The other Bit

by Stephen

Hi, I'm back again.

Bertie is clearly unhappy at the idea of leaving his home. He tells many stories of his experiences and that even a better house could never be 'home' as this house is. He states that nothing stays the same - not even a man's word. When Bryan states that he must do what is best for his family, Berie respond with 'I thought I was family'.

Caleb is now at the shelter at the church. The priest admits his error in surrendering his soul for the protection of the building. When he begins to moan about Lucas, Caleb asks 'does he want to raise you in his own image, too?' EXCELLENT!

Lucas and Ben are sitting 'birdwatching' and admiring the Southern Belles when Merlyn appears. When Lucas tries to catch her, he is almost hit by a bus. AGain, he is clearly shaken up by this. Social services come to take Bertie away fro 'evaluation'.

Lucas enters Selena's house without her knowing. He asks her to join him in nihilism and comments on the smell of burned flesh as he holds a match until it burns right down. Lucas then screams at her, prompting the line 'If you're going to scream, come into the bedroom'. He then gets slightly violent, as his son wants nothing to do with him, people are searching for miracles without realising he can provide all the miracles they need (modest!) and the dead are breathing down his neck. He adimts to being Sca..... 'scared?' Selena asks. 'Is this what scared feels like?' Is this just another Lucas boast, or has he never felt human emotion before? Maybe only someone as powerful (and dead) as Merlyn can induce. When he says that he wants to hurt Selena, she agrees as long as she can hurt him back (what a gal!). It should be noted how much Lucas relies on Selena in this scene. She reassures him that he's not scared, just congested and as well as encouraging him, she give him something to take his anger out on. Would Lucas be as strong and composed without her? We know she 'needs' him a lot, but maybe his need is as great?

Whilst Lucas is sleeping in the church basement, Merlyn comes and softly touches his hand and says she loves him (how much would I pay for Sarah Paulson to do that to me?). She then returns the necklace from Rebirth.

Bryan then says Oui, and signs his house away for 750K, but upon opening the cheque (apologies to people in the US over spelling!) sees only $150K on it. Lucas explains that he was dealing in francs, not dollars! Lucas waits around even when the estate agent has gone to see Bryan's reaction! Of course, the amount that Bryan has been ripped off by is $600K. Sound familiar? (I wouldn't hire a lawyer who's too damn lazy to check the small print and the amount before signing his house away, would you? Your average person would confirm everything before sealing the deal, but the lawyer didn't bother!) To add insult to injury, Bertie is allowed to stay in his home. This makes me wonder if there's a French company at all. Lucas seems to have about as much money as Bill Gates after a good day in Vegas, so there's no reason not to suspect that he concocted the whole deal himself (and got a half price house to sell!).

Caleb is told by the priest to stay in the basement as he goes upstairs. He gives Caleb the bible to read (and Caleb turn right to the start as if he's going to read it cover to cover!). When the congregation arrive, he admits his sin and resigns his post. Lucas stands up and demand to know who he told the info to. His reply is simple - God will tell you. Afterwards, he tells Lucas that he does not fear anything that he
could do to him. Whilst chanting a psalm, he is killed by Lucas (by inducing some 'natural causes' death).

In the main of the church, Merlyn announces that she has come for Lucas. Upon slamming the door whilst nowhere near it, Lucas comments 'that's my trick'(!) Dialogue from her threats includes 'Someone's at the door' (has the meaning of that phrase EVER been fully explained?), 'Scared? You should be!' and 'You can't kill me twice'. This last one prompts Lucas (in an attempt to make her afterlife a living hell) to engulf her in flames. To his shock, this has no effect. She asks him to kiss her and (always thinking with his hormones!) Lucas does. She somehow weakens him whilst doing this, and throws her to the floor. She takes his neck as he did his and is about to kill him. Caleb enters with the news that the priest is dead. She tells him to leave, but as Lucas's life is slipping away, his spirit enters Caleb. 'The body may die, but the spirit moves on - He's his father's son'. Merlyn says that she would kill him in preference to him becoming Buck MkII. She claims that Lucas can't destroy her (which makes the closing scene of Requiem more interesting!) and he claims that she WON'T destroy him. She vows to return and get Lucas, and then vanishes.

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