Learning to Crawl

Part 1

by Rosebuck

"There's that word again-----choice."

Caleb (well, Ben) kicks the bucket while trying to earn some extra money at the Sheriff's Station and gets the shock of his life. He's rushed to the hospital. I defy anyone to say that Lucas doesn't look worried. In his own way, he loves Caleb. Caleb watches himself on the the operating table. Form where? I'm partial to Queri's "God's waiting room." I really like the floating effect. Cool.

Merly's one hell of an angel, ain't she? Desperate enough to deceive her brother about his circumstances. Could she just be a lost soul with delusions of angelhood? Would explain her mistakes. This one's a doozy. Caleb makes his choice, and takes Lucas's hand. Lucas's little smile when his son wakes is too scrumptious for words. :)

Kidnappers take tobacco exec. Ever notice how criminals, other than Lucas of course, aren't the brightest people in this series? There's a lesson in everything. ;)

"You must have a lot of misperceptions about me, son."

Lucas takes Caleb fishing. On the way there, he takes the time to tell a ghost story and screw with Selena's love life. "I see you brought your own worm." Caleb takes all of this in stride. Guess he's getting used to Lucas's ways, because he never tries to straighten out Selena about the Billy situation.

"Look what you made me do!"

Ted shoots and the "Captain of Industry" is halfway dead.

"I'm gonna call you Half-Ted."

Lucas pauses at the door to the cabin, knowing something's wrong. I found that very interesting. Ted holds them at gunpoint. Lucas knows Ted's name. (These two things support Lucas having some ability to read thoughts. Skimming that surface like in TBW.) In fact, he repeats it several times, just to play. Playing is what he does in this scene from the very beginning, and I love watching him do it. It isn't even a contest when Lucas disarms Ted. The discovery of Ralston gives Lucas the opportunity to expound on one his infamous life lessons. He manages to explain fray so well without ever actually using the word. "Half is nowhere."

Ted Raimi is wonderful as Half-Ted. Have I mentioned that I love this script? It's my fave of the non-SC ones.

The second drop doesn't show. Cody's ticked. Ho, hum.

Selena calls to find Billy gone from the hospital and jumps to conslusions. Just the way Lucas planned.

"A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do."

Cody and Jeri arrive to the beautiful Corwn Vic parked at the cabin. They just better not have knicked the finish with a bullet, is all I gotta say. Whoops! the car looks different in this scene---what's up? One thing I do enjoy is that Jeri is the smartest and most ruthless of the three stooges. :)

Everything changes with the next scene, so I'm going to start Part 2


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1. August 2002