The  Beast Within

Part Two

by Rosebuck

Artie explains what his plan is and Gail says, "My God!" Artie looks over at Lucas and replies, "It was his idea." Does he mean Lucas or God? Lucas looking and sounding like he suddenly understands something, says, "Better get to work, Doctor, clock's tickin'." To me he sounds grim, as well. I think the pieces just fell together for him at that moment.

Gail and Lucas have their exchange about lessons and guns. This is one of the times that Gail actually works for me, and I like Paige Turco here-- her mild sarcasm and disdain. She's surpised when he says he doesn't carry a gun because, "You put a bullet in a man, there's nothin' left to teach him." But I didn't get the "Act of seduction" line. What does he mean there? I also don't understand why Gail says, "You brought him here," about Artie. Why would *she* think Lucas did that? Is she beginning to buy into the idea that he has control over others? The illusion of free will?

Artie talks about his prayers, which led me to think that Caleb's dreams tapped into Artie's prayers. So, what if Lucas had, too? Not knowing really whose prayers they were, but influencing Artie's dreams and/or Caleb's? This would explain why the particulars of Artie are a surprise to Lucas, but he could be the one to give a restless soul a figurative razor blade. It's a thought. I do think that he's winging it throughout the ep; that this episode of Artie's is not a planned one.

The next time we see an Artie dream flash he's saying "Thank you, Father."

Lucas taunts Artie with his father's death. Ben is PO'd about that, too, so I don't think Ben ever told Lucas. Did Lucas get it from Ben's mind once upon a time, and he's been saving it for some useful point, or does he take it from Artie now, because Artie's thinking about it now that he's dealing with Ben?

I don't know about anybody else, but I *like* Rita. She's got it together, knows how to support, encourage and push Ben in her little pep talk to him, without stripping away his manhood. A take-charge kinda gal who isn't an emasculating bitch. AG needed more women like her. :)

Lucas actually comes out and says, "I care about them," indicating Caleb and Gail. Not "him," Caleb, "them." Between this, and the kiss in PS, I think there's a strong case for Lucas caring about Gail, and not just using her as a walking uterus.

It's too funny when Lucas claims he could have stopped what's going on (which I completely believe), Gail expresses doubt, and he replies, "Ma'am, that's Lucas Buck you're talkin' to."

Lucas does start to do his thang, raggin' on Ben to Artie. Sad that Matt, Gail, and Caleb can't see that Lucas is playing headgames. They'd rather believe he's a total louse, than he might be trying to work the situation. You'd think they'd know him by now. :) Matt plays hero and punches Lucas, and Lucas flattens him. When people say Matt acts totally out-of-character in DDTAH, I think of this moment. Matt can play Action Hero sometimes, too. He's not above using violence. And if Shaun didn't understand Matt, who would?

I love the direction used as Lucas start's in on Artie's head, the camera work, the cut's to their eye's, Artie sweating: this is good stuff. And the tension's released with Ben's arrival, and Lucas' "His timing's impeccable, ain't it?"

Another great line, "All wired up, and no place to blow." Damn, Shaun's good. ;)

I have said in the past that one of the reasons I love this ep is how tightly written it is, that there isn't a wasted line, or camera shot in it. Well, I found something when I rewatched it this time. :( A short Gail/Caleb exchange that really is useless, about Artie changing his mind to leave. It doesn't fit. Sigh. I thought we had a damn near perfect ep.

Lucas is the one to prompt Ben to tell Artie he loves him, while they are in the corridor. Is this just to give Lucas the chance to drug Artie, or is it for Ben's sake, too. Call me a sap, but I think it's both. :)

Anyone else find Ben's surgery on his brother funny? The blood spurting, Ben looking like he'a about to faint, Rita the all-star nurse. Craig once said that while they were filming this scene, it was really gory, and Nick kept saying things like, "Oh yeah, like they're going to show THIS on network tv! :)

At the end, Caleb really looks torn about Lucas, and I think Lucas wins points with his son, as well as helping Ben with Ben Jr. Gail, Matt and Claeb all leave together as a little family unit. You could even feel a little sorry for Lucas right then, if you're so inclined. ;)

The final scene is Caleb's dream. We're back in the forced-perspective jail corridor. Did Lucas give Artie the blade, or is this just what Caleb thinks? Well, he does say that it's his dream. :) But that's not 'til Lucas holds out his hand and Caleb shoots him. Love the look on Lucas' face, love the look on Caleb's. Man, oh man, those two could act. Like father, like son. <g>

I think that the progress made in TBW, Caleb seeing Lucas do something for Ben, is the first real step to, and the precursor for, the scene in LTC where Caleb does take his hand.

Which Father held sway in TBW, God or Lucas?

Finally, I love this ep. I love how tight it is, I love Ben, I even love Action Matt, but most of all, I love watching Lucas fly by the seat of his pants!

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