A Little Artistic Licence

Let us introduce you to the ones who found us. New friends... and, well, we're not sure if we should call him a foe. Things aren't always so simple.

If you want to learn more about these people and are willing to lend us your ear and your time - for the story we have to tell is a long one - you can find our retelling of these adventures in The Witches' Diary.

But first, feel free to browse through this little gallery of drawings Lily created of those who found us. A few of them might be familiar to you - if not their name, at least their face. We hope you enjoy them! New pictures will be added in time.

The Excalibur Crew

Captain Matthew Gideon by Lilith
Captain Matthew Gideon

Lt. John Matheson by Lilith
Lieutenant John Matheson

Max Eilerson by Lilith
Max Eilerson

Galen by Lilith

Dureena Nafeel by Lilith
Dureena Nafeel

Dr. Luke Raven by Lilith
Dr. Luke Raven


? by Lilith

All pictures on this page (and the ones they link to) © 2000 The Space Witches. You are welcome to download them for your viewing pleasure, but we ask you not to plagiarize them. If you would like to use any of these pictures on your own site, please send an e-mail to Lilith.

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