Captain-Master & Executive Officer

by Mistress Sarah

Disclaimer: These are not my characters. They are owned, copyrighted and created by far wiser people than me. I have attempted to bring them back to life for a short time, attempting to ease that gaping hole in my heart where B5/Crusade once was.
Note: Series is NC-17. m/f, m/m.
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Captain-Master was acting strangely, poring over crew reports, his personal log and my collection of data regarding his rescue. He was studying them voraciously, almost as though he was trying to memorize them, and I could sense that he was developing one of his headaches. They were ferocious, striking without warning, and I quickly moved in to try and prevent the headache from developing further.

I had no compassion for Captain-Master, but when he was in the grips of one his headaches, his mood would turn darker, and nothing I did was sufficient to please him. The mark on my cheek had been from his last headache, shortly before he disappeared. I could still remember how hard his hand had landed on my face, and how I had bled from his attack.

Executive Officer Eilerson had enraged him, and Captain-Master taken it out on me.

I had attempted to pleasure him twice as Captain-Master had instructed me, and my efforts had been firmly rebuffed. The second time I had felt his absolute revulsion that I was touching him, and then I had felt his guilt that he had pushed me away hard enough for me to land on my side.

Captain-Master never felt remorse about hurting me, for I am a trained animal, much like a horse, linked with Ship to help in the fight against the Others. Animals have no feelings, no desires beyond food, a need for procreation and a place to sleep. So why did Captain-Master's queasiness affect me this badly?

I do not know, but I continued to massage his neck and temples, wishing again that my cursed ancestors had never met and reproduced. Far better never to be born than to be cursed forever more by genetics.

Personal Log: the REAL Mathew Gideon who's trapped in Never Never Land.

I was on a ship called the Excalibur, and things had gone to hell in a hand basket while I had been trapped in that spatial distortion.

Mind-Freak was actually running around unattended, with no collar or leash in sight. I was tempted to rip Eilerson a new hole in that ass of his, for letting things slip that badly, but I suddenly realized that Eilerson had both of his baby blues, and wasn't wearing his goatee. When he first decided to grow it, I told him to shave it, as it made him look like a Mind-freak who hadn't learned how to use a fork and spoon to eat.

That comment had nettled him, and I had enjoyed his impotent fury. Eilerson thinks he such a brain, and the fact that he's only made Commander really grates on his ego.  He's such a loser, so I had given him Mind-Freak to play with, letting him know that he could pretend that he was Captain-Master with Ship-boy.

I hadn't been surprised when Ship-boy had been returned to me rather the worse for wear. Eilerson's such a repressed soul that no doubt his temper had been explosive when Ship-freak had arrived at his quarters. Then I had taken Ship-boy repeatedly, until I had him screaming out that only I was his Captain-Master and only I knew how to handle him.

Not Eilerson. Not the Grand Inquisitor, not Dureena and not even my favorite Doctor who loved beating Freak black and blue, but Matthew Gideon was his Captain-Master.

Wisely, I had kept my mouth shut, realizing quickly that I wasn't on MY ship.  Ship-Freak was actually talking out loud, and giving orders. I had trained his counterpart so that the only time he spoke was when I told him he could.

I needed to find out where the hell I was, and how the hell to get back to MY universe.  Else I'd teach that freak who the hell was fucking boss. But for now, I needed to get some sleep, and pretend that my convalescence was taking longer than it really was. That way, any slips I made could be blamed on my near death experience.

Matthew Gideon I

JT was skilled, his hands massaging away the tightness in my neck and face. Suddenly, I was unbelievably tired, and I just wanted to go to bed.


I decided to make sure that JT wasn't going to climb into the bed and try seducing me.

"Enough. Go to bed." I ordered the man-animal in front of me.

JT nodded his head, and suddenly I hated myself for how easily I was slipping into the mind-set that JT was a barely sentient animal. I knew first hand what type of man John truly was, but I had a nagging thought in the back of my mind.

That was there, and this is here.

I needed to know who the hell I could trust, and I suddenly wondered if my counterpart had an Apocalypse-Oracle Box of his own. That dark thought was for tomorrow, when I was rested, and able to think clearly, and not tonight.

Matthew Gideon I

I couldn't sleep, which didn't surprise me, even though my doppelganger had the nicest bed that I've slept in for some time. Dozing for a while, I would wake up every few minutes because I thought JT was going to crawl into bed with me.

Giving up sleep as a lost cause, I got out of bed quietly, and nearly stepped on JT. It took a little bit of fancy footwork to ensure that I didn't place my foot squarely on his face.

He was curled up in a ball, sleeping at the foot of my bed, like a dog. There was even a little rug for him to sleep on, and my disgust for this alternative universe grew even more. They didn't even give him a pillow or a blanket, so I grabbed one of the spare blankets that Gideon had, and carefully covered the sleeping man.

I knew I was making a mistake being compassionate to JT, because once I left and the other Matt showed up, JT's 'life' would be horrific once again.

He isn't John Matheson, stop feeling sorry for him. He doesn't seem to mind. Maybe all he wants is a little rug to sleep on, and what right do I have to decide that's not what he deserves?

But the image of JT in Medbay, his dark eyes full of hate, haunted me. Was he little more than an animal? Or was he more?

You can't change things in this universe; you're only one man, Matt.

Enough of the social commentary, let's go find that Apocalypse Box. If I were a Box, where would I be hiding?

It took a few minutes, but I located it, and I wasn't surprised to see that it looked different than the one with which I was familiar. It was cold to the touch, and instead of the ornate detailing, it was metallic and dull. I opened the lid, and the box glowed BLACK.

[[[??????? You are - but you're not???????]]]

"Listen o' box. I'm not your Matthew Gideon, and I want to know how the hell to get out of here."

[[[ Return to the beginning.]]]

"Wonderful. Is there something in your contract that says you can't give me a straight answer?"

[[[ laughter ]]]

"Who do I trust here? I need to know."

[[[ Questions you need to answer. Who are they? Who do they trust? Who do they serve? What do they want? More importantly, who do YOU trust? ]]]

"That's not an answer!"

But the damn thing refused to say any more.

Matthew Gideon I

I realized that I had only one option. I had to fool these people into believing I was their Matthew Gideon, which meant that I couldn't be nice to JT. I had to act so much like this other Gideon that even our two mothers couldn't tell us apart.  I suspected that the other Matthew didn't have a mother, instead he was spawned in the depths of hell and had come crawling out fully-grown, but I couldn't think like that. Embrace him, pretend to be him, and keep looking at that data from your rescue mission. For in that unbelievable mess of data hid the solution to finding your way home.

I was still staring at the computer terminal when I realized that JT was sitting on the floor next to me. Swiveling in the chair to face him, I suddenly understood what was going to happen next, and the thought disgusted me.

Enough, I had to pretend that I was the Captain-Master, and I squashed my revulsion firmly. I had to fool everyone, including JT, because I couldn't trust him not to turn on his 'master' at the first opportunity.

Hesitantly, JT untied my robe, as though he were expecting me to hit him, and he began nuzzling the inside of my leg. His warm arms encircled my waist while he pulled me to the edge of the chair, and then my slave began to kiss my inner thigh.

Trying to remain aloof during this, I took a few of the reports that JT had given me and I began studying them intently.

It might help matters, if they were right side up, Mattie.

Correcting that problem quickly, I began concentrating on the spatial anomaly that had occurred where I was found.

His lips were continuing upwards on the inside of my leg, and I was steadily responding. Thankfully, that was an automatic reaction, and I tried not to gasp when he nipped my leg.

"Don't!" I said authoritatively, while I smacked his head with the flat of my hand. I was proud of the fact that I was still able to read the reports while JT was going down on me. Yeah, so I didn't understand a damn thing I was reading but... at least I was trying.

Just another day in the office, Mattie.

He was rubbing his hands over my steadily hardening erection. One hand, then the other, always in contact with my sensitized skin. His lips touched my tip and he began sucking hard. JT had no real finesse in his techniques, apparently having only been taught the bare basics in the field of lust, and I found myself responding in record time.  I came hard, and JT continued sucking me until I was limp.

I managed not to yell out as I bit my lip to prevent myself from crying out. The papers in my hand barely shook during my climax, and JT soon was again teasing my body.

Oh dear God, how many times is he going to do this tonight?

Matthew Gideon I

Next Day

JT had thankfully already left my quarters to report to work, and I was debating what to do next. But I knew what I had to do, as it was time to meet up with my Executive Officer, and find out how things stood between us.

Eilerson? Why the hell did it have to be Eilerson?

Matthew Gideon II - Excalibur.

Fucking wonderful. Mind freak is my EXECUTIVE OFFICER! How the hell did that happen?  He wants to speak to me, and I've told him that for now, I'm not up to it. I'll never be up to it, if I can help it. Gods above, it makes my skin crawl, that he's walking and talking like he's not a fucking freak of nature. I've been told since I was a small child by my teachers, and the Guides, that Telepaths are freaks, that they have been created by the Others to help destroy our people by planting subversion and despair in weak minds.

Inbred freaks, the only use they have are to be merged with the Ships, so that the ships can react faster, and fly better than the alien races that worship the Others. The Bonehead-Minbari fell to our collective might, and even now, the top council of the Earth Alliance are rumored to be debating about turning against our long time big-haired Allies. I'd like to scalp a few of the pompous fools. The Centauri's time has long since come and gone, and now, it was time for the Earth to take control of our part of the galaxy.

I accessed as much of Gideon's records as I could, and I was annoyed to find out that he had password protected his personal logs. What? Didn't he have his people trained well enough so that he knew that nobody would dare look at the stuff?

I wish I had my Captain-Master's cudgel right now, as I was tempted to smear John Matheson's face across the stars.

He had a NAME. Like he was a PERSON. As far as I knew Mind-Freak didn't have a name, but I hadn't researched it very far. When I was feeling generous, I called him Spot or Fifi and patted him on his head for a job well done. Occasionally, if he was a really good Freak, I hooked him up to a VR program, so he could have a little fun. I didn't think even Ship-boy could go without a little self-gratification now and then.

Steady, Matt. You want to get back to where you belong, and the best bet is to pretend that you're this other guy. Shouldn't be too hard, as it appears that you got all the smarts, cunning and guile and he's got shit for brains.

A Path! For an Executive officer! I sure hoped that this other Matthew Gideon had at least protested being giving a freak of nature as an Executive officer - else I'd be tempted to locate him and beat him up just for besmirching the reputations of Matthew Gideons everywhere.

God, I had such a headache forming, and I wished that Freak-boy were here to massage it away. Then I'd hit him a few times, because it was HIS fault that I had the headache.

Matthew Gideon I.

Tight leather pants, and a leather jacket. Plus something that looked like a club, so that I could cudgel a crew member or two before lunch. JT had carefully laid them out for me before he had scrambled off to work, and I had been surprised by the relief I had felt when he had disappeared.

I couldn't believe that I let him perform oral sex on me last night. Repeatedly. Yes, it was because I needed to be this other Matthew Gideon, but it still wasn't right.

Enough. Time to meet Maximilian B. Eilerson, Commander, who from all reports, hated my guts.

Matthew Gideon I.

First of all, I hated the décor of his office. Dark, threatening, foreboding, and only two chairs. I had the taller of the two, and the look on Max's face plainly said that he knew why he had the shorter chair.

Lord. That goatee of Eilerson's looked ridicilious. At least I wasn't staring at his eyepatch. I always thought Max was a pirate..... Now I knew. Yo ho ho, and a bottle of rum.

Enough, Matthew!

"Commander Eilerson. I was disappointed that you didn't stop by to see me during my recent illness."

"I was going to bring candy and flowers, but there was a shortage of them onboard. Apparently everyone was bringing them to our good Captain. I could have ordered some, but I'd hate for you to get a cavity and blame me."

God! He even sounded like him!

"Your concern is noted, Commander Eilerson. Now, I want to talk to you about what happened during my rescue attempt." When I mentioned that, Eilerson suddenly had an uneasy look in his single blue eye, which quickly fled elsewhere. In my Max, it meant that I had hit on something that he didn't want me to know about.

"We did our best, Sir."

He was lying, I could sense it.

"But the Mind-Freak was being difficult. Kept refusing to go to where your ship was found, claiming it was an unstable portion of space."

Fascinating. I had not read that in JT's reports. He had remarked that he and Ship had been trying to find a way to counteract the temporal flux, then Eilerson had gotten annoyed with him, and had broken the neural net. The breaking of the net had caused JT to be momentarily dazed and defenseless, and Eilerson had given him to a security team for a few lessons in manners.

"So you yanked him off-line. I've read the reports, Commander Eilerson, and what the Ship's logs say don't quite agree with what you're saying. The Ship and Avatar were trying to safely handle the temporal flux when you yanked him off-line.  You could have crashed the ship's computer doing that, and you would have lost my location. I probably..."

I looked at him, and I realized abruptly that this Eilerson was dangerous. Because he looked directly in my eyes when he lied to me, unlike the Max I knew.

"I probably would have been lost in space forever. If you want command that badly, Commander Eilerson, you're going to have to be a damn sight less clumsy about it. Dismissed!"

Eilerson turned tail and ran, and I suddenly had a headache forming.

Shit. I want to go home.

Matthew Gideon II - Excalibur.

I had a brief conversation with Matheson, and I think he didn't realize how distasteful I found him. I kept having to remind myself that he was acting almost like he thought he was a regular human being.

I advised him that Chambers had me off duty for a few more days, and to enjoy running the ship while I was out of action.

You better, because the minute I'm back, I'm taking command, Freak-Boy.

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