The Storm Breaks

by Mistress Sarah

Disclaimer: These are not my characters. They are owned, copyrighted and created by far wiser people than me. I have attempted to bring them back to life for a short time, attempting to ease that gaping hole in my heart where B5/Crusade once was.
Note: Series is NC-17. m/f, m/m.
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Matthew Gideon I.

I was sleeping, finally, but for some reason, Elizabeth was insisting on giving me a blow-job. She was never one for an early morning commando raid, so I figured that I'd enjoy what was happening, and remember it during the long, lonely months between stops at Babylon 5.

Warm, soft, gentle kisses were being placed on my inner thigh and I relaxed still further.

"Mmmmm..." I moaned softly, letting her know that she could continue for as long as she wanted, and for as long as I could hold out. My main gun was fully on-line, but she was slowly increasing the power to it, with a gentle hands-on technique, delaying my firing.


God, she was mouthing my balls, flicking her tongue against them while slowly massaging the one little spot right behind them that drove me absolutely wild with desire. She was using one finger to gently knead that sensitive area and I was putty in her hands.

Not happy with my response, she became a little more aggressive with massaging that area, and I began moaning louder. "That's... it... that's... it... right there..." I gasped softly while the waves of pleasure began building. Between her fingers and her mouth I was on a roller coaster of sexual pleasure.

I gasped when her tongue began teasing my main gun, gently licking it, as though she was savoring the taste. Up... then down.... And I was getting so close, so very close... and then she cooled me down. Then she warmed me up, being careful not to push me over the edge, and soon I realized that I was fully awake, and there was no way I could pretend that I was asleep.

Her mouth began to slowly tease me again, and I slowly moved my hand down to her head, and I rubbed my hand against her soft, short hair. That seemed to excite her as she was soon sucking in earnest... Ahh... Wait a second....


I realized who was giving me the blow-job, and then I climaxed. JT continued to suck me until I was completely limp and I decided to keep rubbing my hand over his hair instead of pushing him away. He ... purred... in contentment and the sensation of his vibrations, combined with his over enthusiastic technique, soon found me raring to go again.

Stop! Matthew! It's time to stop! Don't take advantage of him!

"JT. JT..." I tried to stop him, really I did, but he ignored me, continuing to touch and caress an all too responsive section of my body.

Hello! Scruples! I need some help here! Where's that inner , still voice that's been screaming at me lately, 24-7! My Jiminy Cricket? Right now! Come on! Wake up! HELLO!

"Sorry. We're unable to take your call right now, as we're getting this absolutely incredible blow-job and quite frankly we're too stimulated and aroused to want to listen to your constant whining. So leave your bitching at the tone, and we'll get back to you after we get laid. Repeatedly. Beeeep."

It's shameful to admit that, since my conscience was apparently enjoying everything, I just decided to go ahead and let JT do whatever he wanted to me. It wasn't right, not by a long shot, but I had a really rough day yesterday, and well, it was rather nice not being hit and abused. No, what he was doing to me wasn't abuse at all...

See. He's forgiven me for being grouchy. Oh my God...

Then when I thought I couldn't take any more, JT stopped and I sighed in disappointment. My main gun was just craving a chance to fire its plasma all over the universe and...Then I felt his hesitant kiss on my face, and he began softly whispering in my ear.

Wait a second, what's he saying?

"Master. Fly me. Please. Your Avatar needs... Your Avatar craves... It's been so long since I was flown by you. Your Avatar burns...Master... Please? Allow me to soar?"


When my Master had been furious with me, I had half wanted it, half feared it. If he was really angry, he'd fly me, to confirm his mastery over his Avatar. I'd lie underneath him and he'd fly me, much like the Alexander had done to the Excalibur, thrusting, pumping, plunging... our bodies would merge tighter and tighter until at least, I'd scream out my burning desire while he exploded inside of me.

But he told me that I could keep my puppy, then ignored me, and went to bed.

I had curled up next to the bed, so that I could keep an eye on Randy's present, and make sure that she would remain quiet during the night. She had fallen asleep quickly, but not before I had received a strong sense of contentment from her. My puppy was happy, and she loved me.

My Master couldn't sleep it seemed, as he tossed and turned for several hours until he roughly ordered me to get into the bed. He even said my puppy could sleep next to me, and I had been happy.

Carefully I placed the puppy by my side, mentally sending her a stern warning not to misbehave, which earned a very sleepy 'who me?' in response. Then I curled up next to my Master, and I waited for him to take me. After all, that's the only why he let me sleep next to him, as he'd soon want to fly me.

But he was quickly asleep, and as the hours passed I realized that I would have to force the issue.

So, I began touching him, trying to be gentle and careful. My Master was so good to me, letting me share his bed, protecting me from Generals Ryan and Sinclair and especially from Randy-Assassin, and he had graciously decided to let me keep my present. So I didn't want to anger him; I was delighted when he seemed to enjoy my technique and he began stroking my hair, much like I stroked the soft fur of my puppy.

I continued to suckle and tease my Master after his first climax until he was quite wide awake and ready to fly me. I hesitantly kissed him on his face, and I quietly begged him to fly me, telling him that I needed to be taken. He hadn't touched me in over a month, and with the Excalibur's and the Alexander's extended mating flight, I needed release from my constant state of near arousal.

He looked at me with an odd expression in his eyes, and I begged again. "Please...I hunger... touch me... Fly me...You haven't flown me in so long, are you angry with me? Have I displeased you? Please... tell me so I can correct it. I am flawed, but I try so hard to please my Master."

I was near tears, trying to understand this new Master of mine, the one who had stolen my heart from me, much like Lyta's Master had stolen hers.

Then... My Master kissed me... on the lips.

Max Eilerson, Commander.

I was enjoying the nightlife on Babylon 5, when I was approached by Captain Anderson of the Victory. Quickly, I motioned for him to sit down, and he moved without delay to take a chair.

"Evening, Commander." He flashed me a quick grin. "Sarah said that you might be... interested in advancing your career?"


"Then let me give you a little advice, that you'll probably have a good chance at getting the Captain's chair finally. Rumors are circling that Ryan's cronies are no longer the Golden Children of the Guides."

Matthew Gideon I.

JT was begging me to touch him, and he thought that I was displeased with him. He was so earnest, that I found myself kissing his lips softly. We broke apart to catch our breath, and JT quickly positioned himself in the bed, legs spread wide, so I could have my pleasure. I hadn't wanted our 'relationship' to come to this, but I suddenly wanted to give the badly abused man some delight. He wanted so little in his life, and he tried so hard to please me.

But there would be absolutely no pleasure in that particular position for my Avatar, so I whispered at him to roll over.

"But, you've got to keep an eye on the puppy, OK? She's a little young to be seeing this, don't you think?"

JT hesitantly grinned at me and I realized that it was the first time I had seen my Avatar smile.

"Put her on a pillow, wrap her in blanket and put her on the floor, JT. We'll probably want the entire bed for this..."

That accomplished, with no waking of the puppy, I began kissing JT again. He responded eagerly, almost crazed in his desire to touch me and I stopped kissing him.

"No. Tonight, it's all for you. I haven't been a very nice Master recently, have I? One of these days, I'll take you away from all this. You don't deserve this, do you understand me, JT? The implants, this universe, it's so wrong. Would you like to get away from it all? You can bring your dog, I promise."

I was almost tripping over my words in my haste to see if JT wanted to leave and go home with me. There was nothing... NOTHING... in this universe that could convince JT to stay here, I was sure of it. I didn't have the faintest idea what I would do with JT in my universe, but I just couldn't leave him here!

God, there was that faint scar on his back, where they had placed my surety of good behavior inside of him. Maybe Sarah could remove it, safely. But what about the implants? Could the man be safely separated from them?

"Ship?" He whispered softly. "She was my only friend... until you. I... can't leave her. We're... one..."

"No. I don't think I can take Ship with us. She's too big." Not to mention that the Excalibur would shoot her down at first sight.

"I can't go... can't leave her. She's got no one but me..." JT suddenly looked at me. "But... you've... got to go home... and... that means... my Old Master will be back... I... I... don't want you to leave... you're... nice to me... you don't hit me... but... but... I can't... leave... Ship."

JT was in tears and I silently kissed them away. Then I made love gently with my Avatar, focusing on his complete enjoyment. He seemed stunned by what he was experiencing, and I finally had to question him during the afterglow, on why he was so surprised. I hadn't practiced any exotic Centauri techniques, but instead I merely kissed him, caressed him and carefully explored the system of implants that crisscrossed his body. Some of them, when I gently explored them, provided very... very... nice results which JT seemed to enjoy wholeheartedly.

I gently began massaging one of his implants that seemed to have a direct link to his cock. The gentlest of touches and the most tender of kisses on that enhancement caused JT to become extremely erect, so I had spent a great deal of time exploring that particular augmentation while he sighed in delighted surprise.

"Lyta... Lyta... said it was different... being touched like this... and I didn't believe... her," my Avatar whispered. "She said that..."

"Shhh... don't worry about what Lyta said, just enjoy this for now."

Finally, I had completely exhausted JT and even the manipulation of his implants didn't cause much more than a slow twitch and a slight moan of passion. He was fighting a losing battle to stay awake, and I gently tucked him into bed, while he protested that he hadn't been allowed to pleasure me more than once.

"Master." His voice was exhausted, and then he yawned before he could complete what he wanted to say. The effort seemed to take the last of his energy, and his breathing began to deepen. My little Avatar was close to falling asleep, and I wanted nothing to disturb his sleep.

"Call me Matthew. Please, I am no man's Master," I whispered.

He whispered something, dear God, it wasn't..."Love... you... ?

My Avatar was asleep and I silently cursed myself for what I had just done. If his old Master came back, how would JT handle it? Carefully I left our bed, picked the puppy off the floor, and positioned her right next to JT. Then I returned to my side of the bed, and curled up next to JT.

I'd figure out a solution tomorrow, but for now, I needed to sleep. But I couldn't fall asleep that easily as I was worried about my John Matheson. What was happening to him? What had my counterpart done to Sarah, John and Max? My mind was whirling at several times light speed, and I kept imagining more and more horrible scenarios.

I wish I had a pair of ruby slippers, as I really needed to be home right now.

Dureena. Protect John for me, please.

Dureena II.

Shit. I had been overpowered, hog tied, and a note had been placed in front of me, where it would be the first thing that I would see if and when I woke up. There was a taste in my mouth, and my headache said that Randy had slipped me something to make sure that I'd be out for a bit.

Dureena Nafeel-Assassin.

Don't worry. I'll excuse you for missing our yearly Guild Meeting. No doubt you had absolutely nothing useful to report, except for how well your Master is fucking you. Really, Dureena, one would hope that you'd get beyond that and see the really big picture. I'll send you the notes of the meeting, in which I'll circle the ones that I think are important for all of us, then I'll mark the ones that you'll think are news-worthy, but in a different color ink, and I'll detail why they really aren't that important.



Randolph J. Morrison
Colonel, EF Marines
Assassin-Grand Master
Assassins' Guild Head

PS – Don't even think of trying to get even. You aren't in my league, sugar. Speaking of which, you're long overdue for advancement in the ranks. Is there a particular reason you are not attempting Master Rank or is it because you know your skill is sorely deficient?

PS # 1 – Just to be helpful, I signed you up for reorientation on hand-to-hand combat. Your technique is atrocious, as possibly you spent entirely too much time wrestling your Captain-Master in the Sexual Realm. No need to thank me, it's what we Guild Heads must do, ensuring that all our members are adequately trained.

PS # 2 – If you ask really nicely, and I'm feeling rather generous, I'll give you your knives back. I have taken the liberty of taking all nineteen of them with the lone exception of the one that your mother gave you. What can I say? But I guess I'm sentimental that way.

PS # 3 – Go ahead, and throw something against the wall. But I'm letting you know it won't make you feel any better, especially when your Captain-Master fines you two weeks' pay for doing it.


Randy was right, damn him, I didn't feel better after I threw the vase and two picture frames against the wall.

Ed Ryan, General.

I was getting closer and closer to retirement, and actually I would have retired if the damned plague hadn't shown up. But as one of the few senior officers off planet when the Drakh had decided to raise havoc, my plans for retirement had been postponed.

"Sorry, General! We seem to have lost your paperwork during the last riot. The crowds burned the building down, so we lost it. Can you resubmit it? Thanks!"

The bubbly blonde had signed off quickly before I could curse her out. I knew perfectly damn well that my retirement request hadn't been lost in the fire. I hadn't sent them to THAT building, and besides I had sent fifteen copies.

I wanted out, as my shoulder hurt, my back hurt and I was just too damned old to be running around the universe problem solving, stamping out fires and just trying to save the universe as we knew it with a pen knife, duct tape and a paper clip.

For example, I was being sent to locate the Excalibur as, and I quote "The Captain's acting Odd" end of quote. Excuse me, the Captain's Matthew Gideon. He's a walking natural disaster looking for a place to happen.

When I investigated it further, it appeared that Captain Gideon wasn't filling out all the proper paperwork.
Isn't that nice to know?

Earth's dying but the paperwork shuffle continues.

"Bill!" I called out to my Executive Officer, Colonel Bill Trainor. "We've got to go locate Captain Gideon who appears to be in disfavor, as he's not filling out form 52-239408 correctly."

Bill gave me a quick grin. He's been my right arm since Hague died all those years ago during a fire-fight and he's used to my odd sense of humor. "Aye, aye General! EF Cruiser Agamemnon is ready to jump."

"Better warn everyone to batten down the hatches. The kid is still a little rough on his stops and starts," I grimaced in mock pain. "The Alexander..."

"The Alexander stopped on a dime, which is an antiquated form of currency that I have never seen. The Alexander is scrap metal, Ed. Rusting away in an orbit around that planet in the Orion Cluster."

"She deserved a better end than that, Bill."

"We all do," my Executive Office quickly retorted.

"Pessimistic today, Bill?"


My computations completed, I decided to return to the Excalibur, as things appeared to be getting out of hand.

Matthew Gideon I.

I woke up to the sound of Ed Ryan's voice on the com-link. He sounded excited, which made me nervous, especially since he was doing a general Command-Level Page. That meant every senior Officer was getting this page.


"What's happening?" ask Lennie Anderson.

"The Minbari appear to be rather upset with the death of Dukhat. It seems he was very high up in their power structure and now that he's dead, they're really pissed. Some Minbari named Delenn just informed us that the Minbari are a people enraged, and we're going to experience a war like we've never had. RYAN OUT!"

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