Part 2

by Natalie H

Right here we go with the other story arc in Ressurector.

I hope I can make a little shorter, than the issue Part 1 turned out to be *g*

We start with Loris, Matt and Caleb in the kitchen of the boarding house. Matt leaves but not before kissing Loris on the cheek. Caleb talks with Loris about where she believes in Ghosts, and tells her that Merly talks to him. Loris tells him that he should try let go of Merlyn, she says that the problem is that he is still clinging to Merlyn and she may feel trapped. She suggest to Caleb that he throw Merlyn a going away party. Caleb is unsure as he wants Merly with him. Loris never the less shows Caleb a scrapbook and tells him about the Going away party for the dead. To do the ritual he needs to invite Merly and then burn all her favorite things.

Next we see Caleb and Boone (poor Boone always getting dragged into doing things with Caleb) preparing the invitation for Merlyn as well as a map, so she kind find her way to the house. Boone has gotten her favorite foods peanuts in the shell and corn flakes.

Once everything is ready Boone and Calen go outside and light the barbeque, Caleb burns the map and invitation, and then adds the peanuts and corn flakes. Boone asks him about her locket, that shouldn't he burn that too as it was her favorite possession. Caleb can't as it has the only photo of his mother. The fire dies out and Boone obviously bored leaves. Caleb is about to when the barbeque starts to come a light with a tunnel of fire. Caleb approaches and as he leans in close. Merlyn appears and grabs for him strangling him. Then just as suddenly is gone. Caleb runs screaming to Lorsi, telling her what happened, and that Merly is trapped somewhere bad. Loris tells him they have messed around enough and that he should leave Merlyn alone..that she is gone.

Caleb not one to give morning (?) sneaks another look at the scrap book and reads something about Brimstone. He is interrupted by Loris calling for him. He quickly puts the book away and goes downstairs. When Loris is out of hearing range. Caleb asks Dr Matt what Brimstone is...Matt explains that it is what they have in the shed. Matt asks him is it for a report..Caleb says yes a special report. He goes to the shed and finds a bottle of sulphur. Lucas suddenly appears and takes the bottle from Caleb, asking him what he wants with this..though it is obvious he already knows.. He drops the bottle and tells Caleb basically to leave it alone. Caleb's response "I hate you" Lucas "Someday we'll make that hate work for you." He then tells Caleb to get off to school. He then looks up (talking to Merly) "See Father knows best"

Caleb not daunted by Lucas goes back to shed (later that day?) and gets some of the sulphur which he sprinkles on the barbeque, he then adds the locket. Suddenly the Bar-B-Q starts shaking, smoke rises, wind blows, a white tunnel appears with Merlyn floating inside. Caleb is happy and smiles Merly tells him "Thy will be done Caleb." Caleb starts frowning, maybe aware that something is odd here. He is right as Merlyn's voice goes creepy and she repeats "Thy will be done."

The End

I look forward to some opinions on this who Merlyn can anyone tell me what that freaky voice change was all about?

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