Learning to Crawl

Part 2

by Rosebuck

"Ah, so you lured me all the way out here? For what?"

Selena arrives in her yellow corvette. She just waltzes right in, wearing that hot leopard skin coat. Things change for Lucas with her arrival.

Halfway is left in the dust as Lucas finds love a more interesting subject for lessontime. "In love, ya gotta go straight to the heart."

"Put you out of your misery? No, thank you."

Lucas makes his deal with Cody. Cody's willing to sell out his brother and wife for 100 thou? Sad. The look Lucas and Caleb exchange seems to indicate that Caleb learned this lesson about how useful money can be, and how love is expendable.

"Look into his eyes, Ted."

Ralston dies. Lucas takes the time to toy with Half-Ted. It's almost as if he's adopted Half-Ted as one of "his people." Guess he's gotten as fond of him as I have.

"Those two are sautered together at the hip."

Gail and Billy grill Ben on Lucas and Selena. On, that's right, Gail's supposedly asking about Caleb. Yeah, right.

Ted has an episode with Ralston. Is it overactive conscience, or is Lucas helping along?

"Come any closer and you can kiss your puberty good-bye." "Whatever that is."

Lucas sends Caleb out to deliver a message to Jeri. It's her turn to play. Helluva chance to take, if you ask me. Wonder what he would have done if she had opened up on Caleb? Though Lucas would have Selena (and us) believe that there wasn't a chance of that happening. Always a chance, always a choice, right? I'm awful proud of Caleb, he's truly fearless. He trusts Lucas, doesn't he? PS and DDTAH did their job, it looks like.

"I could never imagine myself in what you call love."

The notorious tuna sandwhich scene! It only gets better each time. Thank you, Caleb, for defending Selena. You're right, she ain't stupid. :) "It was a pleasure to watch her eat one." So true. An even greater pleasure to watch Lucas watchin' her. <g> You can't tell me he isn't "addicted" to his relationship with her.

Caleb is wonderfully oblivious to the sexual tension. I think the lesson goes right over his head this time, though. He seems to know that there can be real love.

"Your brother, you moron."

Cody and Jeri have their showdown, just like Lucas intended. Damn, he's good. ;)

"It seems kinda weird, you and Lucas Buck."

Ain't that the truth! <VBG> Gail and Billy are lost. She also has better chemistry with Billy than Lucas. It's one of the best Gail scenes in the series, IMO.


Lucas takes Caleb on his first steps with his power., Which means Caleb doesn't need The Rage within him to utilize his psychic abilities.

"That's what the world needs, Lucas, another you."

Caleb believes that hurting bad people is OK. Which is just one step from hurting good people, as Lucas well knows. Selena shows her genuine concern for Caleb as she tries to help him keep his soul.

Caleb again visualizes and does the funky cat-thing to Jeri. Simple, but effective special effects. He's good at this. ;)

"Then play nice and kill this bitch. Pardon my French, now, Caleb, honey."

Jeri attacks Selena, and poor Selena folds under pressure. She looks to the man with the star to help her out. He refuses. Caleb continues his training. Very nice to come full-circle by having Caleb offer his hand, and tell Jeri it's her choice. Beautiful.

"I was worried about you."

"Me? Nah, you weren't. You just wish you was here."

Gail and Billy arrive, and so do Ben and Floyd. Gail can't hide her real motivations. Caleb really didn't need any love lessons. He already knows the score.


learned her lesson-----LTC rocks!

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