Dead to the World

by Natalie H

Yep another Wednesday has rolled around and you know what that means? Another ep disc. This being my first time getting discussion started, I hope I do it righ :-)

Dead To The World, or as I fondly like to think of it as the episode where Lucas looked more drop dead gorgeous then ever lol

Right lets get started with a brief run down of the episode.

Holly Gallagher, was once a nurse at the hospital around the same time as Caleb was born, she was also dating Lucas Buck. Now Lucas had asked her to get the file on Caleb for him, which she did. But while driving Holly home, Holly realized that Lucas was Caleb's father and she threatens to tell everyone. Lucas promptly drives them off the bridge. Holly's body was never found and no one knew that Lucas had been driving.

In the present Gail goes to visit with Holly to talk to her about Caleb, but she learns from Holly's mother that Holly died in a car accident. While Mrs. Gallagher goes to get some lemonade, Gail goes through Holly's draws and she finds love letters from Lucas to Holly. Gail goes to confront Lucas about this, when he doesn't give her satisfactory answers about Holly's death, she hires a diver to find Holly's car. At the site she finds that the car is empty and she finds that Holly couldn't have been driving that night. She immediately believes that it was Lucas. Gail goes to tell Mrs. Gallagher what she has found. Then when Mrs. G leaves the room for a minute, Gail answers the phone and she finds out that Holly is still alive and is at Juniper House. Gail goes to visit her and finds that Holly is brain damaged. Lucas then arrives, and he tells her he will show her what happened that night. They drive off and Lucas starts telling Gail his version of events. Gail becomes afraid and she grabs for the wheel, just as Lucas said Holly did. Lucas stops the car just before it goes through the guard rail. Lucas tells Gail that Holly wanted them to both die because she was a romantic, he then kisses Gail and tells her he is a romantic too.

The following day, Gail goes to see Mrs. G and tells her she saw Holly, she also asks that she bring Holly home. Mrs. G refuses but that night we see that she has had a change of heart and has brought Holly home.

Now while this whole Holly story is going on. Lucas is once again trying to get close to Caleb. Caleb at this time is practicing for a archery contest with Boone. Caleb lets Lucas influence him into shooting a crow, which upsets him and he vows never to listen to him again. Merlyn is upset with Caleb for letting Lucas influence him like that, Caleb tells her he doesn't know what came over him, and she tells him that Lucas is apart of him and that it would be better for him if he accepted it. Lucas gives Caleb a fancy new bow in the guise of offering Caleb help with winning the contest, but he begins to drive a wedge between Boone and Caleb. Trying to convince Caleb that he [Lucas] is his new best friend. With the new bow Caleb is doing really well, and at the contest he and Boone are in the lead. Caleb realizes that Boone is a true friend when he tells Caleb that his winning is just as good as he he wins. Caleb then goes on to purposely loose the contest and also gives Lucas his bow back. Lucas leaves the contest upset.

Later we see Lucas bemoaning to Selena about Caleb while she drips hot wax from a burning candle on his chest.

Also this episode we see Ben going to confront Waylon Flood about hitting his ex wife, but Ben ends up getting beat up by Waylon as well. Back at the Sheriffs office Lucas asks if he is alright and if he should take care of this. Dr Matt comes to speak to Ben about Ben Jr and that his son needs a better role model then Flood. Later that afternoon, Ben goes back and tells his son that Waylon is a coward and a bully, Waylon becomes angry and is about to hit Ben with a piece of wood, but when he sees Lucas drive by his attitude changes and he tells Ben that he won't lay a hand on Barbara again or bully Ben Jr. Ben leaves and seconds later Lucas drives by again, this time stopping outside, Waylon gets scared and backs away, loosing his balance he falls onto the saw he left running, cutting off his hand. Later at the Fair,we see Ben Jr, telling Ben that his mom is grateful for Ben having gone to see Waylon in the hospital.

Whew..ok my apologies if that was long....but there were actually a few different stories going on in this one episode. Right now just a few comments from me

What is with that Gail? Honestly where did she get off poking around in Holly's things...lets face it she really had no right, and at the time she couldn't have possibly suspected anything fishy going on? But no she goes and looks through her things like the nosey little thing she is. [What makes you think I don't like Gail? lol]

Then there is that whole Holly thing. Was Lucas trying to kill her? If he was, he certainly went about it the wrong way. Firstly he made her put her seat belt on. Then there is the question of 'How did Holly get out of the car?' Considering that no one knows that Holly is alive, that makes me think that Lucas must of been the one to pull her out. That alone contradicts that Lucas' intention may have been to kill her. Also the fact that he still goes to visit her. I don't know what to make of that. Surely he isn't doing it to make sure she is never able to tell about Caleb. Or could it be that he cares enough to still see her??? I don't know, does anyone else have any thoughts on this one?

Then there is the Ben thing, IMO I really believe that Lucas does car for Ben, I don't think it was just my imagination that I heard actually concern in Lucas's voice when Ben came in after having the tar beat out of him. And also what he does scaring Waylon that way [which I loved by the abusive husband and father deserves to have happen to him what happened to Waylon.] Yeah Lucas can be evil, but sometimes the bad things he does, are good - ok I hope that made sense lol -- Sure some would say that he only did it because Ben being beat up like that and unable to deal with the situation would reflect badly on him [Lucas]. Yes, that may have played apart, but I actually believe he did it to help Ben out, so that Ben could get closer to his son. [Just like The Beast Within]

Oh and one last thought..that end scene with Lucas and Selena..was that hot or what? And I am not talking about the heat from that candle either lol Yikes but I just have to say it..Lucas is gorgeous,lord the way he looks at Selena at the end. Quick drop me off in a snow drift lol

Ok, ok enough out of me :-))) Let the discussion begin lol

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