by Susan P.

Trying to summarize the pilot in a few lines is near impossible, so I'll just put it this way: Our introduction to Trinity is a lulu and then some.

Never have I seen a pilot that so deftly packs so much information, so coherently - and with shots of dark humor - into one hour (plus or minus a few minutes for commercials). By the end, we know who all the main characters are, their motivations, and the significant continuing plotlines - the tug of war over Caleb's soul between his dead sister/guardian angel Merlyn and charming yet sinister biological father, Lucas Buck; Gail's search for the true cause of her parents' death; Selena's good girl/bad girl duality; Dr. Matt's clash of wills with Lucas; and Ben's internal conflict between loyalty to Lucas and his horror over the wicked things his boss has done.

So many images in this episode still haunt me, among them: the still alive, but insane, Merlyn, rocking obsessively back and forth, muttering; a rain-soaked Lucas, his face contorted with a frightening fury, hollering in rage after Caleb; the similarly sinister grin a few minutes befor that on Caleb's face as he drops the match that burns down the only home he's ever known. And, of course, that scene in the hospital morgue, with Merlyn's blood tears and the bloody letters on the wall (which, not coincidentally, I think, rather echo "The Shining.")

There are many other points, but I think this is enough to get started. (And besides, this is probably all my creaky modem will handle at the moment.)

So, discuss. Someone's at the door ...

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1. August 2002