by Mistress Sarah

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Matthew Gideon II

I stockpiled as many supplies as I could, and I hid them in my quarters. The time for flight was fast approaching, and I needed to be ready to move on a moment's notice. I liked this soft universe, and I didn't want to go back to my real universe.  There were no connections there that could not be broken.

We continued jumping and we ended up on the edge of known space. The crew was edgy, and I turned on my charm.

"You have done well. There is someone I must meet here. You are being given command, Lt. Jackson, and you are to wait here for one week, and then immediately return to quadrant 0,0 to wait for further instructions. You are to also turn over the prisoners to EF, where they are to be tried on treason. Remind General Ryan that I am following his orders, and that I will return in approximately two weeks after making contact with our informant. Perhaps this will be the break we need to find the Cure."

Then I grabbed my bags, and ran like hell. There was a new universe out there for me to explore, and I had all of my alter's credits in which to do it.   Too bad I couldn't have sold his house, but nobody was buying anything on Earth lately.

John Matheson

Lovely, lovely Dureena was supporting me, and I was resting my head on her shoulder. She was gently stroking my hair, and I smiled. This was the loveliest dream I have had in the longest time.

I must be dreaming. There's no way that she'd be holding me and stroking my hair. I used to hope that one day, you and I could be lying in my bed, and I could stroke your hair.  But, since I knew I was dying, this would be enough for me.  Did we kiss, Dureena? Did you enjoy it?  I had often wanted to kiss you, but you were always so wary of people. Never letting anyone get close to you, and so much like myself that way.

"Yes, John. We kissed several times. Don't you remember?" Dureena asked me softly. "I was nervous, and you were shy, and then you convinced me to go to Stellar cartology with you. You were showing me the stars, and then you kissed me. We almost got caught by a few staff members of the Astrology department."

I must be talking out loud again, and I closed my eyes. I was so tired lately, and I wonder why Matthew hadn't come to see me.

He must be angry with me for dying. Matthew, you always take death so personally. I'm sorry, Matthew, but it will be soon. Forgive me?

"No, no. Matthew's not angry with you. Something happened with our Matthew. He hasn't been here, he doesn't know that you're sick.  Else he would be here, and he'd be yelling at Sarah."

Really? Matthew wasn't mad at me? I'm so glad, please, when he comes back, don't tell him that I was worried about why he wasn't here. Don't let him know that I was afraid that he was mad at me. He'll be angry with himself, I know he will, because he wasn't here at the end...

"John, John. John. Stop worrying about Matthew. Worry about someone else... like... you..." Dureena's voice broke, and then quickly strengthened. "Worry about me. You haven't kissed me in a bit, don't you want to kiss me again?"

"Don't think that I can do a decent job. So tired, Dureena."

"That's understandable John, you were wonderful last night, so of course, you are tired. But I'd like a kiss. Sit up, John, and I'll do it."

She placed me against the wall, and I felt her lips against mine. They were soft, and yet spicy, that mixture that was Dureena.

"Dureena... did we? I don't remember. So rude of me..."

Had we made love?

"All night long, John. You were unbelievable."

"Did I tell you... that I think... I love you..." I whispered softly as I fell asleep.

Matthew Gideon I

JT was weeping softly, and I knew that the Excalibur-Shadow Ship had died.  He was curled up in a ball of misery, and I wondered again, if I was doing the right thing by taking him to my universe. What would John Matheson, stalwart and true blue, say when he discovered that I had brought home his duplicate.

Dear God, please don't let him find out that I slept with his replica!

What was I saying? After my journey through the looking glass, I hoped that Sarah, Dureena and Max didn't find out what happened with their alters!

"Next stop, our universe," Galen announced grandiosely,  and I moved closer to JT.

"She was a fine Ship. The bravest and best that I had ever known."

Actually, I had really known only the two Ships, the Alexander and the Excalibur, and both of them had been Ships of which to be proud.

Ed, I hope wherever you were, you were happy.

Ed Ryan.
General. Agamemnon.

I wasn't happy, as I had found the goddamn blasted Excalibur finally.

I then ordered them to step down.

Lt. Jackson was listed as the 2nd Officer, and I began verbally whipping her. "Where's Gideon? Where's Matheson? Who the hell left you in charge? WHY are you here? What in the names of the Seven Hells, Elvis Presley and Centauri Hair Gel is going on here!"

She began babbling, telling me about possible insurrections, mutinies, that Gideon had gone to the planet on MY orders, and then I ordered Bill Trainor to get his ass down on the planet, and find Gideon.

"Take two squads of Marines, and then you are to restrain him. He's probably dangerous, so use caution."

"Where's the Executive Officer now?" I asked

"I think the rest of the mutineers..."

"SUSPECTED mutineers," I roared. "All you have right now, is your Captain's word that they're mutineers, and quick frankly, I never gave Gideon any orders to meet anybody on this planet.  It looks like we have to suspect that Matthew's a traitor. Where are they?"

Lt. Jackson looked like she rather be on Earth right now, what with the pee dribbling down her leg, and she began telling me where the 'mutineers' were.

"Start CUTTING them out. RIGHT NOW, that is an ORDER. And Lt. Jackson, let me advise you that this is the FIRST order that anyone on the Excalibur has received from me. But I'm promising you, that it won't be the LAST."

Sarah Chambers.

There was the sound of cutting going on, and I realized that someone was trying to get into the storage area where the four of us were imprisoned.

"What do you think?" I asked my fellow prisoners, Dureena and Max. John was sleeping sounding in the corner, and I had decided to let him sleep.  "Do we dare hope that Matthew's back and that's he trying to get us out?"

Max grabbed a piece of metal, and he began waving it. "I'm not counting on it. We better be prepared for the worse."

Dureena nodded her head. "Agreed."


I was being the perfect stewardess, and I offered both men something to drink.  They drank it, and within minutes they were asleep. I figured that it would be best for all three of us if they were deeply asleep, just because I had gotten into this alterative universe, didn't mean I was getting out.

Max Eilerson II.

I was sitting on an Inquisitor's vessel, as Sarah and I had been picked up after we had been left for dead by Gideon.  It was the first time I was on a vessel like this, and I was a trifle awe stricken for I remembered the stories from my childhood about these ships.  There was an older Inquisitor walking toward me, and I realized that Galen was walking behind the stranger.  Galen appeared to be limping, and Sarah moved closer to me for reassurance.

"Something's wrong," she whispered.

"No, nothing's wrong, children. My name is Alwyn. The Guides are happy that you decided to stay with us, rather than go with the rebels. We will handle them, but first, I have to admit that the Guides are very unhappy with the Guild's defection, and Generals Ryan and Sinclair's traitorous acts.  But, you are agreeing to stay with us, right?"

"Yes", Sarah and I answered together.

"Wonderful. I have presents for both of you."

There was something crawling on my arm, and I began moving, trying to get rid of it. I began to scream when it began burrowing into my neck and I knew that Sarah was screaming also.

God, it hurts. WHAT IS IT?

"No, no, no. It's yours forever and ever now.  We're not sure about your loyalty, so we decided to give you both Keepers. That way we can prevent future betrayals. Right, Galen?" Alwyn grinned broadly at Galen, who nodded his head.

I was still whimpering in pain and fear when Alwyn began to laugh. It was a cold, bitter laugh.

"Oh yes, Galen. I forgot, you're feeling under the weather lately, that's why you won't answer."

Galen stepped into the light, and then I knew real terror. The left side of his face had melted like wax, and there were sparks of electricity flaring from his shoulder and arm.

"I'm sure once the Guides forgive Galen his ineptitude, that they might heal him, but I think they won't. It's just a reminder for all of us what happens when we fail the Guides. Be it Terran or Inquisitor."


I woke them up, and assured them that we were home. Traveling back had been a little difficult as the tear between the two universes had been healing, but I wouldn't let them know.

Would ruin my reputation for being infallible.

Matthew Gideon I.

I managed to convince Galen and JT of the necessity of hiding JT's appearance from everyone, and that's why he was wearing Galen's cloak, with the hood covering his face.  Quickly, I decided the best thing to do was to go to the bridge, and take over command of my vessel.

What the hell happened to my Ship!

It was dirty, and I was annoyed. You're in an alternative universe for a month or so and the entire ship goes to hell!  The three of us were walking quickly toward the bridge when someone from the Agamemnon spotted me.  An alarm was sounded, and before I knew it, I was surrounded by two full platoons of rather annoyed Marines wearing the insignia of the Agamemnon.

Wait a second, isn't the Aggie, Ed Ryan's ship?  I was back at the beginning of the circle again, wasn't I?

"Take me to your leader," I intoned dramatically, as I really needed a chance to speak with Ed.

One of the Marines put his rifle right underneath my chin, and he gave me a rather scary smile.

"Absolutely, Sir. Right this way."

Ryan of the Agamemnon, on the Excalibur.

We had just managed to cut the door down when Trainor brought "Matthew" to see me.  There was a sudden confusion as someone went berserk when the Excalibur Senior Staff was being led from their jail.  One of "Matthew's" buddies , who was wearing a cloak and hood, suddenly attacked the gentleman with the beard.  He gave a shriek that sounded like a Nightmare given form, and he began throttling the bearded man.

Matthew began screaming orders at... JT.... To let go of Max, that he wasn't the Max he thought he was, and to stop.  It was during the struggle that I saw JT's face.  Add a beard, remove the implants, and he looked exactly like the Executive Officer of the Excalibur, who needed to be in MedBay stat.

JT was ignoring "Matthew", and I suddenly wished that I had actually retired.  Taking a deep breath, I began yelling orders, as often times people will follow the loudest voice in a sea of confusion.  The sound of my voice seemed to register on the man who was choking Max, as he gave me a terrified look.

My temper is legendary, I know, but I wasn't expecting his response.

"YOU'RE DEAD! I SAW YOU DIE!"  He screamed that, and crumpled into a ball.

"No, no. No. It's not him. It's not him," Matthew began repeating over and over again in the silence that had descended.

"Randy's dead. Ryan's dead. Randy died. As did Lyta."

The man was rocking back and forth, and Matthew couldn't calm him down.  The guy looked like he was two steps from a complete mental breakdown, and I suddenly knew that it was up to me, again.

I sat on the floor, and gave him a sad look, suitable for having just learned that "Randy" and "Lyta" were dead. Who the hell were these people?  Should I care? Should I not?

"Oh dear God," I think I sounded very sincere, and I mentally prepared myself for my upcoming Oscar nomination. "Not Randy. Randy's not dead. Are you sure?"

The man nodded his head.

"And Lyta? Not Lyta... Please say it isn't so. It's a shame about her, and Randy."

"Randy-Assassin was nice to me. Very few people were nice to me. You were, but you're dead. Randy gave me a puppy, but he's dead, General Ryan." The man with the implants was babbling wildly, and incoherently about dead people.

"The puppy? The puppy's DEAD?"

Lord, I was getting confused by all the dead people, and I could use a score card. Again, I focused on soothing and consoling the distraught man.  "Don't call me General, call me Ed."

"No, she's not dead, but you are!"

"Ed," "Matthew" began.

"I didn't say you could call me Ed, as you're in a lot of hot water right now, "MATTHEW"," I growled. "General Ryan is my title, especially to you."

"JT?" I called the man, who was shaking.  "That's your name, right?"

He nodded.

"The puppy's not dead? That's good. Randy gave it to you, right?" Seeing the man agree to that made me feel a little better as at last I knew someone wasn't dead. "Randy knew that you'd take care of her. Is she here? She must be very, very scared right now. Like you are. Why don't we take everyone down to MedBay, and we'll check everyone out, including the puppy."

"Is the puppy here? She must be really, really scared." I was using my most soothing tone of voice with JT, and I was still nervous. His eyes were wild, and I think he was damn close to snapping. Talking about the puppy seemed to call him down, so I would talk about the puppy until the cows came home!

He removed something from his jacket, and I stared at it. There was a sleeping puppy encased in something that looked like gel. I swear it looked like she was snoring, and she even was wearing a multi-colored bow in her hair.

"May I touch it?" I asked.

JT nodded and hesitantly handed me the puppy in a bubble. It was warm, soft and malleable, and it gave me the heebie-jeebies to touch it. I quickly gave the puppy in a bubble back to the man, and the relief in his eyes surprised me. He didn't think I was going to keep the dog, did he?

"Let's take her to MedBay and everyone can get checked out." I repeated again, and I motioned for the Marines to help the Excalibur's Senior staff down to Medbay.  They were bringing out the Executive Officer when JT suddenly looked at him.

They were bloody identical, and I wasn't surprised when JT began to scream again.  The only thing that surprised me was when the Executive Officer joined him.

Matthew Gideon I.

I explained over and over again to General Ryan what had happened, who JT was, why the puppy was in the gel, and everything else I could. He asked me questions that I couldn't answer, because I just didn't know the information, and I was debriefed for hours.

"If you hadn't brought JT back with you, I probably wouldn't have believed you." Ryan admitted. "Who the hell are Randy and Lyta?"

"Lyta was JT's counterpart on the Alexander. Randy was your executive officer."

Ed seemed to reflect on that, and I could tell he was thinking deeply. "This is rather interesting, as there appears to be similar situations in the two universes.  I don't know a Lyta, but I do know a Randy. Was his last name, Morrison, by any chance? Really big guy? Blond?"

"Yes," I answered.

"Oh my God," he whispered. "General Morrison? I promoted him to General? I mean, my alter did. Oh my God."

The General seemed deeply startled by the news, and he  wiped his eyes with his left hand. It was free of the wedding ring that the other Ed had worn and he wasn't wearing a moustache. Similarities, but significant differences.

"What happened to Randy?" I asked.

"He and I worked together early on in my career.  They finally had to mind-wipe him, because he was a psychopath. Randy was charming, witty and unbelievably intelligent. He had a horrible childhood, and one day, he went home on Shore Leave and he killed his parents. I personally think they got what they deserved, but they decided to mind wipe him because he didn't show the slightest bit of remorse." General Ryan waved his hands again.

"I liked him, as did Maggie. She was my wife before my career destroyed my marriage."


I was ashamed of myself, and I wished I had Ship to talk with. I knew that Master... MATTHEW was from another universe and that he was different from the Gideon I knew. Therefore, why did I immediately attack the man that looked like Commander Eilerson? If Matthew was different, then so might be this universe's Max.

They had placed me in an isolation bay and the windows had been dark tinted for privacy. I began to sniffle softly, as I feeling slightly overwhelmed with all the changes I had been through.  Matthew hadn't stopped by to see me, and while I knew he must be quite busy, still I missed seeing a familiar face of whose personality I was sure of.

The puppy moved and wiggled in the Vacuole, and soon she was completely free from the Ship's Vacuole.  Eagerly, she licked my face, and wanted to explore this new world. So many different smells and different sights that needed to be investigated immediately. Her tail wagged with enthusiasm, and I could sense her thoughts.


She was looking for Ship, and I had to tell her that her friend was dead.  She began to wail and bark in her grief, and I began crying harder.

Sarah Chambers.

John Matheson's clone was crying uncontrollably, and I could hear the sounds of a whimpering puppy.

Just another routine day on the good ship Excalibur, and I went back to the task at hand which required me to somehow balance John Matheson's blood chemistry.

His blood ph was extremely acidodic, and I was concerned about possible permanent cellular damage. Matthew's alter had completely overloaded John with sleepers, and even now the amount of sleepers in his blood stream was still elevated.

"How is he?" Dureena asked me softly.

She was being protective of John lately, and I was hoping that it meant what I hoped it did.  The normally verbose thief was quietly sitting next to his bed, and she was gently stroking his hair. If John had only been awake, I'm sure he would have been delighted yet horribly embarrassed by her attention, but he was deeply asleep.

"Better, but still not out of the woods yet. I'm working on it, and I think it'll take a few weeks before his telepathic abilities will be back."

"How about the other One. JT, is that what Matthew called him?" Dureena seemed to be trying to find something to say, but she still was busy stroking John's hair.

"JT's.... JT's ... odd.  I don't have the faintest idea what to say to him. I put him in the isolation bay, as I figured this is overwhelming him.  It's just him and the dog. They both sobbing right now, so I am just letting them be. I need to do a medical scan on him, but I don't have the faintest idea what his baselines are suppose to be. He's completely fused with the implants, and Galen isn't sure that they're acting appropriately."

Galen had mentioned something about JT being fused with a ship, and that with JT being severed from the ship that it might adversely affect the young man. The dog hit a particularly shrill note of woe, and I flinched.

Dureena looked startled, "How long has that noise been going on?"

"Fifteen minutes."

Ed Ryan.

I finally let Gideon go and I began trying to figure out how to start this report.

To Whom it May Concern;

Please excuse Matthew Gideon from not completing his forms properly and being a month or so overdue on the others. Matthew Gideon was apparently in another alternative universe, where he picked up a friend and a dog, and met my Alter and an Alter of a man I knew was brain wiped. It appears that I died honorably, in a battle to save their Earth.

As soon I can figure this out, I will write a full report.



I tore up that rough draft and threw them in the garbage. I usually liked writing out a rough draft before I began my verbal reports as it made one sound less like an idiot.

There was no way in hell that I'd ever sound like I didn't belong in four point restraints with this story.

Perhaps this might be better.

Dear Chiefs of Staff;

Spoke to Gideon. Gave him a tongue lashing and he promises that he'll never be late with another form again.


PS – Find my retirement papers and file them again ASAP.

PPS – Enclosing six copies of said retirement papers.

PPPS – I am serious this time.

PPPPS – Have someone track down my ex-wife Maggie and find her location. Use as much manpower as necessary. You owe me that much.

I looked at that draft, and decided that it had potential.

Then I started another letter, and this one took me significantly longer.

My dearest Maggie-Mae,

Please accept these twelve dozen red roses, as each one represents a time I think of you during a day in my life. I admit that I was wrong; I'm retiring, and I'd wish that you'd let bygones be bygones for I never stopped loving you, even when you left me. I never stopped wanting to see you and the children again, even though I couldn't find you.

I tried to find you after the Earth-Minbari War, truly I did. I went to where our house once stood, and there was nothing but ashes.

I love you still, and I just want to see you again. Just once.



Back on the Good Ship Excalibur, and I was delighted.  I was no longer being chased by angry Marines, the Excalibur didn't have tentacles, and Max Eilerson was back to being my favorite pain in the ass, mouthy and sarcastic, but at least he wasn't brandishing a PPG rifle.

Ed had disappeared, and he allowed me to keep JT onboard the Excalibur, as Sarah believed that his current condition was too unstable to allow him to be transport to the Joint Chief of Staffs, who wanted a chance to see an Avatar up close.

I went to Medbay and nearly decided not to go in when I heard the dog whining before the doors opened.

"How are things going, Sarah?" I asked brightly, trying to forget the fact that I was the one that brought the dog to the ship.

"Puppy and Master are upset.  John's sleeping, but I'm cautiously optimistic that I'll be able to correct his baseline vitals. Just see John really quick, because when he started getting toxic from the sleepers, he got confused. He kept asking why you wouldn't come see him, as he thought you were angry with him."

"Ok. How's JT?" I asked.

"Damned if I know. Galen's trying to figure out what his baseline is suppose to be. But he's not taking this well. Is he a little emotionally... fragile?"

"Sarah, they used to beat the shit out of him for kicks.  And a few other things that I don't want to tell you about because they'll give you nightmares. You met my alter, you saw what he did to John, so just believe me when I tell you that he hated Telepaths. Now... where's John?"

"Over there. You can hear where JT is. Just follow the sounds of a canine."

John Matheson.

He was here, talking to me, and I opened my eyes.

Matthew seemed delighted to see that I was awake, and he gave me his usual smile. "Look, I've been away, that's why I haven't been by to see you. When you're feeling better, we'll talk about where I was. You'll never believe it."

"Thought I saw... someone... looked like me."  My tongue was thick, and my throat dry.

"Yes. His name is JT, and he does look a great deal like you.  He's rather shy, so I think meeting you scared him. Now, go to sleep. I'll see you soon."

Then Matthew left my sickroom, and Dureena started laughing.  "Are you happy now? All you were asking for was for Matthew, and now that he's here, you can talk about other people."

" in particular?"  I gave her a tired smile.

"How about me.... And you...."

Matthew Gideon

The dog was by now quite asleep, thankfully, and I entered JT's isolation chamber after having a complete body decontamination. CBDs are not a lot of fun to endure, so I tried to keep my voice cheery.

"Heya Tiger. How are you? How's the dog?"

JT seemed slightly feverish, and I was immediately concerned.

"Rena's upset about Ship. She cried and cried and she wouldn't stop until she fell asleep. I'm upset, too. And I'm sorry about attacking Max. Did I hurt him? Who's that man with my face? Is his name JT also? Who is he? Tell me, tell me. Please."

"Shhh...  Rena? Did you name the dog?" I asked.

JT nodded.

"I like the name.  It's ok to be upset about Ship. She was a good friend to both of you, and it's perfectly understandable to mourn her passing.  Max is fine, though a little startled. I explained to him why you did it, and he understands."

Actually he sarcastically asked me why I couldn't keep my pets on leashes, but I gave him my usual "Don't fuck with me" smile and he ran away.

"What about the man with my face? He doesn't wear implants, does he?" JT's voice was soft.

"No, his name is John Matheson, and he's my Executive Officer. Max, in this time and place, is non-military, and John is a Telepath. The first one ever in Earth Force, breaking all the barriers for your kind. Here we don't implant our Telepaths and treat them as sub-human. Least, we try not to; we've come a long way, and there's a lot further to go, but we're trying."

"Does he love you...  as much as I do?"  JT's eyes stared at me intensely.

"No. He doesn't love me at all. We're friends, nothing more.  John doesn't love me like you do."

"Good.  I'm glad." JT yawned, and he began stroking Rena tenderly. "Else... I'd be... jealous of him...I feel... strange.... Without Ship. Incomplete. Tired."

"Get to sleep, JT, I'll be back to see you. Try to keep Rena quieter, as she's making a little too much noise, ok?"


I left JT's chambers, and I began questioning Galen and Sarah.

"Sarah, Galen. He's spiking a temperature.  How come?" I tried to keep the concern from my voice.

"The Ship appeared to regulate the implants.  They're running amuck in him right now, and his body is trying to adjust to them.  I've been trying to modify our virus shield to see if we can use that to possibly slow down the mutations. His immune system is compromised, so that's why we're decontaminating anyone that visits or treats him." Sarah gave me a gentle smile, "We let him keep the dog because he got hysterical when we tried to remove her from the isolation room.  The puppy wasn't happy either, and so we decided to keep them together. We give her plenty of canine treats, and she seems happy."

"Good. I'm glad." I was about to leave the room, when I remembered Randy.

In my time and place, he had been mind-wiped, and deemed incorrigible while in the alternative universe, he had been trained as an Assassin, and had helped save Earth.  Who was to say what was the right thing? Randy Morrison had enjoyed putting bows in the dog's hair and she had seemed to like wearing it, as though she believed it made her prettier.

What the hell, I'd do it for Randy.

"Do you have a ribbon? Or a bow? To put in her hair. I think JT would like that."

I then left, but not before I nearly laughed at the dumbfounded expression on Sarah's face.

"A BOW? You want me to put a bow in her HAIR?"

As the days progressed, John Matheson became stronger, and JT became weaker and weaker.  Rena flatly refused to leave his side, even while Sarah was treating him, and I spent a great deal of time with him.  I insisted that they play classical music for him constantly in his treatment area, and it seemed to comfort him.

Occasionally, when the three of us were alone, JT would kiss my fingers, and thank me for being such a kind Master. I'd have to leave soon afterwards, and I would hope for some sort of encouraging sign from Sarah. No, instead she would just shake her head.

John Matheson.

If I mentally stretched slightly, I could hear a mental pre-whisper. I took that as a good sign, as a possibility that my Telepathic ability was slowing returning to me.  Physically, I felt strong and vigorous, and I chafed at being confined in to an isolation chamber in Medbay.  I was confined there, so I could get some privacy, which I really enjoyed when Dureena came to visit me.

She seemed interested in me, which amused me.  I'd smell her musky scent first,  then the lights would dim, and then I would find her snuggled next to me.  I was surprised when she first kissed me, and I was extremely startled when our kissing progressed to some serious foreplay.  Her skin was soft and smooth, and I loved running my hands over her body.

Sarah caught the two of us once, and I secretly think Dureena and she had planned it.  We were busy kissing, and Dureena had managed to undress me from my gown.  I was covered by numerous blankets, but her hands were busy playing with my erection, which had roared to life.  Dureena loved teasing me, driving me wild with kisses and caresses, and my body was far too eager to respond.

"What is going on here?" Sarah asked, as she turned on the lights.

I jumped up, realized that Dureena was giggling, and that my blanket was about to slide off the damn bed, leaving me completely bared for the world.

"Sarah," Dureena cooed, as she began kissing my neck. "Can't you knock. Do you want to join us? John's more than ready right now."

Dureena and Sarah  laughed delightedly, and I turned fuchsia. Dureena's hand was making a rather noticeable bulge in the blanket, and she was increasing the speed and the pressure of her squeezes. I was feeling... really, really good.

"No, by all means, carry on!"

Dureena gave me a wicked laugh, and then she began slowing the speed of her squeezes, and started increasing the intensity. I was an absolute puddle of desire in her hands, and Dureena knew it. She stopped and then she began to nuzzle my neck.

I gave a long moan of regret and unfulfilled passion, and the thief laughed.

"You like that, don't you? We can't finish it here, but when you're better, and back in your room. I'd love to see if we can finish it."

There were a few other visitors, but I was still intrigued by the person who wore my face in the other isolation chamber. He was the one with the dog, and apparently, everyone in MedBay loved the dog, and some of the staff took turns grooming her. I wanted to meet him, but my requests were refused.

"JT's not doing well, and we need to keep him isolated," Sarah told me.

And so my days and night went, until we were attacked.

John Matheson

The Excalibur was in a fight, I could tell by how the ship was responding. There was a hum in the air that only took place during a battle, and I could feel the percussion of alien fire on our shields. They were taking evasive action, but it sounded like we were in the thick of it.

I wanted to help, and do something more constructive than lying in bed, waiting to be cleared for duty, and I began to pace. Sarah shook her head, and then she was off with a medical team to Engineering. I heard the clanging of alarms, and I realized that we had fires on decks three, four and seven.

Another medical team sped out, and I became anxious, watching the streaming of wounded into MedBay. Too many were Engineering, Environmental Services and our Fire Team. The ship did another hard rock, and there were more alarms.

The ship was faltering, I could feel it in the uneasy stumbling in its normally smooth ride. I grabbed my pants, grateful that I could find them. Running down the hallway in a medical gown would have been embarrassing, but I knew I had to get out of Med Bay. I couldn't be on the bridge, but I could probably do something to help.


The Ship was in pain. I could feel his agony clearly. While he wasn't sentient like my Ship had been, there was still an overwhelming feeling of pain. He was faltering, exhausted in battle, and I could tell that he was losing key components of his system.

I wonder why they never thought to merge people and Ships for times like this. When Ship had been wounded as badly as this, I was able to help her with repairs, relaying decisions, and consoling her by reassuring her that her pain was shared.

Perhaps, I could help this Ship and repay a debt to Matthew. I was dying, I knew, and the most they could do was postpone the inevitable. My implants were running wild, and I was growing weaker by the day. It would be soon, and I wondered if I would find Ship in the afterlife. Would she be there, waiting for me?

Carefully, I cut my arm, removing one of the implants from my arm and then I began investigating where I could merge with the ship.

"Rena, behave. If anything happens to me, stay with Matthew, please." I told her, and she gave me a worried bark.

Racing through the electronic maze of alien circuitry, I began searching for the Excalibur. I found him, a small child confused and bewildered by the increasing pain he was experiencing. I lunged for him, and I grabbed him, pouring myself into the matrix. We were merging, and I was no longer alone.

I am here, and you are no longer alone!

Matthew Gideon.

The Excalibur was getting its ass kicked and half of the essential systems were down. There was a sudden whirl of activity, and then the systems started coming back on-line with boards and panels lighting up like Christmas trees. Then the rest of the good guys showed up, and we were saved.

It was later that Sarah told me JT had died. I felt a whirl of emotions in my soul, sadness, grief, yet relief. Ed had warned me that the Chief of Staffs wanted to investigate further into how JT was fused with his implants, and I hadn't wanted that. Rena was lying next to him, guarding her Master, and JT appeared to have linked with the Ship by merging some of his internal implants with the wiring of Medbay. No doubt that's why the Excalibur's critical systems had rebooted unexpectedly during the middle of the fire fight.


I kept Rena, and I, at last, grew fond of the damn dog, who growled and nipped at my feet whenever I tried to stretch out in my bed. She insisted on sharing it with me, or should I say, she graciously allowed me to share my bed with her, as Rena insisted on hogging the best spot. The best spot changed nightly, sometime it was my pillow, sometimes it was the very middle of the bed, but always, always I knew not to try and move her.

Sometimes when I was alone, in the elevator, I would hear the faintest sound of classical music, and there were other times that when I leaned against a bulwark or wall, I'd swear that it would grow warmer, as though something was responding to my presence.

I hoped that JT was happy where ever he was, and then I'd try a little harder for the next few days to compliment the Ship on a job done well.

You never know who might be listening.

Possible consequences of letting your things lie around unattended when you have a puppy...
But only follow this link if you want to risk ruining your serious mood after this ending. ;-) - Lily

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