Meet the Beetles

by natalie (little n)

This episode starts with Caleb and Boone finding skeletal remains in the burnt out ruins of his house. He gets stuck for a bit in some old boards but gets out and runs back to the boarding house to get Matt. Gail is there and they go to investigate. Turns out that the bones were only recently de-fleshed. We get to see the Coroner again.

Meanwhile, Selena is still po'd at Lucas. He saves her from a lusting swim coach but she was less then impressed.

Lucas goes back to his office to find that another man is behind the desk. He says his name is Lt. Drey, with a "D". He's with the State Police and he claims to be investigating the disappearance of his sister's husband. Turns out that this "husband" is the skeletal remains found at Caleb's old house.

We learn that Lucas had purchased the Temple property.

Drey's investigation takes him to the Trinity natural museum where an odd lady appears and disappears.

A worker at the museum has a crush on Selena and has photos of her in his basement office.

Somewhere inbetween Caleb has visions of himself all decayed.

Lucas shows him a stash of cash that he hid in a grave site.

Drey ends up in a container used by museum people with a bunch of beetles that eat flesh off bones. They are supposedly used to clean skeletons so that they can be cured. Gail finds him and sees fit to leave the man alone with Lucas. Go figure.

It all ends with Lucas not too happy because he finds out that Caleb gives the money to the widow and Selena swims away from him rather then accept his apology.

I can add that what didn't make it past the editing was the fact that Drey was supposed to be "checking up" on Lucas from wherever it is that they come from. This was according to Bruce Campbell in an interview. He played Drey. He obviously never bothered to watch the end product.

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1. August 2002