Part 1

by Stephen

Heck, I didn't quite realise (think) when I agreed to do this EpDisc just how awkward an episode to sum up it is. There are almost no simple, irrelevant scenes and there are so many person character undercurrents. Before I start, I just saw the last minute or so of my tapes (from Australia) where the station adds a trailer for the following week's ep. The station, in their infinite wisdom, actually show much of the final scene and give away the ending!

Anyway, The ep begins with a view of Lucas's headstone. As the camera pans back, we see Caleb, Selena, Ben and Gail. The gravedigger abuses Lucas as he lays him to rest, but Caleb is quick to jump in. 'He was my father'. The gravedigger offers his sympathies, prompting Ben to claim that Lucas was a better man than he'd ever be. The gravedigger clearly is unimpressed by Ben defending Lucas but does acknowledge that Lucas sent a lot of business his way! Ben apologises to Caleb for having to witness his father's name being abused, and then he and Gail walk off. On the way, Gail adds that she's not sure if 'we're worse off without Lucas', 'we?' asks Ben. She quickly adds that she means Caleb (who does she really mean?). Ben adds that Caleb is 'a good little man'. As Caleb stands at his father's grave, he openly admits that he now accepts Lucas as his father (we've come a long way in 22 short eps!). He claims that he feels stronger now and can feel Lucas inside him. He then spits on the grave - 'I'm glad you're dead' He says that he now knows that the body dies, but the spirit move on. Curiously, Selena who is watching him throughout seems to give the impression of knowing this (how does she know the 'rules' of the Buck lineage? Obviously Lucas shared more with her than had ever been hinted at before). Still buried, Lucas's eyes open.

And that's only one scene. It's 2:14am, I've still got half the ep to watch and write up and still got most of the first half to write up. I'm currently living on dark chocolate and black coffee made like rocket fuel! It could be a long night. Anyway, at this point those great credits with the brilliant atmospheric music roll for the last time.. Ah, nostalgia!

Rita and Billy are in the hospital lift (elevator?) discussing the funeral. Rita asks why the poor replacement for the far-superior Dr. Matt didn't go to the funeral. Billy does not answer, rather inquiring as to the results of the blood test done on Lucas. When Rita raises the issue of his relationship with Selena, saying she heard it because 'people talk', Billy responds brilliantly with 'will you do me a personal favour? - Tell them not to!' (It is interesting to note that in Billy's previous 7ish eps, he is little more than this stereotype butch doctor, and this is the first ep in which he can truly be considered a character as the others can. They save character development until there's no more eps - genius!)

Gail and Billy are then discussing the baby. Gail confirms that she still wants the kid, and also confesses reservations over Caleb (why? What does she know, she hasn't seen him behaving abnormally)

After Ben has driven Caleb home, Caleb asks if Lucas ever praised him. Upon saying no, Ben is told that it is probably because he's not living up to his potential. Ben is shocked that Caleb would say this, and even more shocked when Caleb asks for his gun. When he refuses to give him it, Caleb gets Lucas's gun out of the glove compartment (do you Americans call it something else?) and pushes it into Ben's ribs. (how did Caleb know about Lucas's gun? Ben seemingly didn't. a- some weird psychic power or b- in the early days when Lucas tried to impress Caleb by letting him drive etc, maybe he showed it) Caleb states that he is no ordinary little boy, he's Lucas Buck's son and then pulls the trigger. Fortunately for our lovable deputy, it is not loaded. Caleb admits he was just fooling around, and then gets out. Ben is still shaken.

In his room, Merlyn appears to Caleb. He is very abusive to her, and ignores her claims that she is just as much a part of him as Lucas is (if this is true (which it probably isn't) would her demise also change his character?). He says he is tired of her preaching and that white dress (how many of you lot are going to agree with this?) and tells her to go and decompose. (I'll NEVER forgive him for this!) He warns that if she tries to stop him, she may die twice (interesting that since Lucas's 'death' Caleb seems to have grown aware of the `rules of the dead')

As Lucas wakes in his grave, Merlyn is standing over the grave. 'You're alive' she exclaims, 'and you're not - wanna swap?' is Lucas's brilliant reply. She admits that she wants him dead, but Lucas points out that his demise will only worsen Caleb's behaviour. He even admits he'd be a monster (that must be how he views himself!)

At the Buck residence (which ALWAYS has excessive wind around it!), Caleb enters (hello? security?) On the way in, Caleb stops and stares upwards, pausing momentarily to look at the upstairs landing (think later events, but how does Caleb seem to sense this?) Upon entering the main room, Selena is sitting in a very sexy (and very like 'The Graduate') pose. 'Welcome home, Master Buck' (!)

Billy is called into the head doctor (Dr. N?????)'s office (sorry, I can't remember the name Navarone, is it?) When he enters, the doctor is helping his granddaughter skip. He tells her to go and get a popsicle. He is annoyed that Billy ordered the (expensive) blood tests, because he 'knew' what caused his death without needing the tests. (He also describes Lucas as a man who enjoyed control (yes!)) When Billy realises that money is not the issue, rather his keenness to sweep the whole affair under the carpet, the doctor dodges the accusation by ordering Billy to get a popsicle.

The next scene is a particular favourite of mine. The sexual undercurrents between Caleb and Selena are exceptional. As the conversation flows between quite unsubtle sexual references such as spanking the boy, and Selena still referring to herself as the teacher, Caleb is still in control of the situation, claiming he can make her leave. Selena still holds her own, though, admitting that she knew Lucas better than anyone (given Inhumanitas, this is almost certainly true) and offering herself to Caleb. He dismisses this as he trying to get at Lucas's money (which based on other eps seems to make Bill Gates look like a pauper), but she refutes this. 'Money is a fat man and a house in the suburbs. What you've got is much more important - potential.' (personally, I felt sorry for Selena at this point. She seems to be a very ordinary person who has got in too deep with a very complex and potentially powerful person and seems now to crave this 'hanging on' to Lucas. In his absence, she resorts to almost paedophilia) Caleb at this point admits he needs an adult to drive and to cook (that's one thing I loved about AG. Caleb was never simply an adult in a child's body. For all his adult traits, he still had that childish lack of life-experience) 'Cook? You've got much bigger problems than that.' She goes on to mention Gail's pregnancy. Her bitterness at not being the mother creeps out AGain (which COMPLETELY contradicts her hollow boast to Billy whilst in bed in TBSH). Caleb orders Selena to bring Gail to him - Alone. `you're your father's son' she adds.

Meanwhile at the police station, Ben is facing a firing squad of angry townsfolk, many of which want to know if Ben will ensure Lucas's (crazy) promises to Trinity are kept. (Floyd, God bless him, suggests offering free pastries will be a suitable substitute for being unable to fulfill these deals. This is met with a sarcastic 'thankyou'!) Merlyn then appears and defends Ben (hair with clips in, looking great and music that makes her seem even sexier) She warns that many people regret their deals with Lucas. Many also wind up dead.

Under the (permanently in Trinity) full moon, Billy and Ben (and Andy Pandy - sorry to US people who won't get the reference, Fiona who initially pointed this out will!) go to dig up Lucas. Billy has the blood results which (from the Lactic Acid count) imply Lucas is probably alive and well. As they dig him up, Ben admits that he's a `haunted man' (relevant?) Then, given SC's, background is possibly the show's greatest ever line. As the coffin is opened, Lucas says only `well, if it aint the Hardy Boys!' NB never thanks anyone!

I have actually worked as a summer job in an undertakers and this is impossible. When a body comes in, even if not embalmed, the mouth is sewn shut and very often cotton wool is rammed into the throat and mouth to stop the jaw looking unlifelike for the open casket. If he woke up, he wouldn't be able to breathe and wouldn't be able to speak!

Once back in the hospital, Lucas demands no-one, not even the nurses know that he's alive. Curiously, Billy admits that Lucas actually meant something to him and Ben (NEVER admit this to someone like Lucas) Ben acknowledges his 'ghostly push' and Lucas asks if Caleb has caused any trouble, and then demands that Ben brings Gail to him. Ben says that he's really sorry for what happened. 'Not as sorry as Dr. N' adds Lucas. (Oh, if he had a fatal head wound, why such a small plaster and no mark later?)

Selena and Gail are sitting in Selena's car outside chez Buck. Gail is shocked that Selena has a key, but she doesn't. Selena pretends not to know where Caleb is, despite knowing that he's in there and that he ordered Gail. She claims that she won't enter as there's too many memories. (deliberately to make Gail feel like Lucas is not hers!) Why does Selena help lead Gail towards impending doom? If Lucas is dead (as she thinks) surely she isn't banking on Caleb killing the kid and having the next Buck heir with her own student, is she? This is Selena, though. ANYTHING'S possible!

Wow! 1800 words, half way through (gonna be a long one!) and it's 3:34am. I'll have to do the rest tomorrow. I NEED sleep. Bye!


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