Witches Familiars: Mistress Sarah

Mistress Sarah in her own words:

Mistress Sarah is honored and humbled to be selected to be a Witch's Apprentice.

Mistress Sarah is better known as Sarah Chambers, MD, currently stationed on the EF ship Excalibur.  She has a particular fondness for John Matheson and Matthew Gideon, wishing that the two men would just admit to one and to all that they secretly wanted to be trapped on a deserted island for twenty or so years where they can play Telepath and Ship's Captain to their heart's desire.

Tissue Ratings

The Space Witches had to introduce tissue ratings for Mistress Sarah's stories. Where applicable, the stories are rated as follows:

Hankie RatingThere are one or two scenes that make you sniffle.
Hankie RatingHankie Rating A few more scenes that make you sniffle, or one scene that makes you cry.
Hankie RatingHankie RatingHankie Rating You'll sniffle most of the time and break out into the occasional sob.
Hankie RatingHankie RatingHankie RatingHankie Rating A lot of scenes that make you cry.
Hankie RatingHankie RatingHankie RatingHankie RatingHankie Rating An absolute sobfest!

Mistress Sarah's Stories

In alphabetical order:

The Education of John Matheson

John Matheson discovers that even the PSI Corps & EF didn't give him enough education for some of the more enjoyable experiences in life.

1 Elementary
2 Preparatory
3 Bachelors

4 MastersHankie Rating
5 DoctorateHankie RatingHankie RatingHankie RatingHankie Rating
6 Post-DoctorateHankie RatingHankie RatingHankie RatingHankie RatingHankie Rating


There are some that believe that according to the doctrine of karma, for every morally determinate thought, word, or action, there will be corresponding karmic compensation, if not in this life, then in some future life. As a man sows, so shall he reap. There are others that disagree, and say that a person consists of desires. As is his desire, so is his will; as is his will, so is the deed he does, whatever deed he does, that he attains.


1 None-so-Blind
2 Kshatriya
3 Bingo, the Invisible Fish,and Starship Captain
4 Because Warlocks Can't FLY

5 Prayaschitta
6 Let the Captain havesome Dignity
7 Epiphany
8 Biases
9 Moksha
10 The Three Graces


Starship Captains never give up on their own, especially when it's their XO.

Hankie RatingHurt/Comfort/Angst/Rape

Marriage Made in Hell

Did you ever wonder what would come out if Mistress Sarah and The Upholsterer teamed up? Well now you can find out!

Marriage Made in Hell


As Gideon falls farther and farther through the looking glass, events get ever more bizarre.

1 And So It Begins
2 Captain-Master & Executive Officer
3 Captain-Master & Assassin
4 Battle Fatigue
5 Story of An Avatar
6 Story of a Captain-Master

7 Interlude
8 General-Master & Assassin
9 Babylon 5
10 Lines are Drawn
11 Alliances are Made
12 Seeds of Rebellion

13 The Storm Breaks
14 Battle of the Light Brigade
15 "Theirs but to do and die"
16 "Valley of Death"
17 "Jaws of Death"
18 FinaleHankie Rating

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