Part 1

by Natalie H

Ok here is my episode. I am doing it in two parts, as like so many of the episodes, there are more then one story arc's. I am going to start with Lucas teaching another painful lesson to Mel Kirby *g*

Mel Kirby is in Lucas's office, speaking about how he wants Lucas to help him get a job on TV. Lucas in unimpressed , and asks Mel what he has to give him ,if he does this favor? Mel has nothing, and Lucas tells him that he is worthless and that he can't help him. Mel gets angry and threatens Lucas, tellin him he will take Lucas down for this. Lucas as usual looks unafraid.

The next Morning at the Radio Station. Mel joins his wife Gloria, his co-host for that morning's show. From the play between these two, it is easy to see that their relationship is strained. A call comes in from a woman, making it appear that Mel just may be having an affair. He talks past it. Then another call comes in from a very upset woman, who tells them that her husband has a gun and he is shooting a deputy.

The scene cuts to Ben who is trying to talk to the man. Telling him to put his gun down and that it isn't ok for him to go shooting at the post man for delivering bills. All this time the wife is on the phone with Mel, and is on air. Ben manages to approach the house, and breaks through the door. The man turns his shotgun on Ben, and Ben is forced to shoot him.

At the hospital Ben is waiting to find out how the man is. The nurse comes out to tell him that he will be alright. Mel has arrived and starts to question Ben about what happened. He asks Ben for a statement. Ben tells him it was an accident. Mel asks "You work for Lucas Buck don't you?" Ben doesn't see what this has to do with it and starts to walk away. Mel carries on telling Ben that the man apparently owed Lucas money. And asks why Ben shot the man. (You can tell that he is trying to get out of Ben that
he shot the man because Lucas wanted him too) Ben gets upset and in anger he basically says "Yes the man owed Lucas money so I shot him" This is exactly what Mel wanted to hear. He switches the tape recorder he has with him off.

Lucas goes to talk to Gloria. He speaks to her about what happened with the shooting. He asks where Mel is, she has no idea...probably at home. Lucas passes a comment about Mel not appearing to be the domisticated type. He then tells her how upset Mel has Ben and that Ben is afraid that Mel is going to put a "dark spin" on what happened. Gloria tells him that Mel doesn't mean any harm. Lucas goes on to tell her about Mel coming to see him about the TV job, and how he thinks him and Gloria could be the next Regis and Cathy Lee. Gloria says it is Mel's dream not hers. Lucas asks her if Mel had to make a choice between her and the bright lights what road would he take. Gloria responds "What are you trying to get at?" Lucas "Just tryin' to put his character into perspective." He goes on to tell her that ambition is strong, that it can tear at the fabric of a relationship. Gloria informs him she loves her husband, and he loves her, that is enough for her. Lucas asks 'is it enough for Mel?' You can see Lucas has her thinking, and she asks him if Mel said anything specific to him about their relationship. As Lucas is leaving his reply "No ma'am not a thing"

Next we see Ben playing pool in the bar. Selena arrives. Ben asks her if Lucas sent her. She doesn't answer. They start talking about leaving Trinity. And they play pool, Ben mentions how the last time he played pool with Selena he ended up in trouble. Selena then tells him that Lucas didn't send her. And that basically she is there to see what they can do to clear his name.

Mel in the meantime takes the tape he made to Lucas. Lucas listens and Mel tells him how dramatic if would sound if he edited a gun shot at the end. Lucas asks him what he wants, Mel tells him he will play that everyday, he won't if Lucas helps him. Lucas tells him he has already spoken to the TV people, and that they do want him. Mel is happy, Lucas goes on to tell him that they want only him, not Gloria and that he will have to loose her. Mel says he can't do that, he and Gloria are a team. Lucas informs him that, that is the only way it is gonna work. Mels says that Gloria will never he let him go...he will have to divorce her. Lucas moves close to him, and says that won't work either,Gloria would hunt him down for his money and make his life a living hell. Lucas say's he has only one option. "You said you wanted to be just like's your chance." (It is clear what Lucas is telling him..he has to kill Gloria)

Mel arrives late the next morning for work. Gloria has to cover for him, saying he is sick. When Mel arrives, you can see she is unhappy, and suspects that he was out all night...with a woman. Mel who looks like hell, tells her he spent the night thinking. They start talking about themselves. And the end up making a go for a row on the lake. Mel leaves.

Ben arrives at work, to find Lucas and Selena together waiting for him. Makes him nervous. Lucas tells him that Selena is here to help. Poor Ben.

Mel is on phone to Lucas, telling him he can't go through with it. That there has to be another way. Lucas says there isn't. Mel tells him about date, and Lucas says that is perfect. Mel very agitated, that Lucas isn't listening to him about not wanting to do this. Lucas puts the phone down and calls out to Selena "Selena honey duty calls."

Selena is outside the radio station waiting for Mel. When he arrives she is all flirty and seductive as she asks for his autograph. She leaves with Mel look after her and no doubt thinking about her last remark about him deserving the best.

That night. Mel and Gloria are rowing on the mist covered lake. We watch as Mel plays with the oar, obviously his intention is to use it to hit her with it, knocking her into the water. They end up arguing and Gloria stands abruptly up in the boat, which starts to rock and she falls in. Mel watches as she struggles and she asks him to help her as her foot is caught on something. Mel starts rowing away, watching as Gloria disappears under the water.

Back at the sheriff station, a very wet and upset Mel is telling Ben and Lucas what happened, that he had tried to save her, but couldn't. Ben is tnese with him and Luca calls him aside, saying the he should go easy on the guy he has been through a lot. Ben says Lucas can't believe what Mel is saying. Lucas tells him yes he does. Ben returns to his desk. Mel joins Lucas, who tells him the TV people phoned, Mel hands Lucas the tape.

Mel returns to the empty radio station. Selena arrives to give him comfort,telling him she heard what happened. She is busy stroking her hands up and down his chest. He admits to her that he let Gloria drown. Suddenly the lights go out, Selena is gone. Gloria appears to taunt him about what happened. He calls for Lucas, thinking that this is his doing. Gloria shows him a camera that has been panned on him, and then plays for him on a TV, his confession to Selena. Everything goes still again. Mel frantic screams for Lucas. Door opens and Lucas saunters in. He asks him where he got Gloria's voice from. Lucas looks past him and says "from her" Mel turns to see Gloria, she is alive.She tells him that Lucas told her what he was planning. ANd that now the whole county is going to find out. She leaves, but not before speaking to Lucas "You will forgive me if I don't thank you." Selena stands by the door way watching. Mel turns to Lucas and asks him why. Lucas "Did you think you could threaten me and get away with it?" Mel upset "I came to you for help." Lucas give him one of those intense looks and says "step into my parlor said the spider to the fly" (Drool..he is so sexy here *g*) And walks past Mel and Selena and leaves. Leaving Selena standing there watching Mel.

Right there we have it. I will leave it to you to go for it :-) (Part 2 will come tomorrow)


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