Part 2: Lucas-Selena-Billy

by Natalie H

Here we go. Part two, hopefully won't be as long as Part one.Then again....*g*

We see Billy and Selena in his office playing doctor, we see Lucas outside watching them he turns away not looking happy.

Next day Lucas is waiting for Selena outside the school. He has a bunch of roses for her. But Selena is not interested and tells him to leave her alone. He tells her to give him one minute and then he'll leave her alone. She tells him unimpressed, that she's heard that one before. Lucas "Well there still is a certain animal attraction here." Selena: "Animal is right." Lucas: "Oh I get the picture you traded up?" Selena doesn't reply but continues walking as Lucas shows her the roses. "Anyway this is for you. This is what I call a 'it was sweet while it lasted, but now you have broken my heart' bouquet." Selena tells him to give it to someone who cares (Gail prehaps? Didn't work either *g*) She then asks him what he is doing here and tells him that she saw him escorting Gail into her house. Lucas just shrugs saying that Gail was well and that he was doing his duty. Selena says she is sure he was doing it. Lucas retorts saying that maybe it wasn't as earth shattering as her and Billy but he did his best. Selena :"You best was good while it lasted." Selena may have pushed to far as Lucas reverts to his threatening mode, as he tells her "And it will still be here when your new love is no where to be found." Selena becomes afraid as she realizes his threat and she asks him what did he do? Lucas: "You know me better then that love. I don't do anything. Things just happen." He gives her a smile and leaves her standing there (Brilliant scene this. Selena standing upto him, resisting his charm. But comes off second best. Oh and *whimper* at that smile Lucas gives at the end. )

Cut to hospital. Lucas is pushing a young boy around in his wheelchair and takes him to his room. Billy observes and makes a comment about putting a fix on the race. Lucas and Billy have a little back and forth. With Lucas saying something to the effect that he will get him to goosestep behind him. Billy says no that he was thinking about when he cut the boys head open to save his life,why he couldn't just cut out the bad parts. Lucas tells him because his scalpel might slip and be might cut out the free will (interesting that he would say that, especially when you put that with his illusion of freewill line) Lucas goes on to ask Billy about delivering babies and asks him to give Gail the best possible treatment. He needs a doctor that "can walk and chew gum at the same time." He turns to leaving telling Billy it's been pleasure. Billy asks him what gives him pleasure "Pulling the wings off flies?" Lucas turns back to him and tells him to ask Selena., but Billy says that Selena has a short memory. Lucas goes on to give Billy a veiled threat, telling him to go back to wherever he came from and leave Selena alone. That for old time sake he would hate to see her crash and burn. Having said that Lucas saunters off, with Billy watching him closely.

Later Billy goes to Selena's house and tells her he is leaving and that he wants her to go with him to Uganda. The need doctors and teachers. He woes her telling they will leave at midnight. Selena says yes she will go with him.

At midnight, Billy is waiting at the airport, and Selena (big surprise...Not!) is a no show. We see her in her kitchen watching the clock. We then see Billy drunk and staggering around Goats Town. Ben arrives having received a call about someone disturbing the peace. He asks what is going on here, and Billy tells him he thinks that Selena is still in love with Lucas. Ben informs him that he isn't the first man to loose sleep of her. Billy upset says "It's like she's got that damned Sheriff in her blood or something." Ben is sympathetic and manages to get Billy up telling they have to get some coffee in him and get him to bed.

Next day, Billy goes to see Selena, talks to her about her being a no show. Selena tells him it wasn't like that, it was just that she wanted him to go while the getting was good (her obvious fear to protect Billy from Lucas) Billy goes to her and tells her that she doesn't have to be afraid anymore. They start to make love.

Cut to Lucas sitting in a darkened office. Turning his lamp on and off, on and off (looking rather sinister is our sheriff). He then lights a match "Burn baby Burn" Back at Selena's. Selena complains of being hot, Billy realises she is in serious trouble and gets an ambulance.

At the hospital, Billy is trying to save her life by submerging her into an ice bath. But it doesn't seem to be working. A nurse tells him that they should contact her next of kin. Billy get angry and tells her to get out. He turns his attention back to Selena, holding her saying that this is nothing but "magic, faith and belief." Selena look at him but calls for Lucas. Billy asks her if Lucas is doing this. She just repeats his name. Billy rushes out.

Billy bursts into Lucas's office. (it has always tickled me that Lucas is playing with a magic eight ball when Billy arrives. Hmmm I wonder is that how he gets his information? *bg*) Lucas: "This better be good"...Billy: "Oh it will be." and then he punches Lucas a few times. Lucas then asks him if he is done yet. Billy gives a "uh uh" and proceeds to whack Lucas again, knocking him into a corner. Lucas, just runs his hand through his hair (whimper --such a sad person am I *g*) and gets up moving to sit at his desk Lucas: "Well you've done it the stupid way. Now you wanna try it smart?" Billy "Do what?" Save the woman you love." He goes on to ask unless he just came here to show off. Billy asks him what he has done to Selena. Lucas asks him what he means. Billy : "She's under a spell." Lucas laughs "A spell? You've been out in the bush too long Doc." Billy tells him yes he has and that he has seen this before. Lucas tells him for argument sake that if it is a spell what would he give to have it lifted. Billy:" I didn't come here to bargain."...Lucas:"Oh no? Why? What makes you different? You think you can waltz into this town and help yourself to whatevers mine. And pretend the rules don't apply to you?" Billy answers : "What's the rules. What's the bargain?" This is just what Lucas has been waiting for he stands up and moves around to stand in front of Billy "I give Selena life and you give me obedience." He holds up the hand with a ring on it and tells Billy to kiss it. Billy tells him "kiss my ass." and storms out. (Have to admire Billy here, that he doesn't give into Lucas. Hell I think that little smile of Lucas's face also says that he admires Billy's spunk IMO)

Back at hospital Billy is with Selena who is still calling Lucas's name. He tells her to forget him, that he is history (poor stupid Billy *g*) and that "He can't get you. I promise." Selena passes out, Billy leans his head on her. We see an image of Lucas and fire. Selena regains consciousness. She is fine. The spell has been lifted. This time she calls Billy's name.

Lucas is in his office watching Gail's ultrasound "That's my boy." he says proudly. Selena walks in telling him that she has come to thank him. Lucas stands up and goes to her saying "What for? I thought Doc ....(Can't make out the name) save you. The healing power of love." He stands in front of Selena who responds "That's what it was. And maybe in his mind he thought it was him. But it was your name I called Lucas." Selena moves closer to Lucas. "Lucas I said, Lucas. Lucas." Lucas takes her arms and places them around his shoulders, then he places his hands on either side of her face and pulls her mouth open and kisses her (Oh my talk about needing a cold shower. Hot stuff this scene.) He breaks the kiss and pulls her arms down, holding her wrist together between them. He looks at her "So now you know who *really* love you?" Selena : "Yes Lucas." Lucas still holding her wrists backs her out of the office, pushing her away from him he slams the door shut on her. He wipes away the kiss and turns away (Whoweeee...meltdown at this scene. And for the moment Selena is back under Lucas's control...but of course she doesn't remain that way for long.)

Righto, that brings the end of Triangle. Have fun discussing *g*

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