Part 1: Lucas and Gail

by Natalie H

Hi Everyone

Sorry this is a day late I know...but better late then never *g*

Ok I will apologise right now for the length this first part...but so much happened and I don't want to miss out on anything. So here goes....

Ben is discussing sitations with Lucas when Gail bursts into his office. Ben leaves after Lucas tells him to burn the fines. He then gets up and approaches Gail, being all his charming self, but Gail pulls away from him saying no and that it's over and that she is leaving. "I'm in over my head." and she thought that she could...Lucas interrupts finishing her sentence "What? Keep it strictly physical?" Gail tells him not to flatter himself and that it was "Temporary insanity" Lucas being Lucas tells her she's breaking his heart...Gail "You don't have a heart. You're not even human " Lucas: " You know some people would consider that a positive not a negative. " (*sigh* one of my favourite lines in AG...and Doesn't Lucas just look yummy in this scene?) Gail "Not me. Not anymore" She then walks out the office with Lucas following and she tells him that she is taking Caleb with her and that if he wants to say goodbye he better do it soon. Lucas: "You think it's that easy?" Gail turns and tells him it is and then as she opens the door to leave, she clutches her stomach and doubles over in pain. Lucas watches (Now you can't tell me that that wasn't Lucas's doing..causing her that pain).

Gail at the hospital has discovered that she is pregnant. While Billy and Nurse Stacey are busy dealing with a computer crash, Gail runs the scanner over her stomach and freaks at what she sees (can't blame her, that baby is freaky)... a rather evil looking baby that turns to look at her with a evil smile. Billy and Stacey have to hold her down and calm her when she loses it.

Lucas arrives at the hospital, stopping to chat with an elderly lady (oh the charm *g*) He stops at the nurses station and Stacy indicates Gail who is sitting on a bench looking upset. Lucas walks over to her and asks her how she is doing and if everything is fine (call me biased but Lucas *does* sound gentle here) Gail tells him no everything is not fine. At this point Lucas becomes aware of Stacy watching and listening and he gives her a look ( I just love that moment) and Stacy sharply turns away. Lucas turns his attention back to Gail and places a hand on her shoulder which she shakes away saying "Touch me again and I'll vomit on you." Lucas just leans back and gives her an indulgent smile telling her that the nausea will pass. (It is obvious that Lucas already knows, without her telling him, that she is pregnant) He then tells her he intends to do the right thing. Gail: "oh you do?" Lucas: "Absolutely.." He goes on to admit that he has done bad things...ok he corrects that..downright reprehensible things.... " But I'll change. I promise, things will be different now." (Not even I believe that...Lucas change? Never!) Gail gets up and walks away, turning to Lucas "You really want to do the right thing Lucas?"... Lucas: "Yes I do." Gail : "Then go kill yourself and do it right now!" And she leaves. Lucas just leans back and smiles. (Will someone please pass the smelling salts *sigh*)

Gail attempts to leave Trinity, she drives around a bend only to see Lucas standing in the middle of the road, she hits the brakes but she still seemingly slams into him. She comes to a stop and climbs out the car, walking around looking and calling for Lucas. She then sees that someone is sitting in the drivers seat, she approaches and just when she is close by the 'someone' turns to look at her. Gail is horrified as she looks into her own face, but it is different, the Gail she is looking at is very pale, blood red lips and looks evil. Gail backs away in fright when the "bad Gail" smiles at her. She backs right into Lucas who has appeared behind her. She backs away from him as he looks down at her and says "There's no runnin' from me you know that. We were meant to be together. " (God I need an ice bath. Lucas looks just so gorgeous here and his voice....*whimper*) Gail says no that none of this was meant to happen. Lucas tells her it was, and that he needs a son now more then ever. Gail looks at him in surprise and asks him "What happened to Caleb".... Lucas : "He's a great kid, but he can go either way. For me or against me." He pauses and reaches to place his hand on Gails stomach " But this son. This is all me. Guaranteed." Gail pulls away and he lets her go. She turns to the car but "bad Gail" is gone and she turns to find that Lucas has also magically disappeared.

(I can't wait to hear all your theories on "bad Gail" and what she means..IMO I think she represents what Gail could become should she stay with Lucas. That inside she is more evil and that is why their son would be "all Lucas" unlike Caleb because Judith was a good know that whole Saint thing.)

Gail goes to see Caleb to probably get comfort and support from him. But Caleb wants none of it. They talk a bit and Gail is suprised at Calebs behaviour asking him what is wrong with him. He he turn asks what is wrong with her and that he doesn't know her anymore. He then lights a match and sets a cracker off. He shakes it out and looks rather darkly at Gail. (Another hint at Caleb's start towards the darkness. He looks so much Like we see later on when Lucas is in his office also lighting a match.)

Gail goes to a bar to drown her sorrows. Taking a whole bottle of vodka. Selena arrives and starts talking with her.Telling her that people drink to feel and drink to make those feelings go away. Gails asks her what if you want those feelings to go away permanently? Selena : "Buy a gun." Selena tells the barman at this point (because Gail is drinking the bottle of vodka) that if he runs out of vodka, she'll slum it throught gin. Gail tells her they can share. Selena says it wouldn't be the first time. gail just looks at her and Selena then asks her what has brought her to this "den of eniquity" Gail : "half way between my apartment and the edge of a cliff." Selena tells her she doesn't get off that easy. Gail asks her what she means. Selena: "Lucas wrote the book on keeping woman in the palm of his hand." Gail: "What page are you on?" Selena " Oh Lucas keeps me in an entirely different library." Gail maybe feeling miserable but she still manages to get in a sarcastic retort "The public?" Selena not offended just remarks that Gail is not only pretty but has wit too. She then strikes back though..Selena :" I just love woman who sleep with your ex and think it makes them less of a whore." Gail "You jealous?" (very astute our Gail) Selena doesn't deny it "Still would be a better adjective." Gail tells her not to be, that Selena doesn't want what she has. Selena says of course not and asks if Gail has heard, that she is falling in love (talking about Billy). She gets up and leans into Gail and whispers "see you cliffside" and walks away, leaving Gail alone.

Gail is at home, looking like hell. She has flashbacks of her and Lucas and him asking her about the illusion of freewill. She gets up suffering from pain in her stomach. She walks through to another room and looks at herself in the mirror, things go all wonky on her and she stumbles to the couch and lies down. She falls asleep and has a dream about her playing with her son..Luke (how appropriate) in a park. She is chasing him around trying to catch him. He goes to the slide and she waits at the bottom to catch him, when he reaches the bottom we see that he is...well somewhat freaky looking. Gail wakes up and she hears the doorbell ringing. She goes to the door and looks out the window, seeing no one she opens the door to look out and Lucas appears from the side. She tells him to go away and closes the door. But with little effort Lucas breaks the chain on the door an comes in. He takes a look at Gail and asks her if she is taking her vitamens. Gail tells him if she was the first thing she would do is bash his face in. Gail walks away telling him about pregnancy being like a tumor that after nine months you body rejects it. Lucas tells her not to talk like that. She tells him that there is something wrong with it. Lucas tells her to talk to the doctor. Gail ignores him saying it her against it and that if she doesn't do something about it, it will destroy her. Lucas trying to calm her tells her to talk to the doctor..and that she herself saw the ultrasound. She gets angry and tells him she will do what she wants. Lucas frowning tells her that the baby isn't hers alone. Gail "It isn't my baby period!" She tells him to get out. Lucas doesn't argue, he leaves but not before placing a bunch of roses that he had brought her down on the table. (Hmmm I wonder are these the same bunch of roses that he was going to give to Selena?)

Gail is having another ultrasound. She asks Stacy if she sees it, stacy tells her the baby is fine. Gail agitated and upset says doesn't she see it. What Gail is seeing is the evil baby that looks at her and then points at her calling her mamma, then the image changes and we see Lucas on the screen. Gail goes wild. And Stacy has to calm her down. Later we see Stacy entering and operating room. To meet with Lucas. She informs Lucas that Gail isn't buying it (So does that mean Stacy also saw what Gail say? If so, she must be one hell of an actress to not let seeing that show on her face.) Lucas tells her "You better do a better sales job." And threatens her about her superior finding out about her extracurricula research in the narcotics cabinent (or whatever it was..I can't remember) He walks away, pausing at the door to look at Stacy..the lights go out and Lucas leaves.

That night Lucas is in the Buckmobile when he gets a call from Ben telling him that there is a jumper on the top of Trinity Trust. Lucas finds Gail there walking along the ledge of the roof. She tells him to stay away. He backs off, telling her to take it easy. Gail : "Take it easy? I have a freak inside of're freak!" Lucas tells her that's no reason to kill herself. She asks him if he thinks for one minute she is going to bring it into the world. Lucas: "What are you talking about? It's a baby." (The tone of Lucas's voice here is unusual for Lucas.) Gail : "No it's not. It's the evil inside me. I never wanted to face...But I'm going to face it right now." She turns getting ready to jump. Lucas looks worried, but then does the reverse phsycology on her. Telling her to jump. "Go ahead. Go for the glory. Do it!...Do it!"

Caleb suddenly appears, running toward Gail. At first Lucas tries to prevent him, but when Caleb tells him he wants to talk to his cousin and he is in the way. Lucas lets him go to Gail. Caleb begs Gail not to do it. Gail crying tells Caleb she let him down, he says she didn't. Caleb again begs her not to do it. He tells her he doesn't know what happened but that he loves her. Lucas meanwhile is watching this with a frown. Caleb starts to cry saying that he can't be anymore alone than he already is and that he can't take it anymore and that he needs her. Gail breaks down and takes the hand that Caleb hold out to her and climbs off the ledge, hugging Caleb. She look across at Lucas who is watching (I'd love to hear what you all think about the expression on Lucas's face, and what you think he must be thinking and feeling at this point.)

Gail goes to church and is sitting there resiting "hail mary full of grace" And she starts crying. Merlyn appears telling her to not blame herself that she gave herself in love.And that she is going to have his child. Gail asks her how she knows this, Merlyn hesistates maybe about to tell Gail who she is, but she instead shes she is a woman who knows what it is like to fall in love with the wrong man (Ok how would she know...I wouldn't exactly say that Ray was the 'wrong man') Gail reveals how she feels about the child, and Merlyn tells her that she was conceived in hate, but that her mother called her, her child of light because she was born from such darkness. She then asks Gail what she would have seen if she had seen Caleb's ultrasound "Good or evil" Gail turns around at that, only to find that Merlyn is gone. Leaving her to ponder what Merlyn has said.

Phew and that brings Part One to a close. Part two will follow later.

Happy discussions :-)


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