The Buck Stops Here

Part 2

by Fiona

And here's the rest.

Lucas is in his coffin, the townspeople come to pay tribute. Floyd cries, Cecil spits, Bertie thinks Lucas was OK, Waylon tries to hit Lucas with his hook and is stopped by Ben (what happened to Waylon's bionic hand?). Vast progress for Ben shown here. The last time we saw him with Waylon he was still very much the underdog, now he's in charge. Ben says he'll miss Lucas and doesn't know how the town or he will function without Lucas. Rita follows Ben, while Merly watches. I love this parade of the minor characters from previous episodes, it makes Trinity seem more real.

Gail sits with Caleb (who is now in a white shirt, stripy t-shirt gone for good when Lucas died). Caleb looks at Lucas with a wicked smile. Gail asks if he is really dead. Calls him a son of a bitch, then asks "didn't you know how much I loved you?" Of course that should have been obvious from her threatening to vomit on him, have his baby aborted and threatening to jump off a roof. Any man would have known she loved him! Selena tells Gail to save it for her memoirs (hear, hear) Why did they put Selena in her frumpiest dress for this scene? She wipes a tear from her eye (one assumes this one was genuine as no one was watching her at the time) and tells Lucas that his child will rot with him. Nice! Then she kisses him. Merly blows up a storm and knocks over the flowers.

Cut to hospital where Merly watches as Yancy goes to kill his wife, but finds that she's already dead (because Lucas is dead? Did that release her?) Merly starts to speak a line from Wordsworth which revives Doris. Has Merly brought Doris back to life temporarily or is she speaking through Doris's dead body? Views? Whichever, this gives Yancy the chance to say goodbye to Doris properly. One of Merlyn's kinder moments. Doris dies.

Ben visits Billy in jail. Asks him about the poetry book they found with the trocar. Billy recognises the book as Yancy's, and explains to Ben why Yancy wanted to kill Lucas. Ben tests Billy by asking if the initials are in pen or pencil (Ben is really coming on isn't he?) Billy doesn't know. Right answer. Ben lets him out.

Yancy is on the phone in the pharmacy telling Dr Naroon that he wants to take off early as his wife died. Tough workplace this is, you don't get a day off when your wife dies? Is he going to fit the funeral into his lunch hour? Caleb watches and tells Yancy that his daddy sent him. (So Lucas did know who it was? But why did Caleb go to see Billy? Or does this mean that it's Lucas's spirit that is now driving Caleb and it is this spirit that has sent him, now that it has worked out who the killer is?) Yancy disconnects the phone on Caleb's command. Caleb says "Now you're going to get a taste of your own medicine." Literally. *g*

Billy and Ben (sorry, just typed that and realise how silly that sounds to me. There was a kids' programme on TV when I was young, a very long time ago, called Bill and Ben, the Flowerpot Men *g*) arrive at the hospital looking for Yancy. Rita tells them that Yancy's wife has died. They find Caleb standing outside the pharmacy. Inside Yancy is choking on a mouthful of pills. Billy uses Ben's lucky pen to pierce Yancy's windpipe (ironic or what? *g*) and saves him. They show him the book and Billy asks Yancy to confirm that the book is his. Yancy nods. Yancy keeps staring at the door and Ben asks if Caleb was in there with him. Yancy starts to struggle, Ben goes looking for Caleb but he's gone. Caleb's first attempt at murder, his father would be proud. Or maybe not, as it failed. *g*

Caleb enters the church where Lucas's coffin has now been closed. Note that Caleb's tie has now gone. Just a plain white shirt buttoned to the collar. He walks slowly and steadily to the coffin (similar to Lucas's walk?) and slaps a dollar bill on the coffin lid. Caleb says "The Buck starts here." and leaves the church. Inside the coffin, Lucas opens his eyes. Is it just me or does Lucas actually look scared?

OK, that's the lot! Have fun tearing it to shreds!

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