A Tree Grows in Trinity

by Chris (ad hoc)

Have all eps been chosen by now? Especially ATGIT, since the discussion was supposed to have started yesterday, as I just realized. Time flies...

In case not, here's a little starter since I don't have time for an elaborate analysis right now: My favourite moment in that ep was when Lucas asks Selena about Rafael Santo "What did you do, bite off his tongue in a fit of passion?", and from Selena's reaction he realizes she did... That look on Lucas' face is sooo great!

One thing that I thought didn't really do anything for the story was that whole stuff about the tree Lucas planted on the graveyard. What was his purpose for doing this? I mean Merly dissappeared at the end after the tree fell on her, but in Eye of the Beholder she was back, and there was never any reference of her having been changed due to the tree or whatever. Of course I know about that tree/rebirth connection, but Lucas surely didn't wish for either Gage or Merly to come back... Either I missed something there, or that was just added to show once AGain that Lucas has special powers.

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