I made it with 2 1/2 hours to spare. : D

This episode is a little difficult to summarize because I never did figure out what the Potato Boy had to do with it. The episode opens and ends with Caleb doing his little tooth brushing ritual, something that, to the best of my knowledge, we never see again in the show. It's the first episode where Lucas is able to use Matt's 'workaholic' nature against him as Matt snaps at Caleb for spilling milk on a magazine he was reading at the dinner table. [That in itself is not very good matters. Shock! yes, she disses her fave.]

We also get to see Selena 'looking for love' from her father, a Reverend, and from Caleb. We also get to see Lucas totally misconstrue Selena's wanting to find some comfort from Caleb. Unlike later on in the show, this seemed platonic.

Ben seems disgusted with himself and tells his sorrows to a shrink. The shrink tries to use this information against Lucas but Lucas blackmails him with information about experiments the shrink did on children. You'd think Lucas would praise him for that.

The Reverend wants nothing to do with Selena although he seems to grieve over the loss of his once sweet daughter.

Matt goes to the Reverend for a "confessional" but his Yankee accent gives him away. He had to be the most adorable looking penitent person I've ever seen.

Caleb decides to rub it in to the people who care about him by going off with Lucas on a school night. Anybody think that was odd? Here are these two adults who are supposed to watch over this kid and they let the kid do as he pleases as if he were already an adult. Bad, bad.

And while Lucas thinks that he's getting a foot in the door with Caleb, Caleb appeared to be milking Lucas for knowledge and then using the information as he saw fit.

Matt and Caleb make up. And while Matt seems genuinely sorry, Caleb, although he breaks the awkwardness, seems to be searching. Apparently he does make up his mind that Matt is genuinely sincere. We don't see that, we can only infer it from later episodes.

Plopped in all of this angst, is the Potato Boy, a disfigured, blind boy who sings hymns. Merly watches over him and seems sad. The Potato Boy eventually goes off to a better place.

But what was the point I ask you? Sigh. It was enough that we got tosee a little more into the secret lives of all of the players.

Enlighten me guys.

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