by Mistress Sarah

Disclaimer: These are not my characters. They are owned, copyrighted and created by far wiser people than me. I have attempted to bring them back to life for a short time, attempting to ease that gaping hole in my heart where B5/Crusade once was.
Note: Series is NC-17. m/f, m/m.
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The Queen of the Known Universes sat in the Captain's Chair, and she ignored her slave's attempts to get her out of it. She was beautiful, with her hair brushed and shiny, and a large multicolored bow in her hair. She was partial to bows, she had to admit, perhaps a bit too much so, but she liked wearing them since it reminded her of the large man who had given her the most special slave in the known universes.

Her special slave, who she loved the most of all her slaves, had always talked with her, brushed her and had given her treats.

"Who let the goddamn dog on the bridge? John?" Her slave growled.

Unfortunately, her special slave had died, and as had her other friend, SHIP, leaving her with a real dunderhead. The current slave didn't talk to her, except to moan and groan about..."Dog hair" which annoyed the Queen of the Known Universe. What about all the people hair on her bed? Did she complain? No, she sadly dealt with it as a price of having a slave.

And no puppy treats, NONE. The large man had always sneaked her puppy treats, as had her beloved prized slave, but this one was rather... chintzy... with the puppy treats. Even her special slave's physical double gave her more, and he was always willing to give her a good scratch. He never complained about puppy hair on his black uniform. In fact, sometimes she wished that he was her personal slave as he treated her like the royalty she was.

That's why when the dunderhead had left the box out, she had nuzzled it, wondering if there was a life time supply of puppy treats in it that he was hiding from her.

And what she had found, was better than any puppy treats in the known universes!

That's why she was sitting in the Captain's Chair, because... it was CAPTAIN Rena to you, slaveboy.

The Queen of the Known Universes gave a sharp bark, and then one of her pets in security muzzled her slave, and tied him to her chair.

Maybe she'd walk him later, maybe she wouldn't, but he'd realize that SHE was the one in charge now.

That done, she decided to take a nap, and the sound of her snoring filled the bridge.

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