The Conclusion

by Stephen

AGain, a little later than I expected, here's the rest of it.

'Lucas' is walking around his house, examining all the damage. Suddenly, he hears a noise from the hallways and goes out to see about it. As he can't see Caleb, but knows he's within earshot, he calls out.

'I know what you're feeling. Believe me. I live with the rage every day of life. It's a part of who you are, it's what we feed on and one day the world will know your power, but not yet Caleb. As soon as I'm healed, the hunger that's driving you will disappear and you'll be as you were. And when it's your time, I'll gladly step aside, but I'm not ready to die yet and you're not ready to make me.'

Suddenly, Caleb runs at him and stabs him. When we look up, it is not Lucas who he has stabbed, but Merlyn (which interestingly means SHE said all that. Did Lucas tell he what to say? If not, she knows a LOT about Lucas!) As he swings back to hit her, Lucas grabs him from behind and carries him up the stairs. Merlyn objects that he is not obeying the deal that they had. 'I agreed to help you' (FATAL ERROR 3) 'This way you'll have Caleb with you forever' `I will not let you kill him' (pleased with this reply and that his scheme is working) `I know'

At which point Caleb is hurled from the upstairs landing to certain death. Merlyn (good to her word) stands under the falling Caleb, and as he reaches her, there is a bright flash and Merlyn is gone. Caleb is then lying on the ground safely, with seemingly no recollection of the prior events. His hand 'twinkles' as Merlyn is often seen to do. He asks Lucas where Merlyn is. 'I believe she's a part of you now. There had to be a sacrifice, one of us had to go, and it wasn't going to be me.' 'What am I going to do without her?' `I think we'll get by'

And with that AG was confined to celluloid history.

Right, the good bits.

1) This certainly explains Merlyn's actions in Strangler. She seemed TOO willing to be killed by Albert. Maybe is she died saving Caleb, she would save his soul (this seems to be what she believed)

2) Even if we accept that Merlyn was right, does 'saving Caleb's soul' mean he won't turn to Lucas?

3) Even if we accept that Caleb won't turn to Lucas now, Lucas has still won. He has got rid of his nemesis and the heir who may turn AGainst him, leaving him free to raise a new heir from birth, where he won't have to overcome changing the child's mindset and reluctance to accept his true father. (Lucas seems to KNOW he'll have only sons. Mind you, imagine someone like Gail having Lucas's powers - marginally less terrifying!)

4) Has Lucas, in his infinitely clever scheming, but rarely breaking the honour of a deal, actually pulled his cleverest trick yet? Merlyn agreed to help him out the grave if he'd return Caleb to how he was. He's actually done that, albeit getting rid of Merlyn as well (never said he wouldn't!)

5) On the other hand (I assume she did), did Merlyn know what would happen when she went to catch Caleb?

6) Assuming all or some of the above suggestions are wrong, Lucas has pulled a masterstroke. From (almost) dead and buried to managing to get rid of his nemesis and keep his heir without sibling distractions is no mean feat.

7) Who knows?

And that's all folks! Must be said thought, DTN (Damn The Network)


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