Seeds of Rebellion

by Mistress Sarah

Disclaimer: These are not my characters. They are owned, copyrighted and created by far wiser people than me. I have attempted to bring them back to life for a short time, attempting to ease that gaping hole in my heart where B5/Crusade once was.
Note: Series is NC-17. m/f, m/m.
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Matthew Gideon I

Jeff Sinclair just laughed, but Ryan and I both gave Randy Morrison a whole ration of shit for what he had just done.

What were you thinking? Are you fucking nuts? A DOG? Why the hell didn't you just get him a pony while you were at it? We could put him into a spangled outfit, and let him ride through the fucking Zocalo!

"He didn't want a pony, Ed, that's why I didn't get him one. He wanted a dog. I always wanted a dog, but I never could have one." The blond Assassin's southern drawl was getting more pronounced, while the two men glared at each other. Randy towered over Ed, and it would be a massacre if he started pummeling his Commanding Officer. He could use his little finger and snap his CO in half.

From the little bit I knew about the Guild of Assassins, Eddie's Assassin was acting a little too independently and far too stubbornly for the norm. While I couldn't have wished that possible problem on a nicer General, with the exception of Sinclair, I was hoping that Randy wouldn't kill Ed. Just what I'd need was one of the Shadows... show up and investigate.

What a fucking day. First I was tortured, then a puppy showed up, complete with a fucking pink bow, then I was going to witness a murder. Wonderful. I'd REALLY like to go home now, and don't worry, I'll pass on the complementary parting gifts.

"While I'm sure you'd like to scream at me some more, General. I've got a Guild Meeting to attend." Morrison gave a perfect salute, and then pivoted on his heels, leaving the room in a blaze of deeply offended black and scarlet.

That little bit of news finally settled Sinclair down.

"A Guild Meeting. On my STATION? Don't you think someone should have informed me? Jeff appeared deeply concerned. "All those Guild members running around on my STATION!"

"Enough, Jeff. You know they'll be less problem than the Shriners. At least they don't get drunk and streak through the Alien Quarters." Ed didn't appear to have much sympathy for Sinclair, but then again, neither did I.

You think you got problems, Jeff, try being in my shoes!

"You sure about them being no trouble? I know that no Assassin has ever broken their conditioning, but I think that the Guides and the Inquisitors would be most concerned about how your Assassin acted just now. He's ..."

Sinclair was interrupted by Ed, who was looking very haggard and tired. "Yeah. I'll go ask them to talk with him. 'Hi! I'm in the midst of planning a rebellion, and well, my Assassin's acting a little odd lately.' Randy knows everything about our little insurrection. If they ever get their hands on him, and break him to get the information, we're fucked. Now, I'm going to bed. Jeff, you talk to Matthew, and remind him of our agreement."

Ed left, and then Jeff gave me a smile that reminded me so strongly of Max Eilerson, that I knew I was cracking up. He took out a small controller and made a show of letting me look at it.

"You do one thing, just one little thing that I don't like, then we hit the red button. Trust me, if either Ed or I hit that little red button, your Avatar isn't going to be very happy." His voice was smooth, as though he wasn't threatening my Avatar's life, and I just smiled back.

Remember what you promised. You'll take care of JT for me.

Sinclair left soon afterwards, and I decided to go to bed. Hopefully the damned dog hadn't made a mess of things, or chewed my leather boots.

What the hell was Randy thinking? Giving JT a dog?

I wasn't expecting to find a quietly sobbing JT cowering in the corner of the room. He was such a perfectly well trained Avatar that he had chained himself to the damned bed, and he was clinging to the damned puppy for dear life. He was such a picture of abject misery that I couldn't help but sigh.

I can't deal with this right now. I just can't. Goddamn it, I hurt... all over... and I just don't have the patience to deal with a heartbroken Avatar and a puppy that isn't housebroken.

JT then realized I was in the room, and he looked terrified, as though he expected me to hit him. He stopped his sniffling almost immediately, and he made a pitiful attempt at straightening his dog's rather ragged pink bow. Then, JT scurried to where I was, and silently offered the dog to me. I wouldn't take the damn thing, so finally he shoved the mutt into my hands. That done, he then curled up into a little ball, as though he was waiting for the physical abuse to start.

But JT fucking kept staring at the dog as though he thought I was going to throw it against the wall or something.

Don't give me those puppy dog eyes! Not from you! And not from the mutt!

"I don't want the damn thing." I growled that at JT, and his face fell.

Shit. John Matheson always had such a poker face, and a dry wit, and in this place his alter couldn't match his emotional control. My Avatar was fucking devastated because he knew that I wouldn't let him keep the damned dog. I could hear the sound of his heart breaking into a billion and one fucking little pieces.

Fuck. I should really stop using that word, because if I so much as looked at JT that way, he'd probably put a bag over his head and do it for the fucking puppy.

"Stop sniffling, damn it!" I roared that louder than I should have, as the Puppy with the Pink Bow in her hair snarled. I gave her back to JT rather happily. "Here. You're going to take care of the damned thing. If she so much as makes a mess, gnaws on one of my good leather boots, or just becomes noticeable, I'll be... Very... Very... Unhappy... With both YOU and the damned mutt."

Ok. I was being a real hard ass right now, but it was for JT's own good. He wanted the damned thing, and he was going to be responsible for it. It wasn't going to be one of those situations where the kid brings home an animal and promises to take care of it, 'can we keep it, please?' but forgets about the damned thing next week. I wasn't going to take care of the dog.

JT put the puppy down and grabbed my hands. He began kissing them profusely, and I felt a sudden chill down my back. It took everything I had not to rip my hands away from his, and refrain from rubbing my hands off on my pants.

"I'm going to bed. Make sure the damned thing doesn't make any noise and wake me up. UNDERSTAND?"

I collapsed onto my bed, wishing that I could to sleep or at least not hear my conscience cursing me out.

"Well, Mr. Big Man on a Starship, aren't you proud of yourself? Does it make you feel self-important that you can curse and scream at JT? He's been so badly abused that he expected you to hit him because you were angry, did you see the fright in his eyes? Are you happy? Do you think I'm going to let you sleep tonight? No, I'm going to let Randy sleep tonight because at least he treats JT as well as he can, considering he's as much a Guide victim as JT is. It's going to be an extremely long night, between the physical pain you're in, and the fact that I'm going to be cursing you out. And don't think a few more data crystals of music is going to soothe me, you better do something pretty damned decent to him to make up for the fact that you were such a LARGE prick."

SHUT UP! I WANT TO GO TO BED! I WANT TO GO HOME! Putting the pillow over my head, I could still hear my conscience, who apparently had a bit of a temper. Wonderful.

"Look, you nit wit, you're not going home, and if you actually got home I'm still going to be here, and I'll know what you just did. And I'll remind you every single night!"

ENOUGH... God, I was beginning to whine.

"He thought you were going to kill the dog, did you see it? That poor little puppy..."

Look. Stop it with the poor little innocent puppy routine. They shed! They smell! They chew! They crap! They never stop making little messes! Now even I could hear the desperation in my thoughts, as I couldn't even convince myself that I had a reason to be so damned foul-tempered. Look, I just got tortured today! Signed up in an illegal rebellion! Got cursed at! Got threatened a few times with a permanent case of DEAD. Can't I have my bad behavior excused for once?

"I would think that would make you more sympathetic to JT's plight. Hmm... even Randy was nice to him. Did you see how HAPPY our poor little..."

Stop it with the superlatives. Starship Captains don't have hearts, and they aren't affected by adjectives!

"Did you see how HAPPY our poor little physically and mentally scarred Avatar was when you said he could keep that puppy? He tried to hide it, but admit it..."

Silence. Maybe if I ignored my conscience it would decide to leave.

"Nope! Still here! I bet anything that since JT is scared shitless of you, he's sleeping on the floor, like he did with that OTHER Matthew. Probably he's wrapped up tight, intent on keeping that puppy safe from Mean Old Master Matthew, warning her that she can't even BREATHE too loudly because you'll do something horrible to her. What type of person hurts an animal? Huh? Not somebody that I'd be happy being the conscience for, because I'd have to keep him up at night, telling him what a lousy human being he is. Look at Eddie, you can tell that his conscience has been bothering him. I don't think he's slept decently in the last two years. Wonder how Mr. Big Shot Starship Captain - Animal Hater is going to look in two years ..."


"I always do, Matthew. I always do. Now, try to start acting better, stop acting so much like that Other Matthew. I don't particularly like him, and I don't think anybody else does either."

What about Dureena? She really seems to like my alter...Huh huh huh? Mr. Smart Ass Conscience doesn't have a snappy retort for that, now do you?

"Matthew. Your alter's probably hung like a horse. OK? And let me remind you buddy, You're NOT!"


"Now, you've got a huge bed here, and you should let JT sleep in it. And the puppy. And tomorrow, you're going to get the canine some treats and a real bed to apologize for being such a schmuck."


"And stop acting like the other guy. You're turning into him, and I don't particularly like the change! Now, Mr. Big Shot, Don't Care if I Brutalized a Poor Soul that's Already had a Horrible Life- what the hell is going to happen to JT and the puppy if you get to leave?? HUH?"

I sat up in the bed, and I sighed. Shit. There he was, curled up in a little ball, sleeping snuggled up to his puppy. JT's eyes open warily, and I tried to give him a big, bright smile.

"JT? Come on, get into the bed," I tried to keep my voice soft and soothing. "You can even bring the puppy. But tomorrow we're getting him... her... her own bed."

It took a little bit of convincing but soon I found myself in bed with one shaking Avatar and a puppy that snored.



Fascinating. That little bit of space where Matthew had his accident turned and twisted on itself, like the Greek sign that represented infinity. I had only seen this occur one other time, in what is known as Sector 14, where Babylon 4 had once resided until it disappeared one day.

Some claim that it went to another dimensions, others say that Babylon 4 went boom.

I don't know why Terrans get so excited about Booms, as there's always a boom today, and probably a boom tomorrow. It was similar, but not to Sector 14, and so I investigated it with sensor and probe, until at last, I had to shake my head in disbelief.

I had an inkling of a suspicion what might have happened to my wayward Matthew, and I then sent the barest and smallest of spells through the spatial tear.

Then I waited, and hoped that I wouldn't be too late.

Dureena I

The wine was flowing, which I wasn't drinking, and Matthew was oozing charm. He kept sitting closer and closer to me, and I finally put my hand down in the space that separated us. I think it got his attention, as I noticed that he was giving the knife in my hand an appraising look.

"Don't, Matthew. I refuse to become one of your conquests. I've always told you that, since the day we first met."

"What do I have to do to change your mind?" He asked softly, and the look in his eyes was one of pure, unadulterated lust.

"You've always been asking me that, and I keep telling you that I like to keep it within my species. You think I'm playing hard to get, but I'm not. Now, Matthew, the wine is finished, and I think it's time that you left." I stood up, and crossed my arms, which seemed to nonplus Gideon.

"Dureena, Dureena. You think the absolute worse of me," Matthew seemed far too serious, as though for a moment, he thought I was someone else.

"You don't give me any other option, now do you?"

Matthew Gideon II

For a moment, I got confused, and I began treating Dureena of this place, as though she was my lover, Dureena-Assassin. She had often been unhappy with my harem, though I had assured her that she was my favorite lover. I kept the others in line, I assured her, by the use of sex and force.

Sarah I never trusted, for she and Eilerson were too close. Our sessions together were usually battles in which each of us searched for the smallest weakness to exploit and manipulate.

But Dureena-Assassin, I am ashamed to admit, I cared for but I couldn't trust. For I knew perfectly damned well how the Guide trained Assassins. Their final exams at the Assassin training camp had the Assassin kill their family, or a close friend, to prove their loyalty to the Guild. Randy had often joked about his family or his nephews, but the simple fact was, Randy Morrison had killed them. If he hadn't killed them, then he would have been put down. I saw his personnel files, and I knew Ryan well enough to know that he knew about his Assassin's final exam.

A simple case of kill or be killed, but I had seen the small minute cracks in Randy's psyche, as though he sometimes honestly believed that his family was still alive.

Matthew Gideon I

Sleeping snug as a bug in a rug, I suddenly heard something. A fizzle of light, and then a miniature of Galen appeared. JT didn't appear to see the glowing Lilliputian Technomage, which was a good thing. How the hell was I going to explain this - especially considering this universe's version of Galen appeared to be on the Top Ten List of Entities That Everyone Wished that They Could Kill.

"Well, well, well, Matthew. This could only happen to you, obviously. I'll see what I can do, expect me when you see me."

"Galen? Can you hear me?" Carefully, I whispered that so as not to wake JT.

"Yes. There's no need to shout!"

Galen seemed a little--pardon the term--short-tempered, which I excused on the grounds that probably Gulliver had seemed a little loud to the Lilliputians.

"I need to get out of here, and quickly." My voice was extremely quiet, but still Galen flinched.

"I'm working on it." His voice was tart, as though the mage was offended because I didn't think he was working hard enough to get me home.

"How are things on the Excalibur?"

"As well as can be expected."

"What do you mean by that, Galen?" I was worried once again What was going on the Excalibur? With the search for the Cure? I had been so distracted by trying to stay alive in this universe that I had rarely thought of the crew I had left behind.

"Don't worry about them. I'm going to handle the problem shortly. Your counterpart is having a slight problem with John Matheson."

"He's THERE?!" I spoke too loud, and Galen began waving his staff threateningly in my direction.

"Yes. John noticed it, as did Sarah and Maximilian. Now the three of them have been placed under house arrest. Dureena's still free, and I'm sure she and I can handle the situation adequately."

"Galen. You're to kill him if he hurts any of my crew. I mean that." I ordered Galen, who appeared amused by my tone of voice.

"When did I become your pet Assassin, Matthew? I've assured you that I will handle the situation and you will have to accept that."

I needed to get out of this universe, as I was beginning to casually order someone's execution without a qualm. Well, this was a special case, I assured myself, and my conscience agreed.

"But just this once, oh puppy-hater. JT's master is a special case."

"Just... hurry, please Galen. Get me out of here."

My conscience started bugging me, jabbing me with a very sharp pin.

"Galen. I need to get more than me out of here quickly. I have someone else that I need to bring with me... and..." Bite the bullet, Matthew. "A puppy."

"MATTHEW! Do you think I'm the Universal Parcels Service?"

Galen's voice sounded insulted, as though I was merely asking him to ship a few magazines. Damn it to hell, the mini-mage gave me a scorching look and I had the overwhelming urge to swat him, like he was an annoying mosquito.

"I can't leave him here. He's being abused, and it's not right."

"And the puppy? How does the dog factor into Matthew Gideon's personal crusade to save a stray?"

"I save stray dogs, you save stray cats. I'm just a dog person, that's all. Cats can fend for themselves, dogs need some help sometimes." Ok. I'll admit to myself, quietly, that JT's Cairn Terrier was rather cute, and it looked exactly like Toto from the Wizard of Oz crystals I used to watch as a kid. Dark eyes, dark hair, and...


"Sometimes stray cats are more trouble than they're worth, especially if they're male. They need to fixed so they'll stay close to home. Is this stray the one in your bed? Matthew... Matthew... Am I seeing correctly? Is your stray, John Matheson's Alter?"

"Shut up. You don't understand. Save me and you can make all the flippant comments you want, and I'll take them gratefully." Ok. I would inwardly boil, but I had to get out of here, and I couldn't leave JT behind.

Ed Ryan

I couldn't sleep, for some strange reason, so I returned to the DarkStar where I met Sinclair.

"Ed... Your Assassin is incorrigible, do you know that?" Jeff was nursing a drink, and he flashed a quick grin. "That girl he's picking up looks barely old enough to be his daughter. She's probably younger than she looks."

I glanced quickly over to where Randy was. There was a tall strawberry blonde female who looked familiar, even though I know I'd never seen her before. She wore the insignia of a Marine 1st Lieutenant on the Victory. She seemed flattered by Randy's attentions, and the two of them quickly left the bar, but not before she flashed a smile that made her face all too familiar.

It was Randy's smile, within the facial features of Lyta.

Dear God. She was the right age, but I remembered all to well the events that had led up to her birth. It had been a furious few months after Galen's discovery of Lyta's unplanned pregnancy. The Inquisitor had wanted Randy killed, and the child destroyed, but the Assassins' Guild had argued against that. The Guild had promised their services to the Guides with certain conditions to be fulfilled, including the introduction of the Telepathic gene in the Guild gene pool. The Guides had been less than forthcoming with their end of the bargain, and so the Guild had decided to push the issue, and had ordered their senior most personnel to complete the covenant, in any way, shape or form, damn the consequences.

And somehow Randy had done it, right under Galen's nose.

It couldn't be the child, as she wasn't wearing Assassin guild colors, and she had been specifically designated to be a child of the Assassins' Guild. Unless Randy had something up his scarlet covered sleeve, and I suddenly wondered which side he was really on.

Randy Morrison. Assassin-Master. Guild Head.

I was informed at the Guild meeting that she was onboard the station, and I ordered the Victory Assassin to have her meet me in the DarkStar. We would hook up, and then leave together to return to my quarters, with everyone thinking that she was my latest sexual conquest. Sometimes, it is useful to have the reputation of being a sexual reprobate.

Little did they know that the Guild would do more than frown on that proposition.

She had no idea who I was, but I had been keeping a paternal eye on her and her career, marveling at her accomplishments. There had been successful fusions of the Telepath gene into the Assassins' Guild before her conception, but I was proud to say that she was the very best.

Wonderful. So appropriate that I would use my... OUR... daughter to avenge our Master's death.

"Lt. Randene?" I smiled my most harmless smile when we were in my quarters. "That's a rather unusual name. It means... warrior's wolf, I believe. Old English, I believe. May I call you... Alyxa?"

She appeared somewhat in awe that the head of the Assassins' Guild was talking to her, and I planned on using it to my advantage. My... daughter blushed, and assured me that I could.

"That's a rather unusual name. Alyxandra Carmelita Randene. Pardon me for being rude, do you know anything about your parentage?" It was a common enough question among the Guild, as some of our families had been in the Guild for generations, and others, like myself, were Johnny-Come-Latelies. Guild Mistress Siobhan had probably named her, as Siobhan had placed strong emphasis on genetics. My daughter had been named after the ship she had been conceived on, her mother, and myself. I smiled again slightly.

Her eyes darkened and her anger came forth. "Yes, my blessed mother, the Mind-Freak, cursed me before I was born, and wished that I would never be born. As for my father, he was an Assassin, that's all anybody knows, which is why a bastard Telepath-Mute like me was accepted into the Guild. Inquisitor Galen delights in telling me that whenever he sees me. Guild Mistress Siobhan refused to tell me anything about my parents, saying that I didn't need to know."

I hit her, hard, once across the face. She might be my kin, but Alyxa needed to learn manners and respect quickly. My daughter hit the wall hard, and she looked frightened by my response.

"Don't you ever say that about your mother. She was terrified when she found herself in the position of having a pregnancy that hadn't been Guide approved. It shouldn't have happened, but your father followed his instructions from the Guild and easily achieved his objective of mating with an Avatar that was being prepped for Avatar insemination. He watched and he waited, and when the time was correct, he flew her."

I had been gentle with her, surprising both her and myself , and I had flown her for hours, until at last the two of us had merged completely. She had lain in my arms for hours afterwards, quiet and still, and I had stroked her hair, urging her to fall asleep.

"He didn't force her, you understand, but he deceived her, easily as she was barely more than a child, seducing her with softly spoken words and the gentlest of caresses into allowing the flight to take place. Galen was delayed elsewhere, unable to protect his fertile Avatar from the Assassin."

"She tried to hide her pregnancy, but she knew it was futile, as sooner or later, Galen would find out. When her belly first began to swell, she begged the Assassin to kill her to save her from the Inquisitor's Wrath, but he refused her, offering her what he could in the terms of protection. The child was a child of the Guild, and the Guild would not allow her mother to be harmed. No Inquisitor has ever stood against the Wrath of the Guild."

I was telling her far too much, but I needed her to see that Galen was dangerous, and who she should direct her anger against.

"Galen was furious and threatened her repeatedly until the Guild put him to rights. Don't believe everything Galen tells you, even though it appears that the Guild holds him in high regard. I spat that at her, and her eyes widened. It was close to blasphemy to say that the Inquisitors had their own agenda and that they could not be trusted."

"Your mother was afraid for you, and the life you would lead, because of the fact you were an Avatar-Assassin offspring. Galen would have willingly let the two of you die because he believed you a mongrel."

I was pushing buttons, trying to find out how she reacted when she was angry. Would her fury overwhelm her common sense? Or would she let her intelligence take over, guiding and controlling her anger? The story of her conception and birth was not a pretty one, but Alyxa needed to understand that it was now long past time to break the bond between Inquisitor and Assassin.

Alyxa was still rubbing her jaw where I had hit her. "Really? Pardon me, Assassin-Guild-Master," her voice was cool and controlled, while her eyes blazed fire. "You seem to know a lot about a simple girl like me."

"I was there when you were born. I heard your mother scream in her birth pangs, and beg Galen for assistance, which he refused to give. Realizing that the Inquisitor would let her die, she begged for help from the one who had fathered her child, reminding of his repeated promises of protection. The Guild stepped in, and succored her as best we could, but Galen did... NOTHING. If we had not been there, he would have let you die unborn. He is no friend of yours, nor of your mother or your father. He despises our kind, believing himself superior to me, to your mother, and yourself."

She worked her tongue against her jaw, appearing to be testing to see if her teeth were intact, but I knew it was a ruse. Alyxa was stalling, trying to digest the information I gave her.

"How strong are you?" I asked her bluntly. "Your mother is one of the strongest Avatars in the fleet, which is why she was selected by the Guild. Galen has underestimated her ability for years, not realizing that your mother was hiding her strength."

"I have not been tested. Guild Mistress Siobhan was uncertain what Galen's reaction to that would be if he found out that I am not a Telepathic Mute. She believed that he might decide to insist on my being returned to him for training as an Avatar." The anger in her eyes had disappeared, but I knew that it was still lurking in her soul.


That's what prepared me for her telekinetic outburst. She was furious, and it showed, but she wasn't insanely furious, but instead controlled and rational in her attempts to demonstrate her ability. First it was small things, pens, books, glasses, and soon she was moving bigger items, chairs and tables.

I fought them off, some of them scoring on me, but others being deflected. That's when she tried to mentally choke me. I felt my throat being closed, and I grabbed her, heaving her against the wall. Perhaps I threw her too hard, as she blacked out, releasing her hold upon me, but when one plays with fire, one should be prepared to be burned.

I restrained her, and I carefully cleaned her wounds, then I concentrated on my own. Looking at my room, I decided that it was a complete loss and that Sinclair would end up charging me for it. He would never get the money, of course, as I knew that at the most, I had only a month left.

The Guild meeting had been informative, what with each Assassin reporting on their ship's current status, who was in the rebellion wholeheartedly, who was feeling nervous, and who were turncoats. The Assassin of the Victory had quietly reported that Galen had been visiting Captain Anderson repeatedly in the last few weeks and that Anderson appeared to be being groomed for a promotion.

His promotion would take place after my Master was killed. I knew that, so I had dismissed the meeting soon afterwards, trying to place the game's pieces on the board. Who to trust? Who would serve? Who could I use? And who would be my replacement?

It was time for the Guild to break the Covenant, and become our own Masters, as the Guides had reneged on every point in the Covenant.

It was time to stop dying for something that brought us nothing. So when the rebellion started, the Assassins, notoriously apolitical, would become involved and fight on the side of my Master, killing the Masters who stood against his cause. It would be glorious, as the Assassin on the Victory had promised that she would make sure that Anderson did not survive his promotion to General for very long.

That left two potential problems, but hopefully, my daughter would be willing to kill Galen for me. It was a matter of familial pride.

"Guild-Master," Alyxa's voice was subdued. "I wish to apologize, will you release me?"

"No." I sat next to her, and began to stroke her hair. "Little one, you should never attack a fellow Assassin, especially your Guild Master. For your penance, you must promise me two things."

She surprised me, by asking permission to ask me a question.

"Go ahead," I was feeling a little too magnanimous, but after all, she was Daddy's little girl.


I had let my emotional control slip slightly when I had told her about Galen and his treatment of her mother. That was enough for my child to pick up on who I really was.

Nodding my head, I admitted that she was correct.

"Did my mother ever stop hating me for what I was? How I was conceived?" Her voice was soft, and for a moment, she sounded years younger than she was.

The question surprised me, and for a moment I recalled the first few minutes of her life. Lyta had been so very terrified, with Galen, myself and other members of the Guild present when she gave birth. Ed had been there, determined to give her some sort of emotional support during her ordeal.

"When they came to take you away from her, just moments after you were finally born, she begged and pleaded to see you. She never asked to see any from her other litters, but she wanted to see you. Had to see you, screamed and begged just for one simple glance. Galen refused, claiming that it would be better for all that she never laid eyes on you, but I gave you to her, and she nursed you."

I wanted to stop, remembering how Lyta had crooned to our child while Alyxa had nursed at her breast, but I found myself continuing. "I was punished most severely for that. By Galen, the Guild and my Master who was furious over what I had done to Lyta. Galen was going to punish her also, but I insisted that I be allowed to take her punishment. The poor Avatar had been through so much... because of what she was, what I had done to her, and everything else, that I had to do it. I had deceived a mere child on the express orders of our Guild."

"Little one, she knows that I've kept an eye on you since you were born, as I have always wished and wanted to acknowledge you. She asks me about you sometimes, hoping that you are safe. You look so much like her, do you know that?"

Stopping my confession, I realized that my eyes were full of tears. Assassins never cried, as our conditioning repressed our humanity, and destroyed any emotions besides the darkest ones. I had lusted, angered, murdered and killed, and... somewhere along the line, I had learned to love.

Perhaps that had been Maggie-Mistress' gift to me.

"You will kill Galen for me, as he has been and will continue to be responsible for hurting the people I have ever cared for. Eddie, Lyta and you. So you will do it for me, and you will make me and your mother so very, very proud."

"Yes, Papa. I will." She swore it, and then she hesitantly asked what else I required from her.

"There is a man, named Matthew Gideon. During the rebellion, you will keep an eye on him, and if he becomes a concern, you are to kill him. Immediately."

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