"Jaws of Death"

by Mistress Sarah

Disclaimer: These are not my characters. They are owned, copyrighted and created by far wiser people than me. I have attempted to bring them back to life for a short time, attempting to ease that gaping hole in my heart where B5/Crusade once was.
Note: Series is NC-17. m/f, m/m.
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Matthew Gideon I

Roughly, I began ordering everyone to battle stations. I had Dureena check on JT who from all appearances, looked quite happy with himself, as he had defended me from Max. I had to agree that he had done a rather impressive job.

GALEN! I really need to get out of here. Quickly!

Randy's voice was still changing from person to person, and I realized that his personality was fragmenting right before my eyes. But his ideas were lucid, and well thought out, so I found myself regretfully agreeing to his plans. I've known quite a few generals that I thought were crazy, but usually their plans were unwise.

His were not. They were brilliant. So, he's crazy. I can handle that, just as long as those plans came from Eddie Ryan, and keep on coming from Eddie.


The Alexander was reporting that there were only the two of us alive on the ship. Escape pods had been launched, so Ed was glad that not every one of my... our... crew had died.

Ed. Stop it with the compassion. I can't handle empathy! I'm not wired for it!

I began ordering Alex to re-install life support on the command deck, and I smiled at Lyta. She gave me a hesitant smile back, and I was amused to it.

"She's not here, right now. She's on Cheron, waiting for you. She's beautiful. Just like her mother.• I whispered softly. "No one will ever be able to separate us again. Cheron's beautiful, isn't it?•

My mind was racing from thought to thought, and for a moment, I worried about my mental stability. Too much had happened, and with Ed riding along in my head, I knew my fabled Assassin control w fracturing uncontrollably. But I didn't care. I kissed Lyta's hands.

"You didn't answer me. Aren't you happy? There will be no need to be afraid of me. You can let yourself love her. You don't need to be afraid of me. I never hurt you, you have to admit that. I was always very careful with you. Please... please... admit that. You know that I'm right.•

She nodded, and I kissed her hands again.

I was rather looking forward to being dead, truth be told.

Galen I.

I think I had found the way to get Matthew and his stray home. Plus his puppy. I would have to be the matrix, connecting the two spatial tears... but it might work. Scientifically, the equation was elegant and refined. It could easily be the pinnacle of a Mage's contribution to the collective knowledge of my people.

It was too bad that it was far too dangerous to ever let anyone find out about it.


I had given Master his PPG gun today, and he had hidden it. It was a good thing he had done so, as Max had rebelled. I was so proud of myself. I had defended my Master, and I had helped subdue Maximilian Eilerson.

Dureena had been injured, but still my Master had sent her to check on me. I assured her that I was in good health, and that she should be looked after. She gave me an odd smile, and told me that she was fine, for the first time in years.

"Wonderful job, little one. You did such a wonderful job defending our Master.• She whispered softly, and she smiled again. "I should get you some chocolate. You'd like that, wouldn't you?•

I nodded, as Dureena was acting strangely again. Times like this, I just nodded my head, and agreed with everything she said.

"Good, good boy. So proud of you, our Master is...•

Her smile was too bright, and I began to get afraid.

"Dureena-Assassin. Go to Medbay and have your shoulder looked at.• My Master ordered her, and fortunately she agreed.

I climbed back into my workstation, and I re-connected with Ship. Excitedly, I told her how I had been so brave and defended my master. I know she had seen everything, but still, I had to tell her all about it! Did you see, Ship! Bare hands versus Eilerson, who had been waving a PPG gun around! She was delighted with my daring-do, commenting that I was acting just like an action hero on the late night Entertainment channel.

You were reckless though. You might have hurt the puppy.

My exuberance dampened considerably. Ship had ordered me to have Master carrying his PPG gun today and then she had insisted that I place the sleeping puppy in a Ship's vacuole. I had hidden the vacuole in my jump suit, and I carefully checked to make sure she was still there.

Yes. She was still there, asleep in the vacuole. I tried not to sniff when I realized how reckless I had been. I could have gotten her hurt!

Don't cry, little one. But you have to realize that you need to protect her. She's just a baby, after all.

Yes. I know. But I need to protect Master, and you. Plus her. It's so difficult, making sure I look after all three of you!

I can protect myself. But you're right, Master appears to be a natural disaster looking for a place to happen. Yes, I know he's not our Original Master, but bad luck seems to follow him like a solar storm. Besides, you need to name her. Puppy is not a suitable name!

I will... when I find the right name.

I like the name Rena. You should consider it.


Contact. We hit the edge of the Minbari fleet, and I began ordering the Alexander to go directly after the Planet Killer. I gave Alex completely control and he began flying unswervingly into the forefront of the fighting. Alex rocked from the impact of their weaponry, but our shields were maximized, since the only deck that needed life support was the command deck.

There was a smell of brimstone, and unexpectedly I realized that Galen was on my ship.

"I'm getting annoyed with you. Actually, I've long passed annoyed, and have gotten irate. That bastard daughter of yours tried to kill me! I should have put you down years ago!•

I looked at Galen, and I carefully pulled out my Master Blade. Alyxa had managed to hurt Galen, as one of his arms dangled uselessly, and his implants seemed to have a short circuit, as there was the occasional flare of electricity from his back. These were weaknesses that I could exploit. Very few Assassins went one to one with an Inquisitor. No, instead it was usually a group effort where Assassin after Assassin took pieces out of the Inquisitors, weakening them until at last they died.

Good girl, Alyxa! I am so proud of you. You earned your Master's today.

"Lyta. Inform Tyree that he is now Guild Head and that Alyxandra Carmelita Randene is to be logged on the Death Rolls as a Master Level Telepath-Assassin. Matthew Gideon has control of the fleet,• I ordered quickly.

Then I broke the last remains of my Guild Conditioning. Blood lust and berserking were frowned upon by the purists, but I wasn't a full member of the Guild after all. Johnny come lately, never good enough for EF, never good enough for the Guild. I launched myself at Galen, and I went berserk.

Deliberately I put the knife into the one implant I knew would cause Galen the most pain. He began pumping electricity into my body, repeatedly increasing the voltage. I heard someone screaming in pain, and I was surprised when I realized it was me.

Twisting my knife into the implant, I used my free hand to place another blade into another implant. There was another scream of pain, as I completed the circuit between us. Every bolt of energy that passed through my body returned to Galen to complete the circuit, and then was sent through me again, and back to Galen. The voltage was steadily increasing as there was no way to break this circuit made of living flesh and bone.

Pain is transient. Agony is ephemeral. Death the only hope for peace. I am a member of the Guild. I am fatally flawed from birth. I will destroy you as I had promised those many years ago.

The smell of burning flesh.

The unquenchable fire of the soul.

Agony increasing.

Voices of the past and the faces of my dead returning to haunt me when I crossed over.

NO! I don't wanna go in the closet! I'm afraid of the dark! I'll be good. I'll be so quiet that you'll never know I'm here. Please. Don't make me. I'm a good little boy! Really I am. I only hit him back because he was mean to me.

Puppy? Puppy? Where are you? You're not sick, are you? PUPPY!!!!

Lt. Randolph Morrison, you have been designated as a danger to society. Your choice is the Assassin Guild or mind wipe. How plead you?

Siobhan. I am your apprentice. I am to learn the ways of the Guild. I will learn quickly and you will be proud of me.

You are the bitch that hurt me. You stole from me, taking the only thing I loved from me. For that, I think you should die, but... I won't do it. No... I think your guilt will make you want to do it. Do you think that I wouldn't know that you did it? You were involved. Does it make you feel powerful? That you can take something from a seven year old boy? Tell me, counselor, does it? You turned me into what I am. Are you not proud? Seeing me as a Guild Member? Does not the sight of me in Black and Scarlet make you feel proud?

I offer you my Blade and my Oath, knowing that I will die before I fail you. Do you accept my Oath, Ed Ryan?

The Alexander's Avatar has been selected for the Inquisitor's Breeding Program. I have no doubt that she will produce numerous strong litters of Avatars for the Inquisitors. Here is your assignment. When Galen becomes... less than conscientious about keeping an eye on her, you will take advantage of the situation. You are to sire a child on her, and the resulting child will be offered the Full Protection of the Guild.

I don't understand you. I just realized again, Randy, that even though you look human, and you act human, that there is something basic fundamentally missing in you. You're completely soulless.

Help me - Randy!!!! Please... oh God, PLEASE!

The Guild does not renege. What has been promised will be given, as I swore to you.

Please. Let me see her. Please? Please. One look. I promise. That's all. Please, Randy? Please?

I have plans for you, boy. But perhaps I was mistaken about you, after all. Too new to the Blade, not truly one of the Guild, yet we honored you. HONORED you, by allowing you to join the Council. I will tell the others that we were wrong about you.

I always wanted a puppy.

So did I.

I will destroy you. This I swear by the Blade and the Code, that one day, you will die and I will eat your heart raw...


Yes, Randy?

Please... clean my back for me, for I can... not reach....If the wounds become infected... I will not be at my best.... Might not be able to protect you...

Protect him for me, Assassin. For if anything happens to him, I will die.

I swear to you by the Blade and the Code that I will not fail you. No harm will come to him if I may prevent it.

Matthew Gideon I

I finally had them take Randy Morrison's death off the view screen. I had a battle to fight and I doubted that anyone could survive the amount of electricity that Galen was pumping into the Assassin.

Randy was screaming, his psyche fragmenting into different personalities. Who was Siobhan? Who was begging Randy for help? Who was he supposed to protect? It wasn't pretty watching the Assassin having a complete mental breakdown in front of me.

"Go for the Planet Killer. We've got to wipe that one out.• I ordered.


Galen was killing me, when unexpectedly he stopped. There had been a flash of metal, and I realized that Lyta had knifed him in the back. He was exhausted, and he knew that if he stayed much longer he was going to die, so he left.

Tail between his implanted legs, like a whipped cur.

I laughed softly, wondering about the peace I was feeling. I hadn't killed him, but I had tried. Would that be enough?

"Battle on-screen, Lyta.• I panted softly. "Wonderful... throw...•

I tried to ignore the agony filling my soul. There was a smell of burned flesh in the air, and I knew that it was mine. And Galen's. Sadly, I wouldn't be able to eat his heart raw as I think my hated foe was rather well-done by now.

Laughing softly, I realized that I was dying.

Dizzily, I concentrated on the screen. I couldn't think as the pain was beginning to overwhelm even my high tolerance. What was I supposed to do next?

Randy. Have the Alexander take out the Planet Killer. He's the only ship fast enough and wily enough to do it. Alex is a cunning, sly Ship, and he's got the experience the other Ships lack. Give him complete control. Let him die with honor, and the valiant Alexander will be remembered!

Yes. Master.

"Alex. I am disappointed... to realize that the Excalibur is the lead ship... in the fleet. Do you think that ship can match your skill? Take the lead position from her, Alex. Destroy the planet killer. It is your... final order. I... command it of you. Fly Free, Alex.•

Order received. I will destroy the Planet Killer, General Morrison. I have been honored to serve both you and General Ryan.

"Thank you. Alex. Pleasure to serve....•

Good job, Randy!



You'll be there won't you? At the end? It wasn't ... something I made up?

I'll be there, welcoming you and Lyta. Plus Maggie, the children and the dogs. I can't forget to mention your dog. She's been looking for you for years now, I believe.

Wasn't sure if I would end up there. I'm soulless after all. Have it on the very best of authorities...

Randy... Randy... I'm sorry. I was angry with you when I called you that. Can you not forgive me for words spoken in anger? Now, at the end, must you hold those words against me?

Why? It's true. No... shame... to admit... the obvious. I have no soul. The Guild sacrificed it... years ago...

Blessed, sweet oblivion reaching out to me, the smell of green grass filling my nose, overwhelming the smell of burnt flesh, and I heard my beloved Mistress welcoming me home... for she loved me, after all.

Matthew Gideon I.

The Alexander began shrieking wildly, and the old ship began fighting his way to the front of the line of Shadow Vessels. He ripped, he tore and he brawled his way until the only ship standing between him and the Planet Killer was the Excalibur.

"Let him take the lead, Excalibur-Avatar.• I ordered JT.

"She refuses to yield position. As General, you should be in the lead.• JT advised me.

"Are you refusing a direct order? I'll whip your ass from here to Centauri Prime if you're being insubordinate!• The minute the words left my mouth, I realized that I was becoming my alter.

JT froze in fear, and he quickly nodded his head. "I will explain... to Ship.•


I do not wish to give the lead position up. The Alexander is old and tired. He will not last the battle with the Planet Killer.

It is his right to decide how to die.

He is not strong enough! He is wounded. His generals have died, leaving him alone with only his Mind-Mate. He grieves. It is a suicide! He does not care if he succeeds! He wants DEATH!

Let him take the lead. Assist him as necessary, but let the Alexander LEAD! Allow him to die with dignity and honor, rather than being torn apart by the younger ships. Does he not deserve that much for his long years of service?

Quiet. She was thinking hard about what I said.

Agreed. I will assist as required. I do not wish the Alexander to be hunted down by the younger Ships. He has served long and well, and I enjoyed our flight together. I will do as you request, Mind-Mate.

Thank you.

Matthew Gideon I

The Alexander had taken the lead position and my Shadow Ship was following him like she was his... shadow.

Diving, spinning and firing, we were drawing closer and closer to the Planet Killer. I began ordering personnel to the escape pods. Maybe they would survive, maybe they wouldn't, but at least they had a chance.

Unlike me.

"Jump gates forming!• announced the helm.

"Report!• I ordered, wondering what now.

"We have a message from General Sinclair,• said Helm.

"On screen!•

"This is General Jeffrey Sinclair, leader of the combined fleet of the...• Jeff paused for a moment, and then smoothly continued, "Interstellar Alliance. Do you require assistance?•


"Well, since you came all this way, I'm sure we don't mind sharing the battle. Deploy your forces, Sinclair.•

I watched in amazement as ship after ship appeared through the jump gates. There were ships I had never seen in my universe, and they had decided it was time for the younger races to stand on their own two feet. Even the Centauri had arrived...finally.

Where are the Narns...there's gotta be Narns...

I must be cracking up if I was on the verge of being wiped out, and then upon being saved, I'm lampooning "Send in the Clowns•! Time to get serious, Mattie!

"Jeff. I'm evacuating personnel. Pick them up for me, please!•

"If they swear allegiance to the ISA, yes. If not, they're going to be set adrift again. The Guides and the Others are really angry with us right now, Matt. But parents get like that when kids move out. It's a part of life, and they've been keeping us too close to home for millennia now.•

Galen I.

Interesting place I've found myself. In the midst of a battle, so that means that Matthew must be nearby. He's always finding himself in a fight, possibly because he's not the most diplomatic of people. A soft answer turneth away wrath, Matthew. Try that next time instead of mouthing off.

If I were the Excalibur, where would I be?


Must be that one, so let me pop on board.

Time for make another badly needed appearance in the nick of time. "Least wanted and most needed,• does that ring a bell, Matthew? You should be glad that I don't hold a grudge.

First, I better make sure that I'm not seen. They might mistake me for that other Galen, even though I don't think he's as handsome as I am.

Matthew Gideon I.

That was odd. A new person had arrived on the bridge and he was giving me a bright smile. It was odd as everyone was running toward the escape pods. His eyes were blue, and he looked familiar, especially the distinctive nose.

"GALEN?• I whispered. "Have you been watching what's going on?•

He nodded, and he gestured quickly. It was a magical gesture that always annoyed me, as it is so flamboyant.

"Always,• he assured me.

"Thank God.• I whispered, which earned an amused grin from Galen.

"No. Thank Galen,• he mouthed back.

I ignored him, as the Alexander and the Excalibur reached the Planet Killer. The Alexander rammed the Planet Killer at its top speed, and my ship began firing. We were rocked with heavy fire, and I realized that my poor Shadow ship couldn't handle much of it. There was only one option... if we were to save Earth.

"JT.• I ordered. "Have her ram the Planet Killer.•

JT nodded his head, and we began to pull away from the Planet Killer, in order to develop the needed speed. Explosions were wracking the Planet Killer, thanks to the Alexander's suicidal mission, but it wasn't enough.

"It's time to go, Matthew.• Galen ordered. "Grab your strays and come along.•

"I know.• I went to JT's station. "Come on, I'm leaving. You can die with her, or you can come with me. Make the decision.• I spoke softly, wondering what JT's choice would be.

JT looked startled, and then he whispered sadly. "She's telling me to go as she is going to complete the job the Alexander started.•

"Then come on!• I pulled him from his station, and suddenly I realized... the damn dog! "Where's the dog?•

"Got her,• JT assured me.

"Let's go. Hurry!" The three of us were running away from the bridge when Eilerson suddenly appeared in front of me. One of his cronies must have let him escape from his cell, as I hadn't let him or Sarah be evacuated. They were going down with the ship, as we were short on escape pods.

"Leaving? El Capitan? How... tacky. I thought you'd do the noble thing, and go down with the Ship. You don't know how much I was hoping for that." He flashed me a grin, and I wanted to wipe it off his face.

There was a sudden whine of a PPG gun and Dureena Nafeel-Assassin appeared. "Down, Maxie. Down."

She held the gun next to Max's head, and my Executive Officer, who I realized I disliked more than I did his alter, kneeled on the floor.

"Dureena. I've leaving. Come with me," I couldn't leave Dureena behind and I heard Galen's sharp intake of breath.

"Another stray, Matthew? ANOTHER one? I should charge you by the tonnage at this rate."

Dureena looked at me, and she gave me a slight smile. "I'd love to, but I can't. You see... it always grows back. No matter how badly it's injured, it grows back. I can't live like that, with that thing on my soul, controlling me."

I saw something moving on her shoulder, it was dark as death, and Dureena gave me a sad smile.

"See... it's angry with me. It'll hurt me when it grows back. I'm going to stay with the Ship. That way I can die... and be free."

"I'm sorry, Dureena." I was, as I had used her as surely as my alter had done.

"I know you are. Now... go!"

As we ran toward Galen's ship, I heard the sound of a PPG being discharged. I turned and saw that Dureena had ended her misery, the only way she knew how.

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