The Missing Bits

by Stephen

I've just rewatched the scene in Caleb's room where Albert attempt to kill Merlyn, and it certainly does raise a lot of questions.

As Albert goes over to Merlyn, who could easily vanish or keep him at bay by performing that weird trick she does on him once or by however she threw Lucas earlier, she simply urges Caleb to leave and puts up no defence. It is notable that she rarely says Bye at the ends of her conversations with her brother, but she does just prior to accepting her own demise. Albert asks if she is willing to sacrifice her own soul to let Caleb live, yet there is no real reason (as far as I can see) why they cannot both live. Albert seems no threat to Caleb (I know he has a knife, but I'm sure it's only as bait for Merlyn and surely she's not stupid enough not to realise this). Anyway, she surely has some power to kill him, as Caleb (and almost certainly Lucas) does. Upon seing she is on the brink of disappearing, Caleb 'roars out' (similar to SAOTL) and Albert is forced away and eventually engulfed inflames until he vanishes. Merlyn comments that he has just saved her soul with the same force that's going to destroy his. (is this admitting that she cannot prevent him becoming his father's son?)

1) Why does she put up so little resistance to Albert? She surely could have killed him (or at least tried or avoided him or something). I just don't accept that she believed his threat to Caleb.

2) I know Caleb had Buck training in LTC, but what else could he manage now? He doesn't seem to realise his own abilities.

3) Why would this force destroy Caleb? (possibly just conceding Lucas's likely victory)

4) If you discount that she believed Albert's shallow threat with the knife, the only explanation is that her sacrificing her soul will somehow save Caleb's? If she believes this, this may be another explanation for her behaviour at the end of Requiem. If it actually is true, then that puts a whole new spin on the consequences of Requiem.

Just a few thoughts. I know most won't agree with part of it.

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1. August 2002